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  1. Sksman

    Toronto gun violence

    I thought Prohibited weapon is any handgun utside of home or gun range? Only allowed to posses if you have RPAL and valid travel permit to gun range or home. I am sure he was licensed and on way to range. Wonder if trigger lock was properly fastened?
  2. Sksman

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Typical response from the government tit sucking worker who cries anytime anyone tries to clean up government waste! Take the warning Fail. Ford looking for those who are internet trolls on government time. And he might know a few sledders!
  3. Sksman

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Hopefully Ford fights legal pot next
  4. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    That’s how the best politician in Canada acts. It’s all his experience. Fly halfway across country to allow one hour meeting and spend the next 2 days meeting with Liberal Caucus who you are supposed to be sitting in the house with daily. Now there are unresolved First Nations issues so Trudeau can fly back across country to meet for another hour or two filling 2 days with travel and a one hour meeting. Its how you avoid actually accomplishing anything other then travel expenses and being out of office. You also don’t have to actually work or know what your doing. Perfect for The most useless Prime Minister ever.
  5. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Yes we know Trudope wants a seat on UN Security Council. And I bet he wants to be the guy to occupy it because he knows after next year he is looking for a job. And supply Drama teacher doesn’t pay nor does Aga Khan want to talk to a supply teacher.
  6. Sksman

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Big protest last week out front of Queens Park had what 450 people at it. Most of whom were the NDP and Liberal cabinet and city coucil. Get over it and used to change Fail. Funny the Only person on this website crying about the downsizing of Toronto Council doesnt even live there and acts like millions are upset. Oh yaeh, polish up your resume! Dougie is looking for guys like you!
  7. Sksman

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Idiot Trudeau needs to get re-elected and needs Ontarios vote. He will be quiet on this as other then you and a few ndp there is no one complaining. Adam Vaughan the king of tit sucking speaks for Liberals.
  8. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Freeland will leave the free trade talks in Washington to travel to Saskatoon for a Liberal Caucus retreat. What about the free trade deal? And why have the Liberal Caucus travel to Saskatoon? What about carbon footprint? And useless expense when the Liberal Caucus is all in Ottawa anyhow. More like vacation again.
  9. Sksman

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Failmaker the typical internet tough guy. Tough enough to type insults to Doug Ford but i doubt brave enough to say them to his face. As for Doug Ford just because you dont like his plan doesnt mean its bad. Or that he has no plan. His plan is to can your useless ass and many others. Instaed of posting on here all day you should be tiddying up your resume!
  10. Sksman

    Toronto gun violence

    Of course admitted dope smoker and guy in possession would worry about carding and searching. Carding and TAVIS need to be re instated. If the people dont like it move! It stops the bad guys from carrying guns. Imread an article in the paper where a gang member openly admitted to carrying a gun as there is no carding there is very little chance he can be asked for id , stopped, or searched. Search my car, search me, search my bags. My bags are searched regularly as i travel through airports. Should i protest that as unconstitutional? I am in favour of police searching more. As Poncho said only the people hiding shit have to worry.
  11. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    When will Trudeau appologize to all Canadians for His pathetic performance as Prime Minister.
  12. Sksman

    Imagine a Stabbing at Tiger Jeet Singh School

    When cities such as Toronto idolize and call a rapper with ties to 8 murder victims in the last few years the ambassor of the city do you really wonder why society is going downhill?
  13. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    The Fords were elected to council and have never changed their message from day one. Respect the taxpayer and cut government waste. The people who are not so shallow to only see the surface distractions of shit hatred that you promote like calling Doug Ford slogan man while ignoring the work already completed are the ones who actually vote on principles and good solid foundations and are the ones who elected Doug Ford. The shallow ones like Failmaker vote on good looks and by social media. Once again people like you Fail.
  14. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job NAFTA looking glumm. Thanks Justin! But what does a trust fund kid care. He will be okay as he and Morneau protected their money already.
  15. Sksman

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Everyone gets a feel good ribbon. Trudeau and Freeland especially.