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  1. I agree with all that is said about trudy but also remember that jerk went there and broke their laws.death penalty may be harsh but he made the choice to go there.but bleeding hearts will bleed.they need to put a tampon on and move on.
  2. I am with those who think it is and has been the best looking truck for years.gmford lost when they gave the sketch pads to preschoolers and turned there renderings into what you see fugly looking shit
  3. anorkist

    Free gasoline

    seen that before but still good bet it will ever be taken up
  4. I have felt the same way from the time his name was mentioned.the faggot fuck and h can take his witch with him
  5. anorkist

    That's a man, baby!

    you gotta hand it to him
  6. check how many were born here not the fucks that snuck in here than next day some liberal granted them citizenship.
  7. one hell of a story teller enjoyed reading it thanks
  8. the tooleeanney defenders will say he was tricked into saying that
  9. anorkist

    Today's Joke

    oh fucking no😂😁🤣
  10. anorkist

    Chin chong chow

    you convince yourself
  11. anorkist

    Chin chong chow

    that will open a lot of eyes WOW
  12. anorkist


    the response time is crazy must have been having a 2 for 1 at the doughnut was funny with him hiding the fuking loot before trying to knock door colour has no relation to being brainless
  13. but before that trudy will ask for a selfie with the killer first to show he knew and was there when it happened.the release that is
  14. with gm shuttering things the reserves need to start stocking up on the new rides they will be stealing and fuking stripping
  15. anorkist

    Some are pretty

    those all are deserving of an oscar