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  1. This was near my house couple years ago
  2. dirtybeacher

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Meanwhile in B.C. @odot1 is this coming down the pipe in Ontario? I have no idea how I would drive half an hour to work everyday without drinking my coffee.
  3. dirtybeacher

    Neil Peart died

    A buddy of mine sat in on Neil’s kit. I remember him saying it was plated in gold. Btw the hip is at best, a bar band. I’ve worked a few hip shows, and one year I worked back to back shows, they played the exact same set, and downies poetry crap was exactly the same word for word both nights. Tragically disappointed. Although, I did spend an afternoon on a patio with gord Sinclair, that guy is down to earth and overall a solid dude.
  4. Don’t know, stole it from another page. I wonder if the guy posed before the shocks exploded, or after.
  5. dirtybeacher

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    If it opens here, I suspect it will be a bit rough, and although we are generally pretty dry, that torrential rain from the weekend will cause some problems. The forecast is setting up for some system snow, lake effect and cold. I bet a week from now it’ll be a whole new ball game. Can’t remember a worse year for snow here in at least a decade. Today pic
  6. dirtybeacher

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    This past weekends storm has put down a rock hard layer of dense snow here in Wasaga. If we get the snow forecasted this week, I could see it going yellow for the weekend. Groomer has been out as well. I checked out the beach run yesterday and it’s almost unridiable, most of the locals are using the backroads and parks roads to get around.
  7. dirtybeacher

    Meme thread

    For Ontario fsers
  8. dirtybeacher

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

  9. The Town multi use trails are at risk, especially now, with the drama in midland going on.
  10. Fuck trail passes, all ya need is a high viz and a sharpie