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  1. T1R9sledder

    Great start!

    You deserved it.....
  2. T1R9sledder

    Great start!

    Go buy a kayak......
  3. T1R9sledder

    how long...

    Tell us something new that we don't know about already....
  4. T1R9sledder

    Dems take house back and.....

    I wish I got $5 bucks every time you say that. I would have enough gas money set aside for 2 sled seasons.
  5. T1R9sledder

    how long...

    Pretty good size gyms
  6. I wouldn't be surprised...a couple bottles of chardonney and RedBull she's good to go!
  7. Trump will win by a landslide if the Dems trot Hillary out again.
  8. T1R9sledder

    Just never know.

    Could be.... very true....a high classmate of mine was working part-time for a painter years ago. One miss step off the staging and a broken back. In a chair until he died of cancer a few months ago.
  9. T1R9sledder

    Just never know.

    It sucks....Not to be asshole about it....But why wasn't he wearing a safety harness?
  10. T1R9sledder

    Dems take house back and.....

    I'm still wondering when Coach Toolkit Slope is going to reappear.
  11. "not" was removed ....That's fine to disagree ...as I've said before let the collusion investigation conclude. Mueller will probably have to appoint a successor by 2024.
  12. I don't think Whitaker will fire Mueller nor block any part of the investigation.
  13. As they should freak out......missing ballots show up?? Yup it sounds legit.