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  1. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Thanks,just wondered why the double standard.Best one was the cows that got out after a crash.Closed the hwy for a day and we didn't find all the cows for 2 weeks.Guess they didn't have 4 pt restraints.
  2. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    The police officer actually ask him to do something illegal .TSSA reg XXXX.says no fuel in interior of vehicles,that includes mini vans,SUVs. It is also illegal to fuel sleds in enclosed trailers.Those doors are for passing beer to your buddys riding in the back.
  3. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    To be clear does this apply to enclosed trailers? I'm thinking of transport trucks,pallets are not typically tied down.Not that you want an ATV bouncing around in a clamshell.
  4. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    OC is really Ontario focused,no bullshit. You might even get trail conditions before you go out. that's how good it is.Not one single post on Trump or your employer all snowmachineing stuff.If time is a concern I would give up on FS and make some new friends on OC.
  5. PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    I say away from CE part of the forum. Ben can get a little--well nee deep into a 30 of Coors--you know the answer. Have you considered asking the Admins of ONTARIO CONDITIONS. COM for a thread similar to this one. No bashing,mostly good information.I personally would like to see you over there. Say hi to Rubert,he must be your best bud with all the time you had off.
  6. 2 more boards in the big chute

    Claim some restitution or move up hill? The Ottawa River floods were a little weird.Who controls that system? There is no major control system or resistor to contain water so it has to go some where.What does Quebec send in to the river? I can imagine it's an Iraq Israel situation in reverse or California for that matter. Interesting topic considering this is FS and usually spend my time elsewhere. Thanks Ydawg.
  7. 2 more boards in the big chute

    No kbec wins again
  8. 2 more boards in the big chute

    Many developments have been approved in areas that stuff should have never been built.I'm guess most urban planners and regulatory agents would have to google hurricane Hazel.
  9. 2 more boards in the big chute

    The Great Lakes have a unique water control problem.Dam in the Soo,Dam at Cornwall that's it other than some smaller diversions.So you let all the water out of Lake Ontario what happens down stream? God forbid we would want to flood Montreal. Water management is like the weather,mostly done on computer models and historical data. The water levels on Georgian Bay ( Huron- Michigan)are certainly on rise. Expect near record levels this summer. The poor people well have raise there boathouses and crip docks,so sad. The good news for Ydawg is that they are building a new LCBO in Minden,well above the flood plain. Apparently it is bad for the local business when it is closed.
  10. 2 more boards in the big chute

    I thought you were talking Horseshoe. One dam doesn't work without the other.
  11. Snowmobile Fatality Near Tweed

    5:40 in the am??
  12. Hydro One crash near Tweed

  13. Johnny Bower dead 93

    Met Johnny a few times out the back of the Gardens when they had open practices. One tough guy for sure. RIP
  14. Hydro One crash near Tweed

    MNR lost 4 workers in helicopter accident in 2003 Similar aircraft as well..My partner who worked for them at time lost friends She had more helo time other than the pilots..Never did she say training or equipment was an issue. So saying Thats not going to happen is wishful thinking. Shit happens.Best is we can learn from it.
  15. Boat transfer

    So do you guys have a policy about washing the boats from frown Zebra mussells affected areas to inland lakes that are free from them? I have politely ask some of your brothers about this and got various responses.None of them really satisfactory.I asked the MNRF or what ever the call themselves without results You know what mnr stands for---... Just wondering if you have an opinion on the spread invasive species.And what your dept could help .