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  1. How much can there be ? Canada is a tiny economy with very few people .
  2. Canada should seize all Chinese assets bought with laundered money in Vancouver.
  3. She is a cunt , but she will have a huge following .
  4. There is only one Moe !
  5. Big Bo


    "This showcased the blacks triggered their self preservation mechanism "
  6. When we clean up at camp before we leave we wash everything with Silverbullets dish water , after that we toss all the empty Keiths bottles in the back of the Suburban to head home . Coors = American Faggots !!!!!111111!!!!!!!
  7. Big Bo

    Assange the Hero

    We all remember the Astro Van moment .
  8. Big Bo

    Assange the Hero

    Don't be a police calling faggot , faggot .
  9. Big Bo

    Assange the Hero

    Yet Butter beat Bhen at arm wrestling .