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  1. Turf

    I Want To Know More.....

    Please post photo of said shirt. I'm assuming shitrider is the person wearing the shirt.
  2. Turf

    Massachusetts senate president resigns

    Democrat ?
  3. http://www.inforum.com/business/agriculture/4440834-transactions-happening-despite-report-soybeans-nd-trade-director-says
  4. Turf

    Building a Moto-X Track?

    One thing you will have to keep in mind is that if you disturb more than 1 acre of land you will need to get a storm water permit. Not a huge hurdle to deal with just a bit of paper work. Another thing to consider is you could dig a pond/wetland and get your dirt from there. If you need to encroach on the wetland area that already exists on the land you could always mitigate that by building a wetland/pond. when you get more serious pm me and i can give you my phone number to discuss in more detail.
  5. The president can stop any spending laid out in the omnibus bill. He played the fools in congress.
  6. It is not a budget bill. It is a Omnibus bill. quite different.
  7. Turf


    That was the Soo I500. I'm speaking of the USXC I500
  8. Turf


    Aarron Christianson wins on a Polaris.
  9. Turf

    Hamster flushing.

    Last week at our local airport the y refused to let someone on the airplane with there support peacock, who the fuck has a support peacock. this shit is getting more fucked up everyday.
  10. Interesting read. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/941414700960636928.html
  11. Turf

    JAPAN ATTACKS!!!!!!!!!!

    Read the whole article.
  12. Turf

    Shooting at Texas Church

    He doesn't have any ears