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  1. And still no collusion
  2. orange jump suit awaits him and comey and.... the kenyan
  3. Pete

    More caveats in the bill

    band wagon jumper.. whereever the " cool kids" hang hes with them
  4. Pete

    More caveats in the bill

    god damn right you emotional twat.. go vote for a lib then tell us how you can criticize them cause " you voted for them" Your here 24/7 dude.. try not coming on here for 48 hrs. You couldn't do it..
  5. seething since 2016.. lmfao
  6. Pete

    More caveats in the bill

    if the dems get the presidency miss pisslousy will take your guns.. national emergency
  7. Dave owns you every fucking time.. your not even in the same league.. LMAO Wheres the trump Kaloooooozin dude?
  8. Pete

    Nah, there’s no collusion

    he aint the only one..
  9. Pete

    Nah, there’s no collusion

    where is Trump? LMAO..
  10. Pete

    Nah, there’s no collusion

    shit man.. better let Mueller know.. LMFAO you got nothing.. you never had anything except for hatred of the president.. all because.. hes trump.. GFY
  11. never in doubt yet consistently wrong.. typical EE liberal douche bag