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  1. We know their names, and where they were. But no one has given a public explanation for what several former elite U.S. service-members were doing in Haiti — and why they were driving without license plates, carrying an assortment of automatic rifles, drones, and other gear. The men face charges of being part of a criminal conspiracy, the Haitian Times reports, after being intercepted at a routine police road block. "They said that they were here on a 'government mission,' " Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles told NPR from Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. "They did not specify which government, but then they did tell the police that ... their boss was going to call their boss." The implication, Charles says, is that someone high in Haiti's government would be able to free the heavily armed group — and she adds, "members of the administration of President Jovenel Moise did try to get these gentlemen released from police custody — but that did not work." Haitian police arrested the five Americans on Sunday afternoon, along with a Haitian man and two Serbians. They were driving two vehicles that were stopped at a police checkpoint near Haiti's central bank in the capital, according to The Miami Herald.
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    Dow 26,000:

    Seven trading days. That's how long it took the Dow to rocket from 25,000 to 26,000. The trip above 26,000 was brief: The Dow lost altitude throughout the day and was down by afternoon, erasing a gain of nearly 300 points. There wasn't an obvious catalyst for the pullback. Still, the Dow has spiked more than 7,000 points, or about 40%, since President Trump's election. The stock market boom reflects enormous excitement on Wall Street about record corporate profits and strong economic growth at home and abroad -- all of which could be boosted by the GOP tax overhaul. "The market has certainly come out of the gates fast in 2018 after a stellar 2017," said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Wunderlich Securities.
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    What's for dinner???

    Boiled dinner
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    Dow 26,000:

    only took a yr. Hopefully will stay this time. 25,954.44 +63.12 (0.24%) Feb 20, 4:20 PM EST · Disclaimer
  5. I think Oby was a better man. I believe trump is a better pres
  6. It would work awesome. Prolly kill 45-50 people a day. We all know people are the biggest cause of climate change
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    hey geeks

  8. steve from amherst

    hey geeks

    My volume is frozen . It's shut off and I cannot turn it on . Any ideas?
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    hey geeks

    Everyone likes a nice ass , no one likes a smart ass
  10. Fraud no. A money loser yes. The downeaster hasn't broke even since its inception.
  11. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says his department will stop serving "no knock" search warrants, weeks after a raid on a house left two married suspects dead and five officers injured. Acevedo also reiterated that the officer who led that raid may face criminal charges. "The no-knock warrant's going to go away, kind of like leaded gasoline in our city," Acevedo said. He added that raids that stem from those warrants would only be used in very limited cases — and that they would not be used to nab people suspected of dealing small amounts of drugs. "You're going to see those going away," he said. Acevedo announced the policy shift Monday night during a town hall meeting hosted by the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice. The event gathered criminal justice officials and politicians with local activists and members of the public — who vented their anger over the deadly raid and what they called the police's overreliance on informants and searches rather than investigation. The chief gave few new details about suspicions the lead officer in the raid may have lied about getting a tip about the target house from a confidential informant. Acevedo said the officer is still getting paid as the investigation proceeds, saying the arrangement is required legally but goes against his own opinion.
  12. Scientists have launched a major new phase in the testing of a controversial genetically modified organism: a mosquito designed to quickly spread a genetic mutation lethal to its own species, NPR has learned. For the first time, researchers have begun large-scale releases of the engineered insects, into a high-security laboratory in Terni, Italy. "This will really be a breakthrough experiment," says Ruth Mueller, an entomologist who runs the lab. "It's a historic moment." The goal is to see if the mosquitoes could eventually provide a powerful new weapon to help eradicate malaria in Africa, where most cases occur. "It's very exciting," Mueller says. NPR was the only news organization allowed into the lab to witness the moment the releases began in early February.
  13. Desal plants need to make steam. Time for someone to design one that's has the steam spin a turbine on its way out.
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    New Ski-Doo's

    I do believe the PC term is intellectually challenged
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    Who Knew Momo Had Relatives In Florida

    so that's what Polaris 550 looks like?
  16. Im the caretaker. When he gets shitball double crazy its usually because I was stoned and gave him someone elses meds by mistake.
  17. Don't mind my neighbor, he dosnt believe its possible to crack a joke about a dem.
  18. Sounds like it is in response to that comatose woman getting pregnant.
  19. 10 here now. Forecast, same as NEK
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    the MAGA hat did it

    fucking right it is
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    Well I filed my Taxes this morning

    I let my jew accountant do em.
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    Just Nasty.

    Good, cause that's fucking discusting
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    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    ugly , I did that to a 99 xcr 800