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  1. Lol, I know were those are.
  2. Big Crappie

    Uppity. The Willy T Ribbs story.

    Looks good. It's on my list now. Thanks
  3. Quick 50 on the 92 xcr tonight. Went to town for a burger and beers. Trail are mint or I'd be in a lot of pain. Lol Fucking suspension is stiff.
  4. Big Crappie

    States with the lowest wages.

    We bought a 1 acre lot in a little development near Punkin Center, AZ back in 2011 after prices went to shit with plans to drop get a travel trailer and use the lot as home base but over the last 9 years the price of lots down there have quadrupled so we may sell and buy a RV and do more traveling. I love the area so we may stick with the plan.
  5. Big Crappie

    States with the lowest wages.

    San Francisco mountains.
  6. Ha Ha, love it when someone tries to shit on someone and just shits in their own pants!
  7. Big Crappie

    Haha, the wildboar got pinched!!

    Bitch fell off!
  8. Big Crappie

    Damn router trouble

    Now there's an understatement.
  9. Big Crappie


    The car must have hit really low to roll the truck like that. I can't see the collision damage. I damn near got hit last week going through a intersection. Chased the fucker down and followed him while calling 911. Cops pulled him over. I stopped but the cop said they have my contact info. He said they'll be able to pull it off the traffic camera at the intersection.
  10. Big Crappie


    Where did the car hit?