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  1. Yea the “left” hated Mueller that’s why when GWB appointed him FBI director he got 98-0 Senate support for his confirmation
  2. Scooter on TBP

    Nobody has better wood piles than Scooter
  3. That post is such a fail it’s not even worth me finding a funny meme
  4. This thread smells like pizza
  5. Trump and everyone around him lies about everything on national TV
  6. Fox News

    I’d never have guessed you don’t read or listen to any main stream media sources... How do you stay so well informed? *snicker*
  7. Fox News

    Sure there’s a difference. A whole bunch of R’s are going to jail.
  8. Oh wow, did he pass classified intel to the Russians in the Oval Office?
  9. Took long enough.

    lol Look it up yourself
  10. History always repeats itself

    Trump is going down, that MC is 100% correct on. The exact timeline is up to Mueller
  11. Fox News

    Just read the other thread... ”debunked”