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  1. Charlo NB. Looking out into Baies Des Chaleurs. Gaspe Coast Quebec on the other side with the windmills. Family camp Charlo NB.
  2. At least you're not a non snowmobiling faggot arguing on!
  3. Isn't there a way to make one? Thought I read that somewhere.
  4. awful knawful

    global warming

    -20c here. Cold as fuck last night.
  5. awful knawful

    Poor Tesla

    Regarded Vette team......
  6. awful knawful

    Poor Tesla

    Got my parents converted too. They buy a new Toyota and I order a new set of weathertechs soon as the deal is signed.
  7. awful knawful

    Poor Tesla

    No such thing
  8. awful knawful

    Poor Tesla

    All my vehicles get weathertechs. Awesome
  9. Anyone on this site has access to them you stupid frog!
  10. awful knawful

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Free weekend in Quebec.
  11. Stock market, clutching and flywheels? Ben is your man!
  12. awful knawful

    Poor Tesla

    Toyota now has little hooks to lock floor mats in place.