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  1. T1R9sledder

    Nick Foles Signs W/ The Jags

    Not a bad payday for him.....
  2. 3000+ after this weekend
  3. T1R9sledder

    The ingredients are all in place

    And I thought were referring to the left over boiled dinner I had for lunch.
  4. T1R9sledder

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    And did you ever mention that one those achievers is married to one of the greatest sled riders in T1R9?
  5. T1R9sledder

    dem Focus Group Rejects biden

    I don't think so MC. Biden's best shot was 2016.
  6. Not very hard at all......last I new I was on par with Forrest, Forrest Gump.....so again are you a poser like your buddy Coach Toolkit?
  7. What's BS your mileage, to much sugar or you're like Toolkit?
  8. No but you're all over the place like a 3rd grader who has had to much sugar........and 2350??? that's not very much....I'll be over 3000 this weekend. You're a poser just like Coach Toolkit.
  9. T1R9sledder

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I bought one to be safe.
  10. So what is the actual miles you have rode this season?
  11. T1R9sledder

    Yamaha 2020.

    True buts that's what happens with Yamacat
  12. T1R9sledder

    Yamaha 2020.

    Could be it gives pause since it happen to 2 Vipers.... I'll stick with my Renegade
  13. T1R9sledder

    Yamaha 2020.

    The whole steering post broke off of her sled for fatigue I'm guessing. Her husband decided to tear his Yammy apart after this happened to her sled . This what he found
  14. T1R9sledder

    Yamaha 2020.

    I'll tell her that.....