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  1. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    President Pence say it.......Say it PRESIDENT PENCE!!!!!
  2. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Practice saying President Michael Richard Pence then......
  3. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Damn and I was thinking about running for the Spencer Cove Camp Owners Association chair.
  4. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Some Stoli, and a Sweat shirt that came from Russia in the mid 1990's when Yeltsin was president.
  5. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Hell I've got Russian connections.
  6. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Then sat hello to President Ryan, I believe.
  7. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Did that give you an erection?
  8. TRUMP RESIGNS!!!!!!

    Say hello to President Pence!!!!!!
  9. I'm guessing that was more spontaneous than planned. I agree at some point we will see a larger scale attack happen. Plenty of soft targets to choose from
  10. We saw a version of that over the weekend.
  11. ISIS related would be my guess.
  12. Hello to President Pence and the GOP congress that will finally get things done. It's a winner.!!!!
  13. Read next week's headline today....

    I like a flat bread pizza.
  14. Trump is a master at playing the media

    Slinger you need better dental hygiene. Nice hat you're have on.
  15. Drill Baby Drill

    Poor Coach is still trying to comprehend this statement from Tom. One has to wonder if Coach knows where or what the term Catch 22 means.