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  1. Pete

    Jerry Nadler 1998 and Now

    he didn't say that Dumb fuck
  2. maybe be so.. but the fucking media sure isn't the same. Why didn't they ever call the Kenyan out for LYING? Yeah they both suck
  3. Pete

    Jerry Nadler 1998 and Now

    wait.. I thought he demanded a fully unredacted report on April 1? How does he understand some needs to be redacted?
  4. couldn't agree more. His mouth gets him into more trouble than need be. If he STFU hed be winning even more so. But he wont.
  5. youre god damn right. If the Kenyan was treated anywhere close to the trump has been treated you and your ilk be having a coronary. fuck him
  6. you mean like.. NO COLLUSION?
  7. Pete

    whats next?

    what would that be?
  8. Pete

    whats next?

    damaging details
  9. Pete

    whats next?

    so what he said in the report will be different than what he tells congress? Pretty sure he will repeat No collusion no indictments no nothing. Close your eyes and tell me what you see
  10. No collusion no charges no indictments... Whats next? besides all the crying and frothing at the mouth Fucking losers
  11. Damn... Tom put the kibosh on several members here.. Dems are in one hell of a mess now. HAHA
  12. so IOW he passed the buck to congress..
  13. Certainly not what they expected.. lmao