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  1. snopro31

    Sexy merc

    Couple Mexicans from Home Depot?
  2. those full filling these cowardly attacks are doing so in the name of religion. turn em to glass
  3. Anyone of any religion that harms others are scum.
  4. Who ever did the crime are scum. Their families are scum. Anyone who sympathizes for the criminals are scum.
  5. Jimmy for sure has mental health issues. Snot is just in denial about the report
  6. snopro31

    Enough guys....

    And the fact his mentally weak and unstable.
  7. snopro31

    Enough guys....

    I’d be more worried about jimmy then slinger
  8. They should man the dykes and hold the water back. If they get flushed they get flushed.
  9. Oh so it doesn't matter what individuals like yourselves do cause theres 7 billion others. ELIMINATING CLIMATE CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! What a hack
  10. I'm surprised we aren't hearing how Jimmy, Slinger and revkev are saving the earth with their personal changes. Its amazing that they wont disclose this information.
  11. Yet you have done nothing to curb climate change. Just like a liberal that tells everyone else to change. You don’t believe you have to. Your a fraud just like jimmy and slinger.
  12. You do know flooding occurred before the claims as well. But guess why it wasn’t major news......urban sprawl hadn’t gone to those areas yet. Owned