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  1. Needs to be more intrepid with his proofreading....

    Can't stand that self proclaimed intrepid snowmobiler guy.
  2. You're all a bunch of faggots.
  3. Canadians is this legit?

    Some things on FS will never change.
  4. Doggie picture thread

    Logan and his first beach experience.
  5. Random Photo Thread

    I had an 87, and a mullet..
  6. Official- I Hate My Neighbours Thread

    What would a heroin addict care about the interwebs for? Your home must be worth a pretty penny....
  7. If you use that, Momo will be after you for royalties...
  8. Music

    A little balad ...
  9. Arctic Cat Snow Bike

    They didn't, People just dont understand that BRP and Bombardier are 2 SEPARATE Companies... No AFFILIATION to each other AT ALL.
  10. Meme thread

    What A HOTTIE!!
  11. Dog Food

    Fish or Chicken with carrots and green beans. I dont buy canned or kibble.
  12. Random Photo Thread

    What I have been up to the last 6 months... A couple pics of my B&B. Nothing big, 2 rooms with separate entrances and 2 more in the main house.