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  1. 02sled

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    So far nothing more than politically motivated rhetoric. You miss a couple of key points. One Doug has to sign off on any job appointment of that level. That would exclude an awful lot of people from being able to fill the job. When Fantino got the job try and tell me that Wynnebag or was it McSquinty at the time didn't know Fantino well. It's not Trudope hiring someone for the job. If it was all males would have been excluded. Now you're also making assumptions but what else is new? Who says Doug changed the requirements. The committee changed the requirements. How many people do you think there are in Canada that would be eligible for the job under the initial prerequisites. It would be a very small pool of people. Then of that small pool how many would be interested in moving for the job. That reduces the pool even further. It's not a new concept that if you can't find interested candidates for the job you change the requirements. I've seen it many times.
  2. 02sled

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    So now Trudope wants to throw the immigration door wide open. Even more than he already has. The media must be educated to comply with politically correct terms and prohibited from distributing any negativity on immigration. Remember... Trudope admires the Chinese government. They control their media too. https://globalnews.ca/news/4724472/danielle-smith-un-migration-pact-canadian-identity/?utm_medium=Facebook&utm_source=GlobalBC&fbclid=IwAR0g353DLHjbrpFtzrRcICaWc9gAfdIbqd-mRjgoiZTwLFOxPctIQStqFjU
  3. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    You continue to deflect and avoid answering because you know the answer will show you to be the liar and hypocrite you are. My life is just fine Fail... not so sure about you who has such a sad and depressing life that you have to spend most of it high.
  4. 02sled

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    We are shelling out an average of $14,000.00 per illegal person walking across the border and claiming to be a refugee.... oops... Trudope likes to call them irregular immigrants. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/pbo-budget-officer-asylum-seekers-costs-1.4924364 That cost will go up as the number of them increases and the wait times for processing increases. But of course he doesn't have money for our veterans who want more than we can afford to give. So a family of four walks across the border and costs Canadians $56,000.00 and he doesn't see that as a problem.
  5. 02sled

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    More stupidity from the mental midget who doesn't have any common sense at all. Big difference moron. Maple Leaf Foods is closing old inefficient plants in Ontario and building net new in Ontario. The new site hasn't any employees at this time. Campbells is shifting production to existing US plants with existing US employees. They will just ramp up production. Only an idiot like you can't see the difference. On top of that people can't just move to the US and get employment. The employer has to put in significant effort to transfer an employee from Canada to the US. You may find some of the more senior management transferred. Any more stupidity you want to spew out Fail.
  6. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    Something tells me he isn't exempt and something tells me he isn't declaring the income.
  7. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    I see you're not denying that you're not paying HST and that he's not declaring income. You want to bet his property isn't zoned commercial and he's only paying residential property tax rates. By the way... deflection noted as usual Fail... you'd make a great politician. Just like your lover Trudope you NEVER answer a question... you both deflect with BS.
  8. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    Yeah right... you pay him HST and he pays his taxes on that income. BS Fail... total BS.
  9. 02sled

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Some proof Fail...not just your delusions. I live in Etobicoke... Ford isn't my good buddy giving me a job. More Fail BS... only 1% of the employees are skilled according to you. What an idiot. Based on your statement 99% of them would be making minimum wage. He didn't steal anything. You can't steal something from someone if they didn't have it in the first place. If they aren't happy with what they are earning.... let them go out and find another job that pays more. Not qualified for a better job. Take advantage of one of the free to the user government programs that will train them for that better job. Perhaps it's a tough decision for some of them.... hang out at the bar with the buddies after working at the minimum wage job or go to night classes to get out of that minimum wage job. Don't forget they just got a massive 23% increase this year. That translates to a 28% - 30% increase in labour cost for the employer.
  10. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    $400 M is a far cry from the $B's Cap & Trade was costing business. BS hypocrite says what? You're the one that pays the backyard unlicensed mechanic to save paying the licensed mechanic working for the legitimate business.... Stupid as they come. You spout nothing but BS day in day out. Fail... do you ever think at all before you make statements. AC mentions increased costs for business being passed on to consumers and your comeback is added debt means nothing. Really... get yourself checked. Your thought processes are really bizarre. Shhh! Fail will never believe it. I've seen situations where people who were 53 or within 6 months of their 53rd birthday sent home. They collectied their salary until they were 55 and able to collect their pensions. The smiles on their faces were undeniably huge. Some would go get another job and essentially double their income. Others just retired earlier than expected.
  11. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    Your stupidity continues to be endless. Don't forget it takes time for everything to work it's way through a system. Cap & trade was just cancelled. On a side note... I was in Pizza Hut yesterday. They have a notice stuck on the counter by the register that prices increased effective Jan 2018 due to the increase in minimum wage. Another one where they didn't get your memo. Tim's has increased the price of coffee again. They didn't get your memo either.
  12. 02sled

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    More from the vivid imagination of Fail... where do you come up with this from. He's a Toronto Police Superintendent commanding three divisions. Sounds like he's qualified for the job.
  13. 02sled

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    As usual you know nothing of the real world Fail. Not for unskilled work but people running machinery that takes training yes. The others (unskilled) would be typically told there is a job waiting if you are willing to relocate. I've seen people offered relocation assistance, not pay all the cost but assistance for even warehouse positions.
  14. 02sled

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    Your stupidity continues. EVERYONE ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE was paying under Cap & Trade. EVERYTHING WE PURCHASE WOULD GROCERIES, CLOTHING, FUEL, EVERYTHING would see increased costs passed on to the customer. Virtually everything gets to the retailer by truck... that's right they have increased operating costs. You really don't think before you let those fingers key things in do you?
  15. My god... I drove through downtown Manhattan a couple of weeks ago and then the Holland Tunnel. I had no idea I was under water.