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  1. Just wrapped up day 2 of tearing up northern Maine
  2. They ass rape us and these dumb fucks thank them
  3. steve from amherst

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Yep . -21 here inn Presque isle
  4. steve from amherst

    Bernie Sanders

    Russia , Russia , Russia Stay tuned
  5. steve from amherst

    *****Official F7BENS NASCAR 2019 Thread*****

    Ryan released from hospital
  6. It is, cause if he gets the nod , it's a cakewalk for trump
  7. steve from amherst

    Hey 550

    He's the best.
  8. steve from amherst

    Random Photo Thread

    Leaving this afternoon to tear up northern Maine. Fields there are a lot bigger.
  9. steve from amherst

    Warren and the gay guy getting sued

    Maybe he believes he should get paid for what he also believes is a job well done.
  10. steve from amherst

    Bloomberg owns fake fuck Sanders

    Well Bernie must have assumed that the average person dosnt realize there are 2 Vermonts. My nephew's girlfriend Transferred there from the US attourneys office in Boston to the FBI in VT. I told her "" you are going to see a side of VT you never knew existed" 2 months in she understood what I meant.