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  1. I like their way of self deportation low cost to taxpayers.their way there is no fucking chance of sneaking back feeding off the public trough
  2. what you expected him too get his fucing hair wet honoring the people that gave him his freedom
  3. as already said fucking awesome fucking video .
  4. anorkist


    the last time they played anything close to good hockey was when there were only 6 teams.every year same comments from the retarded fans that believe the hype.harold must be happy he started their demise.have not watched since 67.
  5. anorkist

    Today's Joke

    fuking good one as usual🤣🤣🤣
  6. he should not have run not what they did was right but he ran could have killed an innocent person.look between shit and syncopation if you think he deserves any
  7. anorkist

    Today's Funnies

    those were all fuking good had to wait till old lady left the room.
  8. anorkist

    Anybody have hearing aids?

    your lucky with mine a fan on a radial engine might do it even that I am not sure
  9. anorkist

    Today's Fun Facts

    I have a feeling anthony (RIP) would have enjoyed some of these places
  10. anorkist

    It Snowed Last Night

    I know it was meant to be funny but it is so fuking true up here will get worse as time goes by I feel for my grand children.
  11. we have same up if blue you did not could not do.this shit is why they get no respect.not all but ones like this piece of shit
  12. anorkist

    Whose truck is this?

    I do not think you could call him libtard😁
  13. anorkist

    Today's Joke

  14. they would not dare say anything negative of their fucking paymaster er master
  15. anorkist

    Today's Joke

    but still funny