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  1. bussman

    More slime from trump

  2. bussman

    Meme thread

    Poor Ginger with the rare double owning of himself.
  3. bussman

    Meme thread

    I don’t really think that was a CSM there. Cool get up for @xtralettucetomatoe580 though.
  4. The fact you think you’re smart is my favorite part of this. You truly are a sucker.
  5. Most of this I’ve already known or suspected. How this video compiles it is good. I’m about 1/2 way through.
  6. You know a lot of this, how it ties it together is excellent. It’ll be a perfect listen on a road trip.
  7. ....give this a watch. I will warn you though, it may trigger some here because it explains rather well what original communism was intended to be and also mentions how Henry Ford was basically a Nazi. So steer clear AMG, I know this will hurt your feelings and for those that hate Moto and the possible truth this may not be for you either. I haven’t found a source yet that lays things out as well as this one. Skip the bullshit propaganda news and mind control Netflix crap and listen to this at your leisure.
  8. 100% true. But overall he’s still on the outside. The elite fear that most other than the masses waking up.