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  1. You never made any flat earth posts? Come on
  2. Your flat earth posts are nothing but an attempt to troll everyone here. There is zero reason to post that shit because nobody is stupid enough to actually believe it.
  3. Well the only thing fake about what I posted is the bit about Donald Trump saying it.
  4. He did say he loves the poorly educated...or are you going to try and spin that one too?
  5. Lots of dog whistles in that pile of crap
  6. Looks like he bends over to grab the Saudi's pussy
  7. *looks at zombo*
  8. Fox News
  9. Hmmm Your "ideal conservative" is a Canadian. Maher is great. His shows are usually very good.
  11. You're a big steaming pile of bullshit
  12. So stupid Where's Trump's investigation into the supposed voter fraud issue that he promised? More BS from the worst President ever.