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  1. So............

    Spin said I’m nice. This thread has had gone nowhere as planned.
  2. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    Deposit goes down on this today.
  3. Owned

    If I was Spin I’d leave for good. 2,582 threads about Trump getting kicked out of office and it’s never going to happen, Momo posts one thread and beats them all.
  4. So............

    Ummm, it already has been. Thanks for playing though.
  5. So............

    Jammin makes cookies there, what can I say.
  6. So............

    Putting a deposit down on this today. Zamblowski will be putty in my hands having this SnoX wannabe sled.
  7. How come Trump hasn’t been impeached yet? The braintrust here guaranteed it last week, month, year...... What a heaping pile of morons you dipshits are. In other news, the aliens that sent the voice mail to the twitter user may have found the Malaysian jet. Hopefully they can find Slope’s tool kit next. Peace out cunts, this forum is littered with too much garbage. “I’m SpinDrought, I have eternal pussy hurt, Trump is bad, wahhhaahhh...” l8r
  8. That's what I get for hanging out with Joel last weekend. lol
  9. But I do have to get some work done, so I’ll leave you with this.
  10. No amount of projecting is going to offend me. Jesus loves you babe.
  11. I never said there weren’t different grades of Chinese steel......nothing less, nothing more. His condescending projection and your weak trolling projecting butthurt are your problems. Nice try sunshine.
  12. I agree it’s more blatant.
  13. In 100 years

    BLT’s hipster beard product clogged my exhaust valves up pretty bad. lol
  14. Go back and read my post. Don’t take anything away from it, don’t add to it. A lot of you have a big problem doing this here.