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  1. Barbara Bush has died

    Yea, I heard Hitler's Mom was a real cunt
  2. Barbara Bush has died

    RIP Mrs. Bush Hey Ben, you're in good company...............
  3. Winter Storm....12" Plus So Far

    Got done blowing 16" out of the driveway, parked the snowblower, closed the garage door and it started snowing again. I guess we're supposed to get another 5-7" bu midnight. :bh:
  4. storm

    I heard they're grooming 35w
  5. SSFB's weekend thread!!!!

    The pup just decided she wasn't going to the back yard so she pissed on the steps. LOL
  6. storm

    No, I'm up in Coon Rapids. Just used that as a gauge of how far behind normal years we are.
  7. storm

    April 15th is the average ice out day for Lake Minnetonka is April 14th. My hood 10 minutes ago.
  8. Jet is a real faggot

    Thanks Tom, I've been living vicariously through your retirement posts. LOL
  9. Jet is a real faggot

    Thanks. I'll be fine. I had 2 large blood clots in my left lung. Knocked me on my ass for a while but I'm on the mend.
  10. Jet is a real faggot

    I've been good. Very busy at work and at the cabin doing some remodeling. Had a bit of a health scare last year that has me thinking about pushing retirement up to 2020 if I can figure out the whole health insurance deal.
  11. Jet is a real faggot

    Actually they started as snowmobile trails in the "rails to trails" program then the mountain bikers started using them then the roller bladers and smooth tire bike crowd wanted to used them but the lime base was to rough for them so they lobbied for pavement. They paved the trails and discovered that snowmobile studs created grooves that the made the roller blade crowd and skinny bike tires crowd crash. Then they banned studs on the trails. Snowmobilers paid 100% for these trails and all of the maintenance then got fucked over. In Minnesota the gas tax paid by snowmobiles is supposed to be estimated and used to repair and damage done at road crossings but of course the money gets taken and used elseware.
  12. Dear

    Trails in my area of North central Minnesota are almost always in great shape even when we have low snow except for around some of the towns. We have 4 awesome clubs around the cabin. I'n not positive but I think the only grooming the DNR does is the North Shore trail.
  13. Love seeing the kid from Longville, MN doing well. He's always been a great kid.