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  1. Well there’s far more evidence of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians, Saudis and Israelis than there ever was of Hillary’s basement pizza parlour child dungeon.
  2. How about all the crying over “unmasking” and here they are pushing for and successfully unmasking a longtime FBI and CIA informant.
  3. Yup Obama and the Deep State implanted spies into Trump’s campaign and laid in wait to spring their trap until they had him juuuuust where they wanted the White House. Wait what????
  4. If you don’t want the FBI to spy on you then maybe you shouldn’t conspire with America’s enemies for political gain? Just a thought
  5. Trump and his surrogates all said Page was a “low level campaign advisor that is no longer with the campaign” so who cares if Halper was talking to him in July of 2017? Poor Jack Almost as dumb and gullible as jt
  6. Yea gold medal for Jack Anyone who read her article could have figured it out since she identified herself as a former FBI agent right in the article.
  7. Well it’s just the Justice Dept, not “Obama’s” or “Trump’s” Justice dept. and there’s no evidence Obama’s ordered anything, so I’m not sure why anyone is outraged over the FBI doing its job?
  8. Jack Posobiec is a moron A couple days ago he accused a retired FBI agent of being an FBI agent
  9. Yea too bad President’s don’t get to make demands like that
  10. Well something’s got Sweet Potato Tweetler all riled up today
  11. If Obama had done all of that, which offence would have lead to his impeachment?
  12. The protest outside his house the other day was fucking hilarious
  13. No Conspiracy with the Russians, and now also Saudis and Israelis Obstruction of Justice Money Laundering AND FEC violations and probably a laundry list of other shit