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  1. Blizzman

    Spark Plugs

    I misused the term, sorry. What I meant to say is the terminal are removable on the one at CTC. Also the ones at CTC arent individually wrapped. The are under par, blster packed and put on the market. They are ok for most applications, but they foul fast in sleds for some reason
  2. I think its time to pin a thread titled ben's wall of shame and post all the pics and stories of his adventures.
  3. Blizzman

    Spark Plugs

    A stock vs b stock The CTC are b stock plugs. Meaning they don't pass the high rating required by ngk but are still functional. Also, they aren't solid core. Not worth it for sleds. Lawn equipment and such yes.
  4. Blizzman

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Johnny Larue, is that you?
  5. You call yourself sledders? Those are bar hopping miles. I'm embarrassed for you all except for GGNH.
  6. Havent you heard? Canada is chipping in on the costs...
  7. Blizzman

    Am I Bitter...Poll

    not enough poll options. I dont think you are bitter, I think you may come across that way because writing so others understand expression isnt easy. you probably are like me. Communicate better verbally. Edit= I didnt vote, but I am guessing it would be a no for me
  8. Blizzman

    The Bet

    The only thing you've been taking for years is trucker cock and balls in Sandys parking lot. Anyone who has to hide behind a balacalava and old wood piles in pics is a cowardly faggot.
  9. Blizzman

    The Bet

    Like I said earlier. This bet will never happen
  10. Blizzman

    The Bet

    Post them both in a poll and let the forum decide. Get this settled once and for all
  11. Blizzman

    The Bet

    I don't know whether its the fact that there's a bunch of threads on this topic, or that I am swamped at work, or that we are in the middle of a move to a new house, but I guess I missed it. This bet will never see the light of day, simply because yellow stained whitey doesn't have 20k to put into trust for this. Also, because he is a welching faggot.
  12. Blizzman

    The Bet

    Weren't you supposed to type up the wording and post it? Maybe you did and I missed it. Both of you should post the way you think it should be written and agree. Then this bet can be settled once and for all.
  13. Blizzman

    The Bet

    So, whats the latest? Has the wording of this bet been posted? If so, has an agreement been made on said wording?