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  1. There’s a few around here. They just scurry off, don’t want anything to do with me or the dog.
  2. Edmo

    Impeach proceedings

    They were convinced he worked with Russia to sway the election. And all they have is a couple of Facebook ads. They bought into a false narrative and are even more pissed now - just look at the comments. Six more years of pouting and the “resistance”.
  3. Serious ownage right here. The dems have gone completely retarded.
  4. Facebook ads!!! How many people changed their mind based on these ads? Most ignore them or chuckle.
  5. Without 24/7 trump rubbish, their ratings are shit. They know this.
  6. Some accept losing more gracefully than others.
  7. What a joke. You just know they would cry about the next guy he picked anyway.
  8. Edmo

    Zero Ziltch Nada

    That should be the dem slogan for 2020. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It really fits. 👍
  9. This just shows your ignorance of our politics. None of that mattered. What mattered was after 8 years of Obama and dem rule most of this country wanted something different. And that wasn’t Hillary.
  10. Wings need some help. Nothing but mediocre the last few years. I sure hope this helps turn things around.👍
  11. Just wait until the next election. They’re going to completely implode when orange man bad gets re elected.
  12. You really should move on. Doubling down on the stupid is not a good look.
  13. 20 attorneys, 40 agents