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  1. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Kind of like Trudope making his stupid statement about 25,000 refugees by the end of the year without any thought or plan as to how to accomplish it. One year after their arrival over half of the adult refugees were still unemployed and now living on welfare paid by the provincial governments.
  2. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    summing you up really easy Of course the government should be totally responsible for fixing everything (giving them solutions for) everything in their life that sucks. Health Canada spent almost $1.1 billion on supplementary benefits such as dental care for eligible First Nations and Inuit Canadians in 2013/14. That coverage is not required by treaties or by the Constitution. Most other Canadians must spend out-of-pocket or buy insurance for such items. National on-reserve funding per student in the 2010/11 school year amounted to $13,524, compared to $11,646 per student, on average, in provincial public schools across Canada. Data gleaned from federal archives and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada show that spending per registered First Nations person jumped to $9,056 per person in 2012. Family of 4 would get $36,000 in 2012 not including the educational allotment or the medical and dental care.
  3. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I never said don't fix the lack of running water did I???? You got your girdle in a knot because I asked why they choose to stay if life is so horrible rather than do something about it. If you're house didn't have electricity or running water would you move somewhere that did or just stay there and bitch about it. They are the libturd dream society though... totally dependent on government handouts which is the way the libturds want things to be.... everyone dependent upon their wisdom and generosity. I notice all the claims of what you allege I said and I challenged you to show me never happened. That's because you keep spewing imagined
  4. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Pay attention to the bouncing ball Fail... you really need to learn the English language. I said those people make choices. If they choose to stay there so be it. Why though if the living conditions are so horrid do they choose to live there? still spewing your typical from your delusions. Show me where I said shut all the towns or even that one down. I know exactly where some of these remote places are.... I suggest you LEARN TO READ BEFORE MAKING ANY MORE STUPID COMMENTS. We are talking about one place Trudope decided to take his dog and pony show to... not every place across Canada. But of course you manage to screw that concept up as usual. As for living on welfare... that was in reference to a high school grad from the reserve going elsewhere to get that free post secondary education Wynnebag offers and welfare can take care of the living expenses while they attend school. Surprise lame ass. When they finish college or university they can get a job and leave that life totally behind including welfare. It's all about the choices people make in life. They are already living on "welfare" Fail... the only difference is which government hands over the money, provincial or federal. .
  5. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Poor poor Fail still doesn't get it. Like I said Wynnebag offers free education now. There isn't really anything to stop them from moving away and living on welfare which wouldn't be any worse than the conditions they are living in now. More opportunities though. Then they would actually have a chance at breaking out of that cycle once they got that education. Are you really foolish enough to think that it's important to have 3100 people sitting in the middle of nowhere doing nothing but drinking taking drugs and reproducing. Think about it. What are they actually doing for that very remote north. What do you really see as the benefit to having these people in the very remote north. Again.. they can make their own choices and they choose to stay there. Don't forget the cost of everything there would be so much higher than in a more populous area. If Trudope figures he integrate 25,000 Syrian refugees who arrive here with nothing why can't he integrate 3100 Canadians into a better future in a different location if they want a better life. They would already speak the language and would have that high school education which would give them an advantage over those refugees.
  6. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    You're idiocy continues to never cease. Where did I say or even suggest we round them up and move them. I didn't did I. That's you imagination in overdrive again or should I say still. They don't seem to be happy with their life and living conditions. They have the ability to make their own choices / decisions. So I will pose the simple question once again. When they graduate high school why aren't they leaving to either attend college/university or get a job and a better life in a more "civilized" more populous environment with opportunities to do something more than sit around all day everyday. Especially now that Wynnebag is touting free post secondary education for those in financial need. Surely these people would qualify. Or is it perhaps that despite the hardships of no running water, relying on generators for electricity they prefer sitting around all day doing nothing but still getting that government cheque.
  7. Winter 2018

