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  1. Roads closed here. Foot already snowing hard
  2. awful knawful

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    +27 and water still freezes? What a stupid fucking ass backwards hillbilly bumfuck system!!!
  3. awful knawful


    What's results of said 1200 vs your slow faggot 850?
  4. awful knawful


    You still look cunty!
  5. Stock. Snow straight in.
  6. My dealer put in a complaint to BRP. Mine was solid ice at first service. I notice hard steering but never looked into it.
  7. Group I rode w today, 1 was 18 doo 850, other was 19 850. 18 didnt get out of parking lot. Comp issue w key recognitiom (dumb). 19 we had to tow back as it just quit running. Was a good day for team Polaris.
  8. All gen 4 wide-bodies will have frozen steering. No prefilter. Mine is the same. $3 fix for me.
  9. Devilmanak on SW: Three more 850 Poos went down in my group today. Not going to elaborate for political reasons. Owners can post if they want.....
  10. awful knawful

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Makes snow life easier
  11. awful knawful

    Suck it Bitches.

    So next thing we'll see you there in a VW bus?
  12. awful knawful

    Aussie SS.

    Boxes come in all sizes.
  13. If set up and fixes done. They are quite reliable. But it takes $$$. Very few weren't belt blowers stock.
  14. awful knawful

    5.2 liter cross plane crank

    Only took a day.....
  15. If he was lying next to me, and my God like physique, his name would not be FROSTYNUTS!