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  1. steve from amherst

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    That one is probably correct.They need to concentrate on local elections , then actually do shit after they win.
  2. steve from amherst

    12,000 student deaths.

    Know why kids come unglued? Because their parents do. The number one reason people are fired in this country id for bizarre or violent behavior.
  3. steve from amherst

    Trudeau lmao

    My 350 will read 700 miles to empty when filled up. f 250 is like 325 miles.
  4. steve from amherst

    Predictions right here!!!!!

  5. steve from amherst

    What's for dinner???

    Baked chicken ( raining out ) potato salad , asparagus with a cheese sauce and corn.
  6. steve from amherst

    Dow 26,000:

    24,834.41 −178.88 (0.72%) May 22, 5:01 PM EDT · Disclaimer
  7. steve from amherst

    From the you can't make this shit up files

    So his boys call him animal but Trump cant. Oh well .
  8. steve from amherst

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    So knowing there will be no real outcome to it you still support spending millions for it? That's kinda fucked.
  9. steve from amherst

    Dear White People

    No. Im not a blackman wanna be.
  10. My pipes are obnoxiously loud. Wife still dosnt want to go after seeing some dumb ass cross the center line and take out a bike on a weekly basis.
  11. steve from amherst

    A Trump Jong Coin made? WHAT THE FUCK.

    Close call, I wasn't sure there was going to be anything for liberals to lose their shit over today. Now we are all set.
  12. That's exactly why their sales are declineng
  13. And for those with a DVD it keeps them from jumping out of their skin