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  1. It will be fun though. Tools will be along to tell us he has no chance. MC will claim he’ll never see the inside of the White House, after January of ‘21 of course. good times!!!
  2. My plan would be simple. Buses available at the border. Load them up and back they go.
  3. I sure hope Texas is better at this than Cali. Maybe with all that wide open land it’s easier to pull this off.
  4. That 1 inch track was for speed. Beyond trail riding it’s worthless. I’d put at least 3 studs per bar, more of you want them on the outside. Or just get the ripsaw 2. So much better all around track.
  5. Another vote for the coopers. American made. 👍
  6. Edmo

    More caveats in the bill

    They always chuckle when you say the dems want to take away your guns. Looks like Nancy just showed her cards to everyone at the table.
  7. Edmo

    Smaller Tax refunds

    Probably don’t even know what that stupid w4 form they had fill out was for.
  8. Edmo

    Smaller Tax refunds

    We’re they complaining when they got more in their check each week?
  9. Edmo


  10. Why aren’t businessmen lining up to fund this venture? You could charge for the tickets and get your 77 billion back in no time!!!!!1
  11. Edmo


    My dad is from northern Italy and my mom from Sicily.
  12. 77 billion for 400 miles. Works out to 200 mil per mile. No wonder the project went south. Idiots.