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  1. That one does make me chuckle....
  2. MC was just fishing. As usual he hooked himself.
  3. I wonder how this poor kid feels
  4. Most people will agree with that.....
  5. Even family members has it's moments. I let my brother borrow one my sleds. He's going to a buddies camp with his family. No big deal ice fishing, take the young kids for a ride etc. etc. He and his buddy decide to go for a cowboy ride after a few adult beverages. (No Kids with them). My brother blows a corner lands in a rut. He calls that night and leaves me voice mail. Proclaims I'm his favorite brother. When he says that I know something happened to the sled. (Funny how you know your family) LOL The sled wasn't in to bad of shape the right ski was only 4 inches back further than the left one. The sled was insured and little brother paid my deductible. He hasn't asked to borrow a sled since.
  6. Like Russian collusion­čść
  7. This is my third summer with a pontoon boat.we bought bigger one this year and like it a lot.
  8. I read earlier today. Impressive
  9. Nice long winded bunch of nothing to white night coach. Warren buffet and trump comparison........FYI this is a Rightie. that likes buffett. Coach running his trap about things he's clueless about is an everyday thing.
  10. As a reminder Madame President Hillary Rodham Clinton is a fairy tale.
  11. Oh really.... Or are you talking out your ass again?
  12. Yo coach.....Are you wannabe a whigga?.......FYI I would be fine with single payer if they get it right. Does government ever get anything?
  13. WOW that's something then......it must be HUGE!!!! Tell me coach what experiences do you bring the discussion. It should be about white water. The results of whacking off in the shower while thinking about of Hillary doesn't count.....that's just gross.
  14. Do you really have anything of value to add to the thread?