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  1. I agree. It’s easy owning an etec. Starts easy, low consumption, runs great all the time. Might not be the “fastest sled” but idgaf.
  2. Edmo

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    X2. She never was a fan of the cold weather. Perfectly content curling up with a book while I’m out tearing it up with the boys.
  3. Same. I had to tell him the kids chanting was wrong 4 times before it sunk in. He even called me a coward. I guess it didn’t fit the position I was assigned.
  4. His obsession with you is really weird. Did you post some sexy pics or something I might have missed?
  5. Not sure what he claims. It was widely reported he was a Vietnam combat vet which is untrue. He served after the war was over.
  6. I think it’s wrong, and inappropriate, so I’m with you there. I know the Indians don’t like it. Not sure it rises to the level of racism though. I don’t think that’s the intention.
  7. I don’t see the difference. It’s inappropriate in both cases. You know where the kids got the chant from right? It’s what they do at the games.
  8. Seems like a good guy, lives in my old neighborhood. I’d hang with him anytime.
  9. Tough guy behind a screen. I’m sure he talks to people like this all day.
  10. I said the chants were inappropriate, the black men’s words as well, and the Indian getting in the kids face with the drum. I blame all of them. Why do I need to pick a side moron? I feel they’re all to blame. There you you making up stuff again...cowards!!!!
  11. Post the link where I said the kids were innocent...I’ll wait. I don’t think I’ve commented either way.
  12. Someone piss in your cereal again today? The prediction was funny, dont you think? 12 years!!!!!!
  13. I said I was not. Maybe if I was an Indian I would be.
  14. I absolutely think it’s inappropriate. I’m not offended though. Just seems odd to me.
  15. And curiously he has no issue with a whole stadium full of folks mocking Indians.
  16. You understand these chants and the tomahawk chop at the games is offensive to the Indians right? Why doesn’t this bother you as well?
  17. 12 years eh? Well that helps with the retirement planning. Looks like hookers and blow it is!!!
  18. Have you heard the chants at Florida state games or chiefs games? Does that bother you as well?
  19. Edmo

    Trump is making concessions.

    You just have to hit them hard with water the first year or so. Once they root in you’re good.
  20. Edmo

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I have the one that’s one size smaller than that. The medium one that came with the sled was useless for me.
  21. Edmo

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    Sure got SR’s undies all bundled up.
  22. Read somewhere yesterday China had their worse year economically in 28 years. I’m thinking they’re ready to deal.
  23. Edmo

    Mexican pipeline explosion

    Who do the fuck do these kids think they are trying to support their president? What are they teaching at that school. Oh the horror!