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  1. Huroneastmike

    Cleaning out the shop

    I can't see why a little buff and polish wouldn't fix that right up
  2. Huroneastmike

    Is this a snowmobile forum

    While driving around southwestern Ontario today working I said hi to some boys near Ayr pounding stakes in.Good to see there hoping for some snow again this year
  3. Huroneastmike

    Is this a snowmobile forum

    Oh I have been reading this for years but have found the snowmobile content kinda lacking lately.Need out on sled real soon.2-0 go leafs
  4. Huroneastmike

    Is this a snowmobile forum

    Just curious
  5. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    C4th -southampton-kincardine-lucknow- clinton-c4th
  6. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    224 miles in d9.Started fire here this morning
  7. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    Little bit more open at the bottom of d9
  8. Huroneastmike

    Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Then pickup chicks at bar with suit on.Maybe they were light headed😉
  9. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    Somehow my original 2010 yuasa is still starting at these temps
  10. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    You could do with a lithium and save 10 pounds in the nose Of that yamaha
  11. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    The vector pulled the cat out in reverse
  12. Huroneastmike

    Winter 2018

    1st Grooming today for B & W trailblazers