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  1. Aren't the two women who made the ALLEGATIONS still remaining anonymous? They won't be when it gets to court. But you talk out of the side of your mouth and say Wynnebag has to go yet will still vote for her huh
  2. Mobile Hotspots

    Apparently my new truck has one of these in it. You can use the truck as a hot spot and connect to it with laptops, tablets etc. so you can use a tablet or laptop while rolling down the road. It comes with a 3 month or X GB trial whichever comes first and then you can get a plan from AT&T. So far I haven't activated it and don't intend to.
  3. If you don't want to go into work... call the boss and say you can't make it in. The voices told you to stay home and polish your gun.
  4. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    If I recall correctly Canadian oil independence was a plan Trudopes' daddy had. Gas prices were rising and people in Ontario were whining about the increasing costs that Alberta was benefitting from. There was some banter back and forth.... Alberta said Ontario could freeze in the dark of winter and Ontario said Alberta could drink their oil. That's when Trudeau senior created Petro Can as a crown corporation.
  5. on top of that... hopefully he took the optional insurance when he rented the van....
  6. you continue to be the STILL WRONG FAIL fool as usual... you're the idiot that referred to Facebook as NEWS
  7. Amazing how restrained they have all been on their comments. The way he was taunting the cop that arrested him I wouldn't be surprised if he sued for NOT getting shot. Seems that's what he wanted. I don't consider Facebook to be a news source. That would be on par with saying Fail is a news source.
  8. according to the media coverage right now.... the police have said very little.
  9. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    He's waiting for the economy to grow from the heart even though foreign investment is running away.
  10. I have never even been in a mini van... when I was in my early 20's a friend had a true van, an Econoline done inside as a camper.
  11. they just said 9 dead and 16 injured with 10 of the injured at Sunnybrook Trauma Centre.
  12. I heard she decided to never give them back so she had them pickled.
  13. but then what would all the soccer/hockey/baseball and other activity moms drive
  14. Yonge & Sheppard around 1:30 this afternoon..... the subway is closed in the area, local business shut down. 7 people in Sunnybrook Trauma Centre and there are bodies on the ground with tarps covering them. The driver is in custody and they are investigating.
  15. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Unless of course they require ID and log purchases in Ontario like has been suggested. It could make things really difficult for people who need to travel to the US for business.