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  1. I didn’t open the link. Is the story about Jim Jordan?
  2. ICEMAN!

    Random Photo Thread

    Corben Baby Ace C Model Open cockpit, summertime fun. Kinda like a motorcycle. IIRC you had a Beaver? You still flying?
  3. ICEMAN!

    Random Photo Thread

    Yea. Private Pilot, just fly for fun.
  4. ICEMAN!

    Momo finally gets laid.......

    Momo’s the one on the right
  5. ICEMAN!

    Random Photo Thread

    Some pics from the airport last night
  6. ICEMAN!

    Trump kidnapping babies?

    Republicans freaked over a phony Pizzagate story where Hillary had kids locked up in the basement of a pizza parlour but when Trump actually takes kids away from their families and locks them up in cages all we hear is “meh”
  7. But they didn’t and neither had any other President because none of them are as dumb and clueless and this dipshit
  8. ICEMAN!

    The Nail Company Speaks

    Support companies going out of business because of Trump’s stupid tariffs? Huh? Whatchu talkin bout Willis?
  9. Sure you didn’t. And you also never made any claims the earth is flat.
  10. ....and all these charges against Manafort are within his authority even though you hopped up and down claiming that this Judge’s comments were proof that they weren’t. ————-< you