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  1. Viagra, hookers and blow?
  2. 05 F7 with only 20 miles!

    What?!? You mean to tell me he left out lady driven in his description?? The nerve!
  3. What are you drinking?

    Cold turkey. Almost 4 months now. The worst is morning coffee, after a meal and when drinking. You just have to be fed up with it is all. Unfortunately, the craving never goes away... Or so I am told.
  4. TSE always open. So I guess thats the first. Emails second, Although I dont know why as they come to my phone anyways. Then portal and Expedia central
  5. With the way circus politics are these days, anything is possible.
  6. What are you drinking?

    Unexpectedly, for some reason beyond me, I'm drinking red wine. I'm also dying for a smoke, but it won't get the best of me....
  7. Music

  8. I'm just playin.... jeesh
  9. You should teach her.... Oh wait.....
  10. I bet she could drive a vette like its nobody's business...
  11. I've seen some of your coments on CTV news links. I'm not surprised they're watching you.
  12. Needs to be more intrepid with his proofreading....

    Can't stand that self proclaimed intrepid snowmobiler guy.
  13. You're all a bunch of faggots.
  14. Canadians is this legit?

    Some things on FS will never change.
  15. Doggie picture thread

    Logan and his first beach experience.