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  1. CBO and the GDP

    ANOTHER TRUMP WIN: CBO Projects Highest Level Of Growth Of GDP In 15 Years President Trump is presiding over an economy that is soaring; according to the Congressional Budget Office’s budget and economic outlook, real Gross Domestic Product will grow by 3.3% from the fourth quarter of 2017 to the fourth quarter of 2018. That would be the highest level of growth in 15 years. The CBO report states, “In CBO’s projections, real GDP expands by 3.3 percent this year and by 2.4 percent in 2019. It grew by 2.6 percent last year.” As CNS News reports, “The last time real GDP grew by more than 3.3 percent from the fourth quarter of one year to the fourth quarter of the next was in 2003, when it grew by 4.4 percent, according to the historical data published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.” And guess who is responsible for this good news? A GOP president and Congress, apparently. CBO notes, “CBO significantly boosted its projections of the growth of real GDP in 2018 and 2019, mostly because of the recent changes in fiscal policy.” https://www.dailywire.com/news/29829/another-trump-win-cbo-projects-highest-level-hank-berrien
  2. Mobile Hotspots

    Think about all the radio waves traveling through our bodies on a daily basis. Wireless this, Bluetooth that. That's why the aliens don't abduct us anymore, they planted this technology to remotely monitor us! All the space fuel they burned having to travel here regularly was cooking our atmosphere, creating global warming! Their research isn't complete yet, they saw they couldn't reach the end game with our degrading ecosystem. Taking away our will one rusty Tonka truck at a time, spoon feeding us shitty reality TV and remake CGI movies! Now banning and proposed confiscation of firearms! Dont be fooled, once their thesis is finished, they will surely be back to make sure all evidence is disavowed and wiped from history! Wake up people!
  3. A Weekend at Bernie's

    How so? If you're not a career soldier/officer, you get minimal dick. Hence the outrage over homeless and under insured veterans. If you vet yourself for the full 20 and make a career out of it, you get just above dick. The reason I don't pipe up to bash the military is, as I've stated, I have many many family and friends in the services. Although I disagree with the person's playing the moves, I stand behind my pawns, rooks, bishops and knights. As far as giving out more government cush jobs, being regulated and manipulated by the man, further separating government and state, I figured you might have a problem with that. Imagine the entire census reporting to the government regime. Talk about bootlicking.
  4. A Weekend at Bernie's

    Good grief man. Give it a rest. I believe we all agree overseas military spending is outrageous, we get it. Focus.
  5. A Weekend at Bernie's

    That's about how long this crackpot scheme would last! Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is set to unveil a plan that would give American workers who want or need jobs guaranteed government jobs that pay at least $15 per hour and have health benefits. The progressive Vermont senator’s guaranteed jobs plan would entitle any American a job or job training in U.S.-funded projects in infrastructure, the environment, caregiving, and education, but he did not provide a cost-estimate or plan to fund the proposal, the Washington Post reported. “It would be extremely expensive, and I wonder if this is the best, most targeted use of the amount of money it would cost,” said Ernie Tedeschi, an economist who worked for the Treasury during the Obama administration. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/24/sen-bernie-sanders-unveil-plan-give-every-american-guaranteed-government-job/
  6. Sean Hannity is a 'welfare queen'

    You do realize that your link was to an opinion piece, right? Facts that may or may not be true, narrated in a way to push an agenda... please tell us you know the difference between these and actual factual evidence of crime... ?
  7. Sean Hannity is a 'welfare queen'

    That were told to you by a leftist opinion piece!
  8. Mobile Hotspots

    I was told it consumes more data to provide the extra "full desktop" vs the mobile information. @f7ben what say you internet smart guy??
  9. Mobile Hotspots

    Go skin a deer, catch a fish, woodwork yourself a foot stool, fucking internet know it all!!
  10. Mobile Hotspots

    Good to know. I'm not a computer literate person so much. But I guess that makes sense as to why the desktop laptop takes more gigaminutes vs viewing on a mobile site format.
  11. Mobile Hotspots

    Yup. Unlimited data from AT&T would be great, no coverage here. VZ isn't bad, you have to stream a lot to get dialed back,, but if you're using it as a hot spot it may not work as well. As the VZ rep explained it to me: if you visit a page on a phone, tablet, etc. The pages have coding for that application, less data/viewing to fit on the compact screen. When you hotspot and use a laptop, desktop, the web pages send different code with more data that can be utilized by the computer. Makes sense, if I go to a site on my phone it is in a different format than if I go on computer or tablet. Here for example, the site is shown differently on my tablet than laptop.
  12. Firearms save lives

    1) your link is focused on mass shootings, of which 98% happen in gun free zones, according to the FBI. https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2018/02/15/reminder-fbi-stats-show-98-mass-shootings-occurred-within-gun-free-zones/ 2) my article posted facts, quoted from the CDC about the amount of times a firearm was used to stop a crime. 3) what do you care, stay North of our boarder. Play with you're slingshots, Maplelea dolls, and fatten up on Poutine. (No offense to the other, personable not twit nooks on the forum) 4) you're a dunce
  13. Ur Stinky

    How'd you make out with that truck?
  14. Fuck Yeti Coolers

    I'm stumped...
  15. Fuck Yeti Coolers

    Ugh, I can picture the scene! Fuck, going to drive me nuts. Hint, before I Google it? Lol