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  1. Athabascans! That's what he called them.
  2. I knew it was going to be hard to fill Mulally's shoes at Ford. That guy did an impressive job in tough times. The auto industry is changing fast and they really need someone good with vision for the future.
  3. There's a couple good gas station coffee stops on the way up north for me. That's about the only time I drink coffee, when it's late and I need to stay awake.
  4. Those straps ar struggling here. Just let them be free!!
  5. Didn't you learn anything from the election? Your polls are bullshit. Sbyl
  6. Your political acumen has shown to be pretty weak. But you continue on in the same fashion. Do the math! Your opinion on here is worthless. You're the joke.
  7. Have you ever donated before to a political cause? I get these emails all the time. Just got one last week from Gov Rainer trying to drum up campaign money against his opponents in the race coming up here in Illinois. Once your name and email is on the list....
  8. Nostalgia and collectibility is the big selling point. Cars are so much better now power and handling does not even compare. Who would have thought back then we'd see a 650 hp caddy or a 700 plus hp mopar from the factory!
  9. I thought for sure rob was going to bury this place. Glad you were able to keep it going.
  10. So speaking of Trump being paid by Russia, how much does it take to bribe a billionaire?
  11. I helped my bud put a Vette small block and rock crusher 4 speed in his Chevy monza in high school. Fun car, fast as hell.
  12. 63 Vette split window Porsche 911 70 cutlass 442 w36 ferrari California hellcat challenger
  13. Even after the cards were laid out neatly in front of everyone they're still saying this is just politics.
  14. It was proven Hillary was careless with emails and confidential info. This Russia stuff hasn't been proven. Big difference.
  15. Soundgarden and audioslave were both bands that rocked. Never saw either live but liked their music. RIP