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  1. gtserider

    Polaris 850

    Just blew out the rear on 2018 renegade---whats the oil in the driveway,not truck,tractor,plow truck.oops. Warranty and all but they are just going to put another screen door closer in.I'm not good with 1K.
  2. gtserider

    Dirty carbs

    Stopped using Stab-ll a few years ago I understand Seafoam is not a mechanic in a bottle but if you by it by the gross,it sure saves me alot of time--if administered properly and regularly My gas is ethanol free. But hey people saved $1.50 on a tank of gas.Mercury 4 stroke carbs are the worst.$1000.00 time your done.if they have the parts.
  3. gtserider

    Dirty carbs

    NO,Ethanol/alcohol doesn't turn brass black .Maybe some chemical compound in the bizarre fuel they sell these days.
  4. gtserider

    Dirty carbs

    I have had literally hundreds of outboard and smowmachine carbs apart.Never seen black.Something eched? that.Weird.
  5. gtserider

    Garage Heater for Home

    This is a major private line.I can see a a problem maybe they don't. Thanks for the info.
  6. gtserider

    Garage Heater for Home

    Speaking of power lines,I have a new high transmission line across the lake--6 wires.Can't see them in a cloudy situation.They are high enough to impair Seaplane operation and water bomber activity.Whats the reg on that?
  7. gtserider

    North Bay Groomer down

    If you enter a bridge approach at 10 kph,you shouldn't be driving a groomer.
  8. gtserider

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    And your Mexican truck and Japanese snowmobile is helping in which way?
  9. gtserider

    The little weesell is finialy gone

    I have asked Tony several times -- in person-why we can't Groomer Quebec .He had every ecus e in the book.He was in charge of the fed program that gave millions to Kbec.Sianara you weirdo .Since he is Puzzs neighbor it all makes sense now.
  10. gtserider

    Key River and The North

    As of today it still hasn't crossed hwy 69. But is still growing.12,000 hectares-- about 100 sq miles.
  11. gtserider

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Told them I was in a rush to take dog food to Rubert and all my fish comes from Nofrills.Yes I will. Tonight--not here.
  12. gtserider

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    MTO.MNRF-OPP closed down hwy 69 today.I had a question for Sean but I am so traumatized from the interrogation that i forgot what to ask him. I think it was about old trailer plates that might not be in the system anymore.
  13. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Where you around Kingston---Ice storm what a mess hope you are safe. Iv'e got 4500litres of fuel.think I'm ok.Just got to remember to put gas in the genny so I can pump it.Doh.
  14. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    They where our closest neighbors ,good people sad to see them go.,
  15. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Just east,The interchange will be where the old Larrys Tavern usetobe.The old hwy will be used for a service rd. So you well have to pull off the hwy to go to the Store. Did you know that Moose Lake Trading post is no longer. Windfarm people bought it as they needed the land for a transmission corridor.