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  1. gtserider

    Key River and The North

    As of today it still hasn't crossed hwy 69. But is still growing.12,000 hectares-- about 100 sq miles.
  2. gtserider

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Told them I was in a rush to take dog food to Rubert and all my fish comes from Nofrills.Yes I will. Tonight--not here.
  3. gtserider

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    MTO.MNRF-OPP closed down hwy 69 today.I had a question for Sean but I am so traumatized from the interrogation that i forgot what to ask him. I think it was about old trailer plates that might not be in the system anymore.
  4. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Where you around Kingston---Ice storm what a mess hope you are safe. Iv'e got 4500litres of fuel.think I'm ok.Just got to remember to put gas in the genny so I can pump it.Doh.
  5. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    They where our closest neighbors ,good people sad to see them go.,
  6. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    Just east,The interchange will be where the old Larrys Tavern usetobe.The old hwy will be used for a service rd. So you well have to pull off the hwy to go to the Store. Did you know that Moose Lake Trading post is no longer. Windfarm people bought it as they needed the land for a transmission corridor.
  7. gtserider

    Rain/freezing rain starting here now.

    No precip in Pt au Baril,just very windy.
  8. gtserider

    Winter 2018

    Missed the Puzz by a day,That's the SKEAD rec centre.The pic of the wolf mountain fire pit had a lot more fire starter on Sunday . sr when I was there.Glad you had a good ride.
  9. gtserider

    BRP heat gauge

    I will,just fun engaging him.
  10. gtserider

    Insurance aggravation

    You didn't lie if they didn't ask. " I know nothing" cue video of Hogans Heros "His renewal will come in different if they run it through the system.Tommy is probably a good driver but the system is based on the fact he is young and has a record.I was the same way at is age. Not much that you can do about it except be patient He lives in a low tolerance area so do I.Our LCBO store manager lives in Parry Sound,he has got 3 speeding tickets in a year. I didn't think the Ford piece of shit Focus RS could do that without blowing a head gasket. LOl
  11. gtserider

    Insurance aggravation

    We where all there at some point!!! Ticket free since Nov/88.Waiting for my seniors discount. I live on Hwy 69/saw 6 odots between here and sudsbury yesterday. Cruise control is your best friend Between the fatalities and the over 50 stuff . I have learned to respect the HWY..Not so much the drivers and the trucks who have questionable log book hrs and skills from countries that don't have snow.
  12. gtserider

    BRP heat gauge

    I think the Puzz had a contact for a guy that reprogrammed the standard gauge.Fuck if I'm giving them 170+tax when the display already shows it on start up.Haven't found his Kijji add. Thanks
  13. gtserider

    ANTOP Antenna

    There is web site that lets you check signal availability.I,m between Sudbury and Parry Sound.My signal availability is 0
  14. gtserider

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Thanks,just wondered why the double standard.Best one was the cows that got out after a crash.Closed the hwy for a day and we didn't find all the cows for 2 weeks.Guess they didn't have 4 pt restraints.
  15. gtserider

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    The police officer actually ask him to do something illegal .TSSA reg XXXX.says no fuel in interior of vehicles,that includes mini vans,SUVs. It is also illegal to fuel sleds in enclosed trailers.Those doors are for passing beer to your buddys riding in the back.