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  1. The last time I was there some guy was trying to tell everyone his etec 600 was beating all his buds F7’s and I got flamed for calling him an idiot.
  2. It’s like a mask that you can’t take off. Haloween 365 days a year. What a fun gal!
  3. Do you have a chiropractor? I have a good one if you need a referral. Not sure what your issue is but mine always fixes me up when that happens.
  4. When you’re 15 and all horned up a 6 is definately within the accepted range.
  5. Edmo

    No shame

    I’ve been saving this pic for you snowrider. Sent the boy up to Madison in the fall for his liberal indoctrination but it didn’t take. I guess that only works on folks without an actual functioning brain.
  6. Edmo

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I enjoyed it as well. I like that they played some of their older stuff. The first 3 albums were my favorites. They were so unique and creative and brought some different elements to rock and roll. Rip Freddy. 👍
  7. He went back to her house a second time. That says a lot. Doesn’t seem like something a “victim” would do. Also he is having issues at school with people teasing him about this. Times have really changed, we were all super jealous of a kid in HS who supposedly banged the hot chef cooking teacher Mrs Sell. I wanted some of that bad.
  8. Does anyone actually believe our country would be in a better place if Hillary was in charge?
  9. Edmo

    Here comes the temper tantrums.

    The daily beast. Is this the “real news” slinger is always talking about?
  10. I don’t believe you ever got an answer to that question the other day. I’m shocked!
  11. I don’t get why people worship politicians. Makes no sense to me.
  12. Edmo

    Chief spreading bull

    She’s fucked. I don’t think you can apologize your way out of the corner she has backed herself into. This is one of the things I like about trump. He has no trouble calling people out for their obvious BS. She got owned bigly.
  13. I guess some have the ability to separate the man from his actions. I’ve seen tucker agree with the “D” folks he has on about trump being an idiot and needing to shut his trap at times. And I’ve said that as well. Some of his actions have been great IMO. Conservative justices, trade war, cutting taxes. Doesn’t mean you have to love the man...all this talk about swinging from his balls because you agree with something he did is rediculous. Also let’s not forget who he ran against. Voters were put in a real tough position with these two morons.