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  1. Pete


    And then some. I laughed my ass off. All 3 of them are the 3 stooges lmao. At least Schumer didn’t have those fucking glasses on hanging off the end of that beak looking down at everyone.
  2. Pete


    good excuse more like TDS
  3. Pete


    no me but he sure has you mesmerized daily
  4. Pete


  5. whos it going to be? Mueller illegal border kids Christine ballsy ford megan markle Miss pelosi
  6. title says it all. This is CLIMATE CHANGE. all about the money.. what a hoax
  8. Pete

    The democrat house

    The infighting will be epic.. many many comical days coming.. sad but true.
  9. He certainly seems to be a rational decent person. I’m sure it must be very difficult dealing with someone that’s never been in politics but has this much power. Darrell Waltrip was asked why rookies sometimes have bad luck at Talladega? He said cause it’s easy to run 200 mph wide open and feel comfortable. Hey look at me I can go 200! Before long the track comes back and bites them in the ass hardcore. Tough lesson learned I suppose
  10. Asked my wife if Tillerson is dumb as a rock, why did the big mouth hire him? She said he didn’t know. I said sounds like he needs to vet these “ dumb” people better. He’s just as dumb for hiring the dude
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Complete embarrassment. Like a little child having a tantrum in public. I’d love to know what he wanted to do that Tillerson said “ no mr president that’s not lawful”
  12. Pete

    No shame

    Awwww look at you two