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  1. Its ok, dont worry. If you shoot your eye out you'll still be able to get a permit.
  2. Who in the fuck watches and laps up this type of video? Seriously. Fucking. Stupid
  3. There is no doubt at all that It's way over your head. This has nothing to do with who is pres
  4. Are you really this dumb? Regardless of the reason of his travel, The SS is bound by law to protect him. This also, after the presidency. Get use to it FFS.
  5. Blizzman

    Moto and other stoniers

    Well Duh... That's from smokin too much Soy!
  6. Too many cocks slamming the back of your throat has damaged your brain... Either that or you really are a senile old coot
  7. Blizzman

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    You don't say...
  8. Blizzman

    Stan Lee

    Geeks and freaks.
  9. Blizzman

    I'm OUT!

    🎡🎡 The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round... 🎢🎢
  10. Blizzman

    Thank You
  11. Blizzman

    Snow Tires for Daughters Lexus

    why don't you buy a few sets of recommended winters? That way you can swap them out every few weeks like you do with sleds? Seriously though, I run blizzaks and have since 99. Nothing compares IMO.