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  1. Big Crappie

    What's for dinner???

    I don't think I'd do that. I read somewhere years ago that the cool and reheat cycle somehow helps the taste.
  2. Big Crappie

    What's for dinner???

    Left over chili. It's so true about being better the next day.
  3. Big Crappie

    What's for dinner???

    Fish fry! Pan fried Crappie fillets, bake potato, and a chopped salad.
  4. They always put the guy they want to die first out front.
  5. Big Crappie

    Fall Foliage Thread

    We're past peak by a week and Saturdays 40-50 mph gusts blew all of the maple, poplar and birch leaves away.
  6. Big Crappie

    Anybody have hearing aids?

    Pretty sure most here just have regular Aids.
  7. Big Crappie

    Fall Foliage Thread

    Hoping for some sun and less wind tomorrow so I can get the drone up. A couple from this afternoon.
  8. Big Crappie

    Bhent Needs This Dog

  9. Big Crappie

    Fall Foliage Thread

    Other than a few maples starting to change today after the hard freeze overnight and the Sumac it's still very green here. Next weekend will be a different story. I forgot to bring my drone this weekend but I'll be sure to bring it next weekend. These shots are from 2 weeks ago.
  10. My 2nd favorite team is whoever is playing the Peckers. Go Bears!
  11. Big Crappie

    Random Photo Thread

    Cruise in style.
  12. Big Crappie

    Meme thread

    What other kind of meat is a lesbian going to use?
  13. Big Crappie

    Bank warns of impending market crash

    Why did you title your thread "Bank warns of impending market crash" when the news story you linked says "correction"?