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  1. Eclipse

    Looks like a giant PacMan
  2. Trump Biracial girlfriend

    On another note, Melania's side piece is Caucasian
  3. secret service, broke

    You're worried about lies all of a sudden? One lie about a BJ vs literally every single word that comes out of Trump's mouth......and you're still hung up on Bill Clinton who hasn't been in office for 20 years. Good God you're a partisan hack moron Part of the problem is the kids travelling for business all over the world and dragging the SS along with them.
  4. secret service, broke

    Racer isn't smart enough to actually have his own ideas on politics. This is all a team sport to him and he's fully clothed in MAGA red.
  5. secret service, broke

    Considering this is far in excess of what it cost to protect Obama, then I'd say at least a mention of it by the R's is in order.
  6. Did they murder anyone?
  7. secret service, broke

    That's the point though. If Obama's SS expenses were over the top and unnacceptible, why the hypocritical silence and lack of condemnation overall from the R's?
  8. secret service, broke

    Why should they have to give up their protection from the American Taliban just because Trump doesn't know how to work within a budget? She was condemned immediately by the whole DNC. When will the RNC start condemning Trump for the stupid and inflammatory shit he tweets and says? See above Threatening nuclear war? Nah, the RNC is down with that!
  9. secret service, broke

    For condemning her....duh Has trump ever deleted a tweet?
  10. secret service, broke

    Lead by example
  11. Of course he doesn't Someone draw Wooltard a crayon picture explaining it