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  1. F3600

    In her day I’d have taken a tug job.

    The mono size arms from shoulder to wrist, is a dead give away she’d chunk up.
  2. Firing the head of the FBI,with the support of the AG (Session) and DAG(Rosenstein) is not obstruction, 100% legal.
  3. Finally, we'll get to hear how the spying on Trump in 2016 was justified and well reasoned, we'll get to see how the interactions between Trump and Russia evolved through the primaries and hit their peak moving mass voting blocks to his camp or better yet, manipulated vote totals in the general election. We'll see Trump and his boys led away in cuffs and Pence take the reigns. Ivanka will go to a woman's prison (hot), and Melania will be striped of her wardrobe and money and sent back to an eastern bloc country to live in poverty once again. Or it will all be a big nothing there, there.....like was said 2 years ago.
  4. There appears to be no minor or mild case of TDS, its either full blown stage 4 or its zero. Whether it be in Congress, the general public, or this board.
  5. Well all Bezos money and high end security team turned out to not know jack squat...texts and pictures leaked by girl friend and her brother.....so much for the Govt/Trump conspiracy.
  6. F3600

    Oh those pesky emails

    It’s hard to believe anyone had a problem with the Comey firing, the guy was inept and a criminal. and Ben/Anler are right, if the top law enforcement and prosecutors in the land can tip the scales for their desired outcome, what hope does the average joe have of justice.
  7. In MN specifically, she has been as pro business (large or small) as any Repub, maybe even more so. Also was a good MN Attorney Gen Nationally, she is a party line voter. I wish she had a more independent streak nationally. The DNC will probably flush her out.
  8. This is easily solved (In Minnesota) by having short term disability which is offered by the MN Teachers Association. Short Term Disability is something every worker should have to cover unforeseen or foreseen work outages.
  9. You should quickly draft a quick outline and head to Hollywood. Could be the next 007 or the next Austin Powers, depending on which direction you want to take it.
  10. F3600

    80's Hairband Metal

    1987 probably the greatest year in music. Sunset strip, babes, cars, guitars.
  11. F3600

    And They Say Snowden is the Traitor...

    Sounds like exciting stuff, sign me up!
  12. Looking for the older style Country, check out Midland. Great debut Album. https://youtu.be/g7f6HiQ2LuU
  13. F3600


    Northern Twin Cities Metro got about 5-6 of the predicted 8+. Survive the -25 coming Tues/Wed and their might be another 1-3 come Sunday.