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  1. Hey you'd be angry too if you had to deal with retarded canadians!
  2. Asbestos has a latency period of 30-45 years. I'm in year 30 now.
  3. It is really hard not to be a smart ass sometimes.
  4. I 100% disagree and I could prove it. But I will agree most don't know how to use them.
  5. Hi lo is awesome, ur a noob
  6. I have coronavirus survival kits for sale! $200! You get a mask, a hazmat suit, some booties, rubber gloves and some environmentally safe disinfectant!
  7. Have you ever been on a snowmobile forum or Facebook snowmobile group? I am constantly amazed how much people who own snowmobiles don't know about them.
  8. That vaccine will have to be bussman approved before ill consider it.
  9. Anler

    Anyone ever?

    I bet you put lots of stuff in the can.
  10. Americans are some of the biggest pussies in the world. Remember when Obama let that Ebola patient in the US and everybody's cunt started bleeding? And then nothing happened but the cunts were still all scabby? You watch, if Corona takes off you will see fear on a whole new level. I bet we will see a lot of you bitches crying like babies. Not me I will be laughing at you.
  11. taller spindles and new engine. other than than Mark says Cat needs to get with the times...
  12. Anler

    Anyone ever?

    Nope but I love brown bread
  13. Alot of inbreeding there. We can see the results.
  14. Anler

    Who are the fascists??

    I think Trump wanted to nuke a hurricane but the libs got pissy about it.
  15. You can go to his website and see all of the bills he sponsored and cosponsored. I'd say he's probably done more than almost any other senator because he isn't a flunky POS.
  16. Anler

    Who are the fascists??

    They hate us for our freedoms!
  17. Anler

    Who are the fascists??

    You are way more likely to die from a hurricane or tornado than Islamic terrorism.