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  1. And there it is pure B.S !!! THE WELCHING HOMO!!
  2. Here is how it went, you got butthurt over sand being thrown into your vag,you left the site for a month because your pussy hurt lmmfao , and now you crawl back and mouth !!! GROW UP YOU FUCKING WELCHING HOMO !!!!
  3. His business where he works , get a life you weirdo !!
  4. Do you ever get sick and tired of talking shit ?
  5. No zits, yeah a small penner its only 9 inches long and 3 inches around , I am willing to bet my nuts arent old and saggy like your's
  6. I am 16 , why the fuck can't I be that lucky !!
  7. So sad many in Ontario wearing hockey jerseys today ! God bless
  8. There is a God lol
  9. The One


    It's hilarious
  10. The One

    WTF @SSFB?

    Lmfao awesome !!