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  1. T1R9sledder

    When and how will the shut down end?

    Damn you're good!!!!
  2. T1R9sledder

    Great Value brand baked beans.

    Bean-hole beans WTF!!!!!!!
  3. So have you moved on to saying he's toast because he will not win reelection? Or are you still holding out hope for impeachment or resigns?
  4. T1R9sledder


    You sure about that? Looks to me you're consumed by your hatred for Trump and anyone that still supports him in shape or form. So when Is Trump going to be found guilty of collusion again? You have selective memory lose again. I've stated my opinion of Trump and the high crimes he's yet to be charged with.
  5. T1R9sledder


    Well Slinger we're supposed to get lots of snow in the next few days. Perhaps you should get for a ride on the sleds or XC skiing , fat tire bikes, snowshoe just to clear your head. There's an awful lot crap spinning around in that cranium of yours.
  6. T1R9sledder

    but i thought trump said....

    Obama did call them that. It was one of his better gaffs.
  7. Thank you Paul Lepage........................
  8. T1R9sledder

    Here You Go Packer Fans...New HC

    It was good to the Tide get rolled.
  9. How do you like that beast?
  10. Granny Warren has zero chance to be the Dem nominee.
  11. T1R9sledder

    Suck it, cunts.

    Sounds like Spaulding in Caddy shack.
  12. T1R9sledder

    Clint’s new and maybe last movie.

    Sure is....something to eat, a couple of drinks, comfy recliner, marginal movie= sleepy time
  13. T1R9sledder

    Clint’s new and maybe last movie.

    The best way to see a movie....usually one of us fells asleep during the movie.