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  1. Three words...Eric Holder Jr.
  2. Both Twin Cities papers are pushing the "Trump tried to control and subvert the investigation" angle. Headline and all. No mention of the outcome of the report. It seems the new narrative is "look what Trump wanted to do, but didn't"
  3. Slingers car is capable of going over 70 so it's possible he's sped before. Slinger has had an alcoholic beverage, so it's possible he's drove impaired. Slinger has purchased cold medicine, so it's possible he's produced meth. That isn't enough to try or convict him, but we can't rule it out either. Ouch.... Seriously, this is what you sound like.
  4. F3600

    Its out!!!

    I think there are better ways for the D's to subvert the Trump agenda. Similar to how the R's drug their feet and procedurally messed with Obama's agenda. Going down the treason/criminal path further is unnecessarily ratcheting up the level of discourse. There will be another D President and then the R's retaliate further.
  5. F3600


    We waited two years on a sham Collusion investigation, I think I’m willing to give tariff and trade deals a little while as well.
  6. What’s the big deal? Those cities love them some illegals, sounds like a problem with a solution to me. Unless that sanctuary line is just a bunch of liberal hot air.
  7. F3600

    how long until...

    I think she'll probably be ok. I don't think she's on any congressional baseball teams.
  8. I can’t believe Medicare is all that great. Everyone my parents age gets a supplemental policy, a prescription policy, some donut hole policy.
  9. It seems we see a piece like this written at least once during every republican administration.
  10. Crue Girls Girls Girls concert was awesome as a youth and probably my favorite Crue album. Have heard The Dirt was ok, but could have been a series to go deeper into the guys lives. Too much fast forward type stuff.
  11. Sign me up for the unrealized capital losses deduction!
  12. F3600

    The best healthcare plan

    Is this the pivot to healthcare that was predicted shortly after the Mueller time ending? https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-cnn-is-really-a-super-pac-colluding-with-the-democratic-party-on-the-news-you-hear
  13. How about McCain, the Maverick, being a Clinton Bitch one last time on his way to the grave.