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    religion of peace at it again

    I grew up in an Islamic country. It’s called Dearborn, Michigan. I got along with the Chaldeans (Arab Christians). The Muslims, not so much. Not a boogie man...reality. One of my neighbors beat his daughter to death because he found out she took off the hijab and put on make up. I have many more stories, but that one bothers me to this day. oh I forgot to mention he did this on the front lawn while the neighbors cheered him on.
  2. Edmo

    Deferred Prosecution

    Yep. When big bob calls they drop whatever they’re doing and put the whole legal team on the next flight to Florida.
  3. Edmo

    Deferred Prosecution

    Kraft did not take the deal. He wants to go to court. His lawyers are trying to get the evidence thrown out.
  4. Edmo

    Open Borders!

    No way you could convince me this guy is gay. Just no way.
  5. That would make a great campaign slogan. Simple and concise. ”orange man bad...vote D”
  6. They don’t care. If there’s a D in front they’re all in.
  7. The lawyer worked for fusion gps and the Russian gov’t. Why is it so easy for you to accept one and not the other. Hmmmm...,
  8. Edmo

    Its the economy stupid.

    So your just going to go with the lib talking points and not actually read what’s in it? Ok then.
  9. Edmo

    Its the economy stupid.

    Have you even read his budget? The cuts to SS are directly related to fraud and waste and cleaning that up. No one is getting cut unless they are cheating the system. I can think of a couple people I know that are on disability and should not be. It’s just too damn easy to game the system.
  10. I bet dinnertime in their home yesterday was very entertaining. That guy sure is butthurt about not getting the admin job he so desired.
  11. Read my post again dufus. Trump is on that list.
  12. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. The spending is the problem. Doesn’t matter who the president is. Bush, Obama, Trump. Same shit, different day....
  13. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/trump-tax-cuts-federal-revenues-deficits/ Critics of the Trump tax cuts said they would blow a hole in the deficit. Yet individual income taxes climbed 6% in the just-ended fiscal year 2018, as the economy grew faster and created more jobs than expected.
  14. So no comment on Illinois? Or gov’t spending problems? Raising taxes is not the answer.
  15. Edmo

    Its the economy stupid.

    I would bet on Trout quitting baseball, and telling the Angels to shove that 430 mil up their ass before I’d bet on Trump changing the way he is.
  16. Haven’t you heard? It’s all going down this week. The whole family marched out of the White House in cuffs and Hillary will ride in on a white horse. This is it!!!!!!211
  17. The fed tax receipts were the highest ever last year, even with the tax cuts. The out of control spending is the problem. They keep cranking up the taxes here in the beautiful state of Illinois. Why hasn’t that fixed our debt problem? Hmmm....
  18. Edmo

    Its the economy stupid.

    The guy has been this way forever. Funny how people think he will change to get more votes, or a higher approval rating. Newsflash...HE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE! All the pouting and complaining isn’t going to change that.
  19. Never understood how a guy that went through hell like he did in the war could turn out to be such a warmonger. Makes no sense to me.
  20. Her ignorance is just breathtaking. I’ve never seen anything like this. The new star of the party!!!!!1
  21. Edmo

    Busy Week......

    Let it all out boys. It’s just not good to harbor all this anger and pain inside.
  22. Edmo

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    How do you like that storm track? I like the looks of it, and would definitely consider it on my next sled.
  23. It’s pretty obvious the way you freak at every market fluctuation. Talk about a big boat but won’t buy one. I have friends and family members just like you. I have a cuz that can’t figure out why he can’t sell his ‘82 Yamaha sleds for 5k a piece. And he has a garage sale every weekend in the summer. Guy probably makes over 200k a year.
  24. You just can’t look away. Everyone likes to watch a train wreck.
  25. I saw Rick Mahorn at a college game a couple years ago. He looks so skinny in that video. He’s got to be 400 plus now. Yuge.