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  1. Slow Joe

    Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    That is sweet brings back memory's of attending the Kawartha cup and strolling the pits watching Yvon high bank those pesky yellow machines LOL the very first rotary valve engine i ever seen was in a Blizzard of that vintage with Tillotsons hanging off it wasnt till 1975 that i seen production version rotary valve motors in 340 Sonic and 245 RV all this classic sleds are commanding large money it is good to see that some were saved and restored that one sure looks correct.Joe
  2. Slow Joe

    Barry's Bay

  3. Slow Joe

    Barry's Bay

    Not exactly close but within a 50 K more or less
  4. Slow Joe

    Pot Day October 17th

    Hot topic for sure whether or not you choose to smoke cigarettes/pipe/cigars/mary jane its your choice I cant imagine that any of these methods are good for the lungs or your health for that matter,that said i have been sledding since Moby Dick was a minnow and sucked in a shit ton of two stroke smoke travelling in packs the trail was a blue haze gotta think it was tough on the lungs but we did it anyhow,if pot is legal so be it do as you may will the world come to a end as a result of this legislation,unlikely i fear drivers in the fast lane texting way more than I fear someone lighting up,heck its been going on forever most smokers were too paranoid to drive fast they already thought they were flying unlike being pissed up and brave,now if they legalize cocaine we are doomed.LOL Joe
  5. Slow Joe

    Southern Ontario Polaris Dealer Closing

    What the OEM,s have been up to for years now you must take X number of sleds/Parts/Accessories/you must have a state of the art shop and showroom on a slim margin with touch and go winters meantime sleds are brutally expensive and the shops that have blown the big dollars on brick and mortar are 100 dollars plus a hour to work on our slush scrapers,i have watched good dealers with talented techs shut down and damn near loose everything trying to satisfy their particular manufacture and now you got limited dealers to choose from miles away and are to busy in their shop to look at your ride for a couple weeks of a 10 week season for some,gone are the mom and pop family run dealers that would bend over backwards to help you now you are the one bending over,it will and has started to come back on them what do they think they are selling BMW,s,Merc,s along with long cheap financing its a deck of cards all these manufacturers got to where they are today from a dedicated group of small business snowmobile orientated people that have been trampled shame on all snowmobile builders your future is bleak look to the past to save your ass.Joe
  6. Slow Joe

    Time to update

    15 Tigre 9,QS3,s,cover,scratchers,bags,3500 miles,dealer serviced and documented,sno trackers,studded bought and in the garage great year to find a clean low mile sled at discounted price,winter 18/19 only 8 months away cant wait.joe
  7. Slow Joe

    Time to update

    Thanks Blackstar missed that one and within a 4 hr drive,always told the sno pro,s ride was quite stiff and abrupt, more meant for hammering the bumps than cruising over with this shock combo is that a issue.Joe
  8. Slow Joe

    2019 Arctic Cat

    Well the loud color thing is I guess a generational thing,doesn't appeal to me but then again most of my generation are riding their Lazy boy recliners with a remote in hand if they wanted to catch our eyes Viagra Blue or Cialis yellow would do it, to each his own but I would be after something black it just looks meaner not like a carnival ride use to think them Nightfire sleds looked good.Plain Joe
  9. Slow Joe

    2019 Arctic Cat

    More reading I see electronic shocks Oh Boy Cat got me back in the smart suspension day with that one I dont really want to go there again ended up second season tossing standard Fox shocks under those electric suckers quit working and no dealer close had a clue how to fix em cost a bunch to give my ass a little better ride for a couple months,i realize that technology is getting far better year to year but most dealers who are struggling to stay afloat just dont have the equipment or specialized techs to deal with complicated electronics give me a more comfortable seat and pas the Ibuprofen bottle to me LOL .Joe
  10. Slow Joe

    Snow Trackers

    Forgot to mention yea Stoney 4 stroke currently being replaced with another newer pro cross and studding always,P/B perhaps it was all about this years conditions it seemed a whole lot worse this year for the most part I thought i was just getting weaker LOL and would have to give in to a power steering rig but I suppose darting is darting regardless of make,setup I will have to spend more time on on the next machine,I had talked to groups this winter here and there some said C&A ski,s only way to fly others Bombardier ski,s the best lots of opinions others stock with doolies the list went on and on I intend to be on a 15 or newer procross 4 stroke guess just wait and read up on setup cant rely on a dealer to set it up.Joe
  11. Slow Joe

    2019 Arctic Cat

    So Iam not seeing much about them,I assume nothing earth shattering looks like a colorful lineup like kindergarten kids went crazy with spray paint,not sure if Iam missing something I see something about interactive suspension but didnt see anything like engines or clutching,mountain class things of no interest to us flatlanders for me at this point cant see cashing in RRSP,s to finance a new ride but as I said i must be missing something.Joe
  12. Slow Joe

    Snow Trackers

    Anybody used a set ? Opinions keep in mind not talking about a fella that would be shredding trails but runnin it up on lakes after this season with conditions as they were gotta tell ya darting was making me crazy had the sled in first of the season replaced any hiem joint,s that were sloppy alignment done and new stock runners Pro Cross chassis.Zig Zag Joe
  13. Slow Joe

    Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    I have enough memory left to remember the hype surrounding the intro,cool piece of sno mo history at the time i thought who would spend that kind of money for a sled now it seems like a bargoon I never seen one in person let alone on the snow,not sure what kind of a collection you have amassed but Iam sure it would hold its value and be a piece that no one else you know would ever have.Joe
  14. Slow Joe

    Time to update

    LOL yea true enough but we still have times of complete madness generally anymore on lake runs, adrenaline really the only safe drug left for us on the cusp of Geezerdom.Old Slow Joe
  15. Slow Joe

    Time to update

    Blackstar you got a good company there unfortunately our shack and vehicle and sno machines are all with one company I tried and got some reasonable quotes but they would not do a stand alone policy wanted all our coverage's pain in the butt to switch and then got some quotes for the rest and they were higher so catch 22 situation wish them U.S carriers were allowed to compete things would be better.Joe