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  1. Found this....

    Very cool! I had a 73 340 free air as my sled.
  2. Good. Time for new members with fresh ideas.....
  3. So instead of putting economic pressure on NK through sanctions on them and those that aid them, what do you propose? You have made it clear you are against military threats as a tool. Please explain.
  4. SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!

    You obviously have not spent time on a ship and are parroting some bullshit you read.
  5. Let's have a rally!

  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAINECAT......................
  7. overtime rule change?

    Not here in Maine. My BIL is a salaried MDOT supervisor. All those below him are hourly. He takes all of his summer OT comp time and goes to Florida for 6 weeks each winter.
  8. Any updates Mainecat? You were really ahead everyone with this scoop......................................................
  9. the new camp david?

    I can't listen or view the video from work. What is your response in your own words?
  10. the new camp david?

    Trump goes to his other home in Florida for a weekend and it is called a vacation. 8 years ago, almost to the day, Obama goes to Chicago for 4 days and it is called a long weekend. Do you see the problem here? I sure do. Complete biased bullshit!
  11. LL Bean boycott

    They have some great stuff and some overpriced junk, like most places. A great company overall, and I know a lot of people that work for them. I own a lot of things bought there. My hunting coat is 15 years old. If the zipper broke, they would replace it (if I brought it back, which I wouldn't).
  12. Doesn't hurt my feelings. Plenty of good local booze. Not sure I agree with making new laws for trivial shit though.
  13. That document is as classified as you are independent. Have some self respect.
  14. I thought Obama has the economy CRANKING??!!! They need a governor like LePage