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  1. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    You are an internet pansy. Embrace it!
  2. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    So easy to make f7 faggot cry! Weak minded individual!! Sissy
  3. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    You sure like to think that eh? You're just a weak bi polar internet faggot! A retarded one at that!!
  4. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    That's the most intelligent thing you've said in a while!
  5. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    You are a weak faggot. Know fuck all about sleds! Bow down before me!!
  6. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    You just described Ben to a "tee'!!
  7. awful knawful

    Family Guy recreation LOL

    They were like rag dolls!
  8. awful knawful

    Big Ten Champs!

    University of New Brunswick, my school, just won 8th national hockey championship! They've been a powerhouse!
  9. awful knawful

    FSCE Shop Talk

    My bud had one. It was big! 151?? Was the touring sled from cat that year. His came with a nice colour matched fiberglass box on rear. Cheetah Touring?
  10. awful knawful

    Kid is a hero

    And you didn't show. Typical pussy move!
  11. awful knawful

    She is Definitely Related to Someone Here

    I bet you live farm animals!
  12. Back in the corner dipshit!
  13. Stupid people say Stoopid.... Good job dummy!!