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  1. 7th win at Texas for Jimmie! Way to go Hendricks. Jr in 5th and Elliott in 9th
  2. Is there an actual statute covering this? just curious. btw I agree those cops were pieces of shit to manhandle an 83 year old like that, no matter what he did or didn't do.
  3. Puts them: 1 Larson, 2 Elliot, 3 Truex, 4 Keselowski in points
  4. TheEdge

    Random Photo Thread

    c'mon... everybody needs 3 7k axles to haul 3 yammi's!
  5. Maybe Judnick could pick him up? But word is Angove is bumping to mod
  6. Martin, Leighton... who else?
  7. Congrats KK! Came into the weekend 20 some points down and won 8 out of 9 races to come out with the title. Glad I was at Deadwood this year to witness Martin's last Victory... He will be missed
  8. Larson to the points lead, chompers 2nd, Elliot 3rd
  9. Yes I understand he's trying to stir shit up... I find it funny sometimes, especially watching him and Frenchy go at it
  10. It is funny watching n2oiroc get them all stirred up.... Fuck do they pile on him too.
  11. TheEdge

    FS photo contest

    Jesus... even the toddlers need to pull up their pants
  12. TheEdge

    Daily driver?

    Yeah ive had friends that had them and nothing but problems too, and also knew people that were issue free... hopefully Its a decent one. I really like the truck as a driver, although it does have more lag than my cummins trucks
  13. TheEdge

    Daily driver?

    keep fresh coolant and fresh oil and no tuner alleviates 90% of the problems with these... my wifes brother owns a big diesel shop with a ton of 6.0 knowledge, so if it takes a shit on me I do the whole bulletproofing, delete, tuner, studs for about 3k out of pocket. Or I may sell it by then who knows. Btw I still own 2 Cummins powered trucks lol
  14. TheEdge

    Daily driver?

    No tune. 2nd owner. Warranty showed a new turbo at 60k and that was it for warranty work other than a few reflashes.
  15. TheEdge

    Daily driver?

    No 100% stock. I got a hell of a deal on the truck so ill just run it until one of the 6.0 issues rears its head and then Ill bulletproof it. No need to spend the money until something happens. It did have new Ford reman injectors right before I bought it at 90k. 120k now. I actually drive that 88 quite a bit also.