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  1. How do you know this? Once you sign up everybody is expected to if needed. And I believe Snake trained those that did, pretty important gig if you ask me.
  2. Can't write it....

    Coupons to Epstein island I think.
  3. Thank you, she's such a good baby, not liking this living in Savannah thing they're doing though.
  4. I washed and detailed my truck in there and found stripper scent spray car air freshener. Smells nice inside it now.
  5. Rawn posted a fully honest and accurate meme that says otherwise.
  6. The plywood kept that bitch hurricane out like a boss. Sandbags are staying on standby also. My daughter is in good hands.
  7. When his black drinking buddy's next door start it I guess, maybe their Georgia flags are safe space versions you could wipe your liberal tears in. Or not.
  8. Ex Marine, now works on electronic systems on jets, drives a sweet Silverado......he's pretty much the straight ex Marine version of AMG, just needs an Artco.