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  1. media narrative != statistical backing There were numerous studies done on this back when BLM was making all their noise. Whites and Hispanics are shot at a higher rate than black suspects, even when armed. However, the rate of engagement with blacks is considerably higher as a percentage of the population. Don't remember the numbers off the top of my head but it was something like blacks are 13% of the population but are arrested for 25% of the crime... or something to that effect. So numbers are skewed by the fact blacks are arrested more, but the idea that cops shoot blacks at a higher percentage is false and all the data support that. Go ahead and argue about why cops have more run-ins with blacks. If there's racism, it might be in that statistic, but it's not in the rate of shootings statistic.
  2. Matt

    who is loaded up

    We could pick those things off from the boat almost any time we go out. See them a few times per year, mostly in the fall. Unfortunately it's extremely tough to get a sheep tag here also.
  3. Matt

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    Hated that chassis with its falling rate front end. Mid corner of a tightening radius turn and it'd decide to lift the inside ski 12 inches and ruin your line. Sucked coming from the Indys that would always stay planted.
  4. Matt

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    Trek Bikes and a Radar Senate slalom ski. I moved to Arizona for the endless summer. :)
  5. Other than Adam Schiff saying "I am Adam Schiff," every other thing he's ever said has been completely debunked and disproven. The fact the media continues to cover this guy and trot him out as an "expert" is all anyone needs to see to believe Trump 100%.
  6. Matt

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    I think the Poo IQ had a really good compromise. Didn't force you to ride with your ankles behind your knees but let you ride with your center of mass wherever you wanted it. Could stand comfortably without killing your back hunched over, or sit and ride groomed flat stuff for miles. Fit me well at 6'5" Sat on a friend's Wildcat 700 in his garage over the holidays and felt like I was using one of those Squatty Potty toilet boosters.
  7. Matt

    Piling on Ol' Bernie.

    Ol Bern should definitely run as an independent if they fuck him over again (which they are 100% with complete transparency)
  8. The Dem machine is out in full force trying to kill Bernie's chances hoping that they don't have to rely on rigging the DNC again this time around. It's disgusting how slimy they are.
  9. Matt

    Meme thread

    This kid should be the TIME person of the year and win the Nobel prize. He's actually doing something to help the planet, but he's not a media darling who yells at grownups...
  10. Matt


    It's a national holiday. Almost everyone I know had today off.
  11. Matt

    Time to kick some ass

    The Packers are the NFL equivalent of retarded hilljacks who win the Powerball and end up broke or in jail ten years later.
  12. Matt

    Time to kick some ass

    I might have to recuse myself as a GB fan but I suspect most fans of the sport would suggest Favre and Rodgers are of a higher caliber talent-wise than Romo and Prescott. And Favre started his run in GB in 1992.
  13. Matt

    Time to kick some ass

    Has there been a better combo of QBs in the history of the NFL than Favre and Rodgers with less to show for it? To have only two championships between the two of them has to be the greatest failure in the history of the NFL. Seriously. They should make one of those "Just OK, is not OK" commercials starring the Packers front office. Oh well... I'm sure the next guy will be just as good...