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  1. Time to update

    15 Tiger 9000 low miles Peterborough area 85 obo that seems like a deal to me sold by Birch point what say you Turbo owners?
  2. Sledding sucks pouch and I want a new hobby. this is were you need too be toys toys toys liquid coke for sure.Joe
  3. Doo 900 Turbo 150 HP

    Well said with full warranty in place thats key gambling that kind of money stretching more HP out through aftermarket rocketeers and boom that would be a big hurt to the wallet let alone time down.Joe
  4. Sledding sucks pouch and I want a new hobby.

    There is one on Kijiji with a chubby block Ford in it old but looks pristine,would be fun for sure,little hard to slow troll out of even for dock catfish.Aquatic Joe
  5. Doo 900 Turbo 150 HP

    Hmmm 900 Turbo 150hp sounds like something that would be a great fit reasonably light weight for a Turbo class 4 stroke sled got to have some trail grunt and decent mileage,understood not the lake beast some might want but the 850 covers that does it not,Bombardier has made a new slot in the market and I believe that it will have a good size following they have let Cat have fun in the big HP turbo and the associated issues that came with the higher HP that hurt them with inconsistent drive line problems and warranty claims that now seem to be sorted,this may not be considered a bold move but I believe its a smart one the HP wars though fun to watch generally brings on undesirable things like legislation,increased patrols on the trails,insurance gets its chance to spike rates,I will be watching this sled there are a lot of positives.Joe
  6. Real World MPG

    Whoa i get a tad better not by much on my sled and you have the magic spinning wheel on yours MMMM and with a bump up in HP you will get better,dang that sounds pretty fair for that kind of Hp.Joe
  7. Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Kijiji add today for a 18 trail pass 200 firm firm firm wont take a cent less think it was in Barrie says doesnt need the money good thing I wouldnt give you 10 cents for a Ontario pass at this time.LOL Joe
  8. Winter 2018

    You and me both,started sleddin 3 years after Joseph Armand Bombardier bit the dust,had some fantastic years and have sat in Gravenhurst watching the trails melt away in January lost count on how many sleds we have owned,two drive belts and a set of plugs,runners for my current ride cost more than the first Elan I bought there was a dollar difference between a high performance belt and a standard had to scratch my head whether to buy top shelf belt or extra plugs went thru them at pretty much the same rate,went from sleds that sounded like a weed wacker to one that sounds like a Farmall Cub .The up side to a shitter winter if your in the market for a newer low mile sled your in luck eventually my old body will make me hang up the helmet but not going to do it voluntarily I think one of the biggest hurts is the insurance pricing wish that the U.S carriers were allowed to compete in the Canuk marketplace.Exceeding Old Joe
  9. Winter 2018

    Now thats the whole point isnt it, its a pisser to have a winter like this but whats the option sit in a chair stare out the window,sit on a beach thats fine for a day or two,curse and shovel snow,hibernate and drink,jus play in the snow while its here and polish up the spring/summer/fall toys it great to have options.Joe
  10. Closed Trail Thread

    Well i think this is more aimed at the urban area trails that are in fact on private land,as far as crown goes that is mostly in the outer fringe areas and its just common sense if you are out there walking on a snowmobile trail for whatever reason and i have in the past its beware and get off to the side when you here sleds approaching although the new quieter sleds tend to be there almost before you hear them,liability regardless falls on the OFSC i think its a reasonable request for the couple months of the year Sudbury has nice dog parks safe for your pet as well as you since no boundary s between crown and private even out in the bush are marked as such, doing whatever you want may be in fact on private.Joe
  11. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Very much appreciated Odot1 thanks for taking the time to answer this question I have been considering this for some time as wanting to haul the fishin craft along with the utv pretty sure the ole General could pull them but although I have great respect for our law enforcement I like to keep visits not unlike the inlaws down to a minimum preferably non existent so runnin under the radar is the order of the day.Stealth Joe
  12. Winter 2018

    Ouch sad but true,woke up this morning been above freezing most of the night snow has settled and its rain on and off the trails have very little base to take a meltdown and with the traffic expected for the family day weekend they will be hurting,no real snow in the forecast for days on end grooming will become non existent this week coming,but the one small light at the end of the tunnel the weather forecasters are about as good at predicting the weather as Iam at black jack March can hold some surprises but I would check them tires lube those bearing,s the far north is not done with winter yet good riding will likely be north of Sud and the Bay i will not go down this early.Travelling Joe
  13. Real World MPG

    Thats stout mileage for sure wow that 900 is it a regular fuel machine,long track or short,two or three cylinder?
  14. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    It is a bit of a relief to know Iam not the only one that is not sure whats legal.LOL Joe
  15. Real World MPG

    True but I thought that the higher octane such as 91 did not contain ethanol at the price you should think it would be coming out like Goldslager.Joe