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  1. Let's hope so I really don't they would.
  2. Makes one wonder if BRP would market the LYNX brand here if the Yammi and Cat disappear.
  3. I agree.....a lot $$$$ for a very limited market.
  4. If that's the case my friends I ride with won't be happy. They all have Yamahas.
  5. Probably......I love Marie!!!!! We were there last year twice last year. First time time they were slammed. Marie goes to one table tells and group of guys that have been there for a while " get up these folks need a place to sit and eat." The second time it was dead and she sat and talked with us while we ate lunch.
  6. I've been there a few times over the years. It's become a popular spot to ride to. Last stop to top off fuel if you're going to the trains. Hopefully they have insurance and rebuild. If they decide not to. I wouldn't be surprised that they reopen Abol in the wintertime.
  7. Sidewinder

    I've got a friend with a Sidewinder turbo. He was getting about the same mileage as I was with my 1200. 15-18 mpg
  8. Trump and Kim Jong to meet by May

    I'm afraid he's serious.
  9. Trump and Kim Jong to meet by May

    It's fun watching libs melt down.
  10. 20 Signs of Impending Tyranny

    Another day, another hour, another minute, another MC Trump thread................my day is now complete.
  11. Falcon Heavy