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  1. Our family rode Scorpions until 1979. Our cabin is just north of Crosby, MN where they were made. Some great memories in this video.
  2. I'm over 1000 for the first time in about 10 years on the old 500EFI. She rolled over 11,500 miles. My son may have done over 2000 on the 92 XCR440. I'll have to check the odo next time I'm up at the cabin. He's been riding damn near every weekend with 2 of his buddy's. They all ride old iron. One of them has my old 91 650 triple piped Indy that he bought from my neighbor at the lake. That machine has over 8000 miles on the original motor.
  3. Yeah, I have a 60" v-plow on my 500 Sportsman that I am planning to extend the plow 6 inches on each end to make it 6ft and put it on this Ranger. It has a 3500 lb Polaris / Warn winch on it. I have a buddy that works for CMP and he is going to get me a section of plow to cut up for the extensions.
  4. Sweet! You're going to love it.
  5. I made a deal Saturday to buy this little 400 Ranger for up at the cabin. $4500 + tax and they are going to drop it off in my driveway here at home Tuesday. Looking forward to having it for work and some local forest road riding.
  6. Big Crappie

    Manute Bol

    Back when he was playing we were downtown Minneapolis for a convention and we were going up to our room. When the elevator door opened there stooped Manute Bol. He looked absolutely alien. Seemed like a good guy, said hi and proceeded to head for the door with everyone watching.
  8. Big Crappie

    Ruh roh!

    Yep. about 20% if memory serves.
  9. I didn't have much experience with the Salsbury's, just remember them having to pull the cover off of the clutch trail side to replace a rollers that broke. I did like the fact that those guys could change jetting by opening the hood and turning a screw on the Tillotson carbs. LOL
  10. I always hated road crossings up in the Keweenaw. The banks were so high and the vehicles were so close that you had to slowly poke out and lean forward hoping that your ski's didn't get run over on most of the narrow township and county roads. Rip
  11. I'm guessing you are talking about the old Cat hex clutches because we never had that problem with the Polaris clutches. Now my Dad's buddies that worked for and rode Scorpions were another story. Did you know that for years Salsbury clutches had rollers made of Oak? LOL
  12. Big Crappie

    Greatest race car driver of all time.

    John Force
  13. Big Crappie

    New Ski-Doo's

    When ever I have a customer that I don't want to deal with, no longer want to put up with their shit and really don't care if they go away I raise their prices. Works damn near every time.