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  1. Blizzman

    Spark Plugs

    I misused the term, sorry. What I meant to say is the terminal are removable on the one at CTC. Also the ones at CTC arent individually wrapped. The are under par, blster packed and put on the market. They are ok for most applications, but they foul fast in sleds for some reason
  2. Blizzman

    Spark Plugs

    A stock vs b stock The CTC are b stock plugs. Meaning they don't pass the high rating required by ngk but are still functional. Also, they aren't solid core. Not worth it for sleds. Lawn equipment and such yes.
  3. Blizzman

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Lowes (RONA) isn't pulling stores only in Ontario, they are pulling out 31 stores across Canada. So what does Ford have to do with anything related to that? Amazon is building a massive warehouse in Ottawa. Not an HQ, but still Ontario...
  4. Blizzman

    Needs to be more intrepid with his proofreading....

    Can't stand that self proclaimed intrepid snowmobiler guy.