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  1. Im4snow

    Poo 850’s owners are gonna be pissed.

    That's a sweet looking machine.
  2. More bars per mile of groomed trail than most places. Alcohol and horsepower never mixed well. OF has X deaths per year, its sad as they're probably 90% preventable.
  3. Americans love their low bid stuff.....right up to the point where their job is eliminated and/or their real income stagnates!!!!
  4. When he said we’d grow tired of the winning, he wasn’t joking!!!!
  5. Your memory and reasoning aren’t as robust as your ignorance
  6. Damned if u do, damned if u don’t. Seems like a net positive for Amozians and their tax bases.
  7. Successful US companies.....trickle down in action.
  8. His sensationalism is very Trumpesque. The irony!!!!!
  9. Makes everyone but liberals and big gov hacks who can’t be accountable for their decisions.
  10. Some prelim info at Bloomberg (below). Trump's done more for big labor (non-gov) then Obama ever thought possible. He's increasingly locking up a big chunk of the liberal voting base.
  11. My money says Neal will be undecided
  12. Another day another material move towards fulfilling campaign promises. #winning
  13. How are those Makita tools working for you?
  14. Im4snow

    China's Quiet Cold War

    Maybe it's just me, but NOT financially supporting a country that fucks us seems like a good idea.