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    Meme thread

    Except what they tell me about socialism and leftist elected leaders of other countries...
  2. Because pretty much no one is making anything out of it yet. CBD is just the beginning. We'll have hemp based building products, plastics, home heating fuel, maybe transportation fuel and all sorts of things that you haven't even thought about. It's a long term threat to the timber and fossil fuel industry for sure, but people will likely never stop using wood and fossil fuels entirely anytime soon.
  3. So, what's the benefit to her to 'lie' about the year it was formed?
  4. excuse me if I don't just take your word for it, will you please quote her directly?
  5. Which comments are you referring to?
  6. CIA lead coups of elected governments? Leftist.
  7. Right-wing fundamentalist Muslims are also leftist.
  8. George w bush is a well known leftist...
  9. All the murders committed by right wing extremists last year were incited by leftists...
  10. They elected Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. They bought in completely to anticommunist/pro capitalist propaganda. They engaged in the wholesale slaughter of millions of innocent people. They engineered coups of elected governments the world over, destabilizing numerous regions and then used that instability as a pretext for military actions. They spent the country into oblivion and saddled the following generations with not only the financial consequences of their paranoid wars of conquest, but also the social consequences that go along with them. My parents are boomers, and I love them dearly, but their generation completely fucked the rest of us. They'd do well to sit down and shut the fuck up. Stop voting. Reject neoliberalism. Give the next generation a chance to fix your fuck ups.