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  1. You worked? Lol But you have no idea how fucking income tax works? Sound swift! Keep opening mouth and inserting foot. Makes it easy!!
  2. You live a sheltered life. All active, driving 5 hours for a meal! 6 months.....wrong Comp = 40 hours / week is wrong Did you ever work? Or just long enough to get a disability cheque?
  3. Every week? Did I say I work 90 hours every week? 87 hours pay 34.91% income tax.
  4. My company pay ytd. Rtw Jan 22.
  5. Just checked my electronic pay stub. Year to date income tax 28.63%. New Brunswick, Canada
  6. Hot or not she has serious mental issues. She will be eating big, fat, sloppy, black cunt in the big house!!
  7. awful knawful

    Side X Side Thoughts and Recommendations

    It's been awesome. We had a hard winter this year. Someone said 13 feet of snow? Very glad to have the tractor. Pretty good on fuel too, I'd say 4-5L/ hour on average. I burned about $150 of fuel for the winter. Some storms I was doing 7 driveways. Friends and family. They appreciated it! It's not very fast, maybe 20km/h. And only about 29 pto hp but it is quite impressive for what it is. Moves alot of snow, just have to go a bit slower. I run a MF 4609 for my bud. 90hp. That can blow snow! But day in day out I'd rather run the 1920. Much smaller and more agile doing resedential driveways. My dad and I own it 50/50. I keep it at my house, maintain it, buy the fuel and run it. He insures it and buys the plates. He's only 1km away and usually his yard is done before he wakes up!
  8. You're white. You should be happy then. Unless you've been having conjugal visits with Jerome.
  9. awful knawful

    Man chokes daughters bully

    I'm pro choice. Crocs that is!
  10. I suppose they are all innocent? Or Sentenced harsher than whites?
  11. Kinda proves my point. WTF is Bhen going on about then?
  12. Looks like the answers I was looking for.
  13. Need numbers. What' the US population whites vs blacks? How many incarcerated whites vs blacks? Something tells me more whites in US and more blacks in prison.
  14. awful knawful

    Side X Side Thoughts and Recommendations

    Yep. Brutal winter.
  15. awful knawful

    Side X Side Thoughts and Recommendations

    I've got a 60" on the outlander for small storms. I have a horseshoe driveway so I can just push it to the outside quick. I have a Honda 928 tracked blower, awesome. And I have a New Holland 1920. Cab, blower, bucket. Fuck plowing. Tractor/ blower is the way to go. I plowed for years and still do help my bud out when I can. Tractor/ blower is faster and more efficient, plus no fucking huge banks.