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  1. anorkist

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    the enterprise called looking for that it holds 80 f15s.time to clean my classes not a sight for sore eyes oh shit
  2. anorkist

    Jack Hallett

    that was the fucking best video I have seen in a long long time the smile on his face will probably last the rest of his life.
  3. I wonder if the medical condition is that it still squats to piss while it pretends to be a male
  4. anorkist

    Nothing like a good laugh

    jimmy is that you in the bottom after eating some of our bacon?your right we should not laugh at the mentally challenged if that is you.
  5. great news on jayski as to the pic of rusty alan and herman I have programs in basement from the asa days when they came here to race that was a hell of a series.they had a ton of excellent drivers.most signed programs for us butch miller jim sauter the bear etc those were the part no lyin brian to fuck it up
  6. anorkist

    Person of color "colour"

    them sons of bitches aint edyoukated cant count past 5 either
  7. I have never seen that before who are they trying to suck up to.then again it is fucks news .just seen coumo on cnn has the same shit on his forehead copycat ashole
  8. I will fix them In wont order any more chow mien or chop suey so there
  9. anorkist

    Tough day for Canadian Trumpsters

    great family his old man was a commie now him a faggot both of them opened the doors to the shit we have dregs of their countries now here.and vote liberal and all their fucking relatives they sponsor or claim persecution (anywhere else it would read prosecution )he throws our money around like it is monopoly money. if you guys were not between us and mexico he would send limos to pick them up
  10. anorkist

    Tough day for Canadian Trumpsters

    it was a marriage of convenience with a nondisclosure as to his orientation
  11. anorkist

    Tough day for Canadian Trumpsters

    just on the news another lib left the ship a woman they can not get away from the little fagot fast enough.even his old lady never gets a mention the last little while even she knows he is toxic.
  12. anorkist

    What a fucking retard

    I enjoyed doc pol when we could get it no bullshit lets get at it was his motto
  13. anorkist

    The Tighten Up...hell yeah

    that was a time when you could understand the words even if not your favorite songs
  14. anorkist

    Today's Joke

    as always out of park