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  1. Spot On Proof......

    Kinda like Putin and Trump eh? Stewart was still funny as hell.
  2. Just for clarification...

    Trump doesnt need to ask permission for that. Trump nor Obama nor Bush sat down with Assad or Khadafi or leaders of Yemen or anywhere else before we intervened. When El Pedrino killed a DEA agent the US feds came in and took Pedrino out without consent from the Mexican govt. Cartels own the govt and they are unloading poison upon our citizenry. If a muslim terror group did that we would outraged. But terrorist organizations on our southern border continually do it and also threaten, kill and torture US/mexican law enforcement, legislators, journalists and whomever gets in their way. And most likely are using legit US corps and banks to help facilitate this. Yet the US media, Fox news included, never mention this. They are all over Muslim extremists but never once mention the source of most domestic gun violence. Muslim extremism accounts for dozens of deaths in the United States while gang violence over drugs accounts for tens of thousands. And cartel violence threatens our sovereignty more than any other current threats. We can ban muslims but we cant ban or even restrict gun/ ammo sales that eventually gets used by criminals. And we do nothing, absolutely nothing about cartel violence and the root cause of most gang violence. Build a wall? Pfft, Chapo was famous for his tunnels, he has submarines, planes, rail and legit companies who are shipping drugs to shipping hubs like Chicago, LA, New York, etc... Do you really think tens of billions of dollars in drugs and cash are being hustled across the border by illegals?
  3. Just for clarification...

    Thats funny because whenever you or anyone on cable news wants to discredit more gun laws they/you always bring up chicago. Fact is our govt knows where all of the drugs are coming from, if they wanted to stop it they could. But they dont. Why is that? I just watched a History channel series about kingpins. One of them was about El Chappo. But there was actually 3 drug lords in Mexico. The smartest of which was a guy names Fuentes. He was probably one of the richest men in the world. The Mexican govt made it their goal to take him down. When he narrowly escaped capture he called the president of Mexico himself and said if you dont want me taking all of my money out of Mexico you better back the fuck off. And guess what, they did. The largest industry in Mexico is the oil industry, about $7 billion annually. Fuentes cocaine empire alone was worth $30 billion annually. Now how many legit corporations and banks does it take to move and hide that kind of money?
  4. Spot On Proof......

    CNN is dull as fuck, its not funny or interesting. And John Stewart made a career of pointing out the hypocrisy and stupidity of fox news and that was fucking funny! Miss that guy.
  5. Spot On Proof......

    The political conversations get started here at work and you can tell who is getting their info where. Its usually all bullshit. Pretty easy to make them look dumb and then the subject gets changed.
  6. Just for clarification...

    Well if the FBI is going to preemptively stop gun violence you dont think a violation of our rights needs to occur? Or just the 2nd amendment right needs to be protected?
  7. Just for clarification...

    You dont hear it because you dont live with it, its a daily narrative around here. And they actually try to do stuff about it. Schools are relatively safe in Chicago, there are cops or at least security at every school. But the shootings in Chicago almost exclusively involve drug sales. Hence why I have said our military should focus on cartels in Mexico instead of muslims 10,000 miles away. On the second bold, also you dont see walk outs but there are neighborhood marches pretty regularly. And you dont see it where you live but it is a regular news event here. People are fed up with it. Its not until suburban white kids get shot until you see it on a national scale. Because in Chicago its mostly isolated in the brown neighborhoods where most white people stay away from anyway.
  8. Spot On Proof......

    To be honest I scroll thru the channels and I cant watch any of them for more than 5 minutes. Its mind numbing. I watch a local channel for news in the morning for traffic and weather info and in the evening when I come home I watch ABC news, local and national until about 6:30pm. Just to see whats going on in the world, weather, etc... Fox, CNN, MSNBC are just garbage anymore. Its all political crap and its just designed to incite people. Obviously it works.
  9. Dude, there is just as much neocon shit on there. They run algorithms on everything you do and feed you the stories that are linked to the things youve liked, shared and commented on. Its a massive data mining tool. Probably the best in the world for that stuff. Same goes for products you search and buy. If you ever did a search for a John deere lawn mower, next time you go on facebook you will see ads for John deere lawn mowers. They can steal your email, phone number, contacts, etc... We will all be part of the machine sooner rather than later.
  10. Spot On Proof......

    All cable news figures are.
  11. Haha! So now its an outrage because Obama did it? If you get your political leanings from facebook youre a fucking dumbass and shouldnt be making decisions for the country. Seriously, dont vote.
  12. Just for clarification...

    So non mass shootings on school campuses are irrelevant? Im not suggesting we change anything. Kill em all!
  13. Just for clarification...

    Sounds like socialism Well thats good.
  14. Fox News

    And here we are talking about the Jew media propaganda machine. Hitler warned us a long time ago...