    It's the Yamaha logo. Yamaha wave runner?
  8. Judge Judy & The Prostitute

    that made for a great laugh to start the day....
  9. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    I don't get much in the way of door to door.... I'd rather see some teeth put into the robocalls for duct cleaning or an important message about your credit card balance. Does this mean the Jehova Witness won't be coming door to door anymore? Hallelujah. So I just looked it up and the ban is on SOME door to door sales. The new ban will now apply to door-to-door sales on household appliances like water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and water filters. I'll still get the guy wanting to do lawn care, pave the driveway and of course the Jehova Witness wanting to convert me but that doesn't amount to much.
  10. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Yet she was Dulton's right hand at the time. For her to try and say she didn't know what was going on would be insulting the intelligence of people. But then there are a lot of dumb people that will believe anything that liar spews out.
  11. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Oh so true... Etobicoke Guardian has an article about the woes of the highest concentration of Somali immigrants in the city in the Kingsview area (Kipling & Dixon). The woman blames the "youth" turning to drugs, guns and crime because they don't have a community centre with activities to keep them out of trouble. Hmmm..... I grew up in that area in the 60's and 70's. We didn't have a community centre back then either. Not one of the people I grew up with turned to drugs, guns and crime because we didn't have that community centre to play basketball in. There are 6 condos on the north side of Dixon that were built in what was an empty field when I went to grade school.Those condos "were" a nice community when first opened. It changed rapidly and dramatically for the worse when the demographics changed. They brought their "culture" behaviours and beliefs from the country they left and continued them here.
  12. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I just have to ask the question... why do they continue to live there under such conditions in the middle of nowhere? Yes they are on a reserve where they get federal cash. Surely they don't have much in the way of jobs to actually earn a living. How many are actually employed? Something says, leave, get a job and lead a much better life rather than sit around drinking all day waiting for the next government cheque. Then there is the electricity issue. Trudope says To that end, the federal Indigenous-Crown Relations Minister, Carolyn Bennett, recently committed some $60 million to finally connect the community to Ontario's power grid. To this point, the community has relied on diesel generators for electricity, an expensive, unreliable and environmentally unfriendly source of power. Wait until they see the Delivery Charge alone from Wynnebags' hydro system. It's high in cottage country allegedly because of the actual high cost of delivering the power to the sparsely populated area. Just imagine what it would be way out there for the small number of users. Or will they get preferential rates perhaps lower than anyone else in the province? They have a nice new school to go to. What do they do with that high school education when there aren't any jobs to be had? It would seem few if any are leaving to find jobs or attend college/university after graduation. If they were leaving the population of band members wouldn't have nearly doubled from 1,800 in 2005 to 3,100 currently. It seems they are simply sticking around, doing little or nothing other than perpetuating the cycle of drinking and reproducing. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems pretty obvious.
  13. Winter 2018

    The worst was my father-in-laws experience with guests who arrived at their condo in Florida. They had a nice place right on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. They had invited another couple to come and visit them for a week in the sun. The knock comes at the door. They open it to find the couple they invited along with his brother, his wife and their 3 kids. 5 uninvited guests. They didn't have groceries or beds for the 5 extra people. They ended up with the extra couple sleeping on the sofa bed and their kids on air mattresses in the living room. So much for being able to get up and go to the living room letting others sleep in if they wanted to. They ate all the groceries in the place. When he went to the store to restock they didn't even offer to assist or even go with him. They sat on the beach while he went shopping with his wife. Everyone went out to dinner one night. My father-in-law paid for his "share" of the bill. They drank almost all of his alcohol he had on hand and bought a couple of bottles while they were there.... but when they left.... the uninvited couple with the kids took the part bottles home with them. Not only the ones they bought but his part bottles as well. Guess who won't be making a return visit. They aren't even on the friend list anymore.

    forgot about the bidders fee... auctions in general seem to do pretty well. The seller pays a fee to the auction and the buyer pays a fee to the auction as well. For North Toronto auctions for a vehicle sale. For “absolute sale,” the seller pays a $71.50 auction fee. For “protected price,” the seller pays a $200 fee (whether or not sold), which includes an appraisal. As noted, any excess over the “protected price” is split evenly between the auction house and the seller.
  15. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    just goes to show... Trudope's education was deficient in geography and history... something like he couldn't cut it and dropped out of engineering so he could be a part time drama teacher.