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  1. Axys1

    BRP willfully infringed Arctic Cat's patents

    By the way the first rider forward sled was not a Ski-Doo it was a Yamaha!! Look at where the motor was mounted.
  2. Axys1

    BRP willfully infringed Arctic Cat's patents

    So what your saying is the Doo was the only one that has contributed to the modern day snowmobile what a joke. First oil injection Yamaha First hydraulic break system Polaris First slide rail system Arctic Cat First IFS front end for the average consumer Arctic Cat First EFI I believe was Polaris First Plastic ski was Arctic Cat First rubber track Ski-Doo Forward-Mounted Engine Chassis Design Until 1966, there had been only three major designs of snowmobile chassis. The original Eliason motor toboggan with the motor in front of the driver and track, the FWD design with the engine mounted behind the driver and on top of the track drive unit, which early Polaris and Arctic Cat models followed and the Bombardier design with the engine mounted on top of the track tunnel and in front of the operator. Arctic Cat introduced the next major innovation in snowmobile design with its 1966 Panther — a major leap forward in snowmobile design. The chassis was made of aluminum, it sported an advanced version of the company’s revolutionary slide rail suspension and the engine was moved forward and down into the belly pan, in front of the track tunnel. The new Arctic Cat was truly impressive. The ride was way beyond any other snowmobile of the time and the handling was simply superb for the day. The forward mounting of the engine placed more weight on the skis and balanced out the machine with the weight of the rider. This new engine position also lowered the center of gravity (cg) of the sled, which was a major factor in improving the sled’s handling. The 1966 Arctic Cat Panther made the entire snowmobile industry refocus on how a snowmobile should be designed. Eventually, all manufacturers gravitated to the Arctic Cat chassis design. The four major snowmobile manufacturers that remain today incorporate the engine-forward design. It’s tough to beat a great design.
  3. Axys1

    BRP willfully infringed Arctic Cat's patents

    History of the 1st Snowmobile Carl Eliason of Sayner, WI was a man who spent 31 years inventing and perfecting the “Motor Tobaggan”. He was a man that loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing, & trapping. Carl found it difficult to keep pace with his pals because of a bad foot, so begins his journey to create the first snowmobile. To read Carl’s Story in his own words, please visit: After completing the initial snow vehicle in the back of his general store, he took a great deal of ribbing from friends. When his first practical working motor toboggan went into production between 1922-26, it was an immediate success. Eliason received many orders and in five years he produced 40 machines, a major feat considering each one was built by hand. Eliason, a blacksmith and dealer of our modern outboard motors, modified a 2.5 horsepower outboard for his power plant and fashioned the frame from metal heated over a coal stove. Steam for water boiling in the family washtub formed the wooden skis. He averaged 8 machines a winter and still found time to experiment with projected improvements. In 1932, he introduced a better model that was powered by a converted motorcycle engine. It could go over 40 mph. They were found extremely useful in northern areas for hunting, trapping and other winter work. He paved the way for other manufacturers. When visiting Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we invite you to stop by the Top of the Lake Snowmobile Museum to view their Vintage Sleds on Display, learn more about snowmobiling history and browse their numerous items for sale.
  4. Axys1

    BRP willfully infringed Arctic Cat's patents

    LMFAO It was not Doo that thought of the first stand up sled it was this man he was standing before the Rev was even thought of Ski-Doo just expanded on it.
  5. Axys1

    BRP willfully infringed Arctic Cat's patents

    The Rev the biggest POS Sled out it was all hype. The Edge was the last of the sit down Sleds and the best of the all the sit down Sleds.
  6. Axys1

    BRP willfully infringed Arctic Cat's patents

    Your not the sharpest tool in the shed are you. Why not Polaris suing all of them over the Snowmobile.
  7. Axys1

    Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    At 65 he still goes like hell.
  8. Axys1

    Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    My bud at St Germain WI. New Yamaha motor and a friend that hit a deer at over a 90 mph he lived to tell about it at the age of 65 years old still rides sleds.
  9. Axys1

    *** OFFICIAL free stuff thread ***

  10. Axys1

    The Wall That Heals

    My summer project. "The Wall That Heals" and Operation Badger Base will be bring in 40,000 people to the Madison area!! Join us at Operation Badger Base to honor and recognize Wisconsin's veterans from all eras of military service and their families. This event is sponsored by Harley-Davidson of Madison and Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison and all VFW's and American Legions of Wisconsin and now UW Provisions. Info>>>
  11. And here hold my beer.
  12. Com'on guys some of you must have some good stories.
  13. No I am land poor and don't fool yourself if you think other wise. Its more of a break even deal after doing some logging and paying taxes.
  14. I could have.. I do try to share my land with the people of WI for hunting fishing and walking hell even Skiing but they have to respect my right to say where they can go. And yes before you jump all over may ass I do get a tax break for leaving it open but I still have the right to where and how my land can be used.
  15. Great post. My land is not multi use in the winter and in Wisconsin does not have a day light speed limit. All my land is open to snowmobiling all 5200 acres in northern Wi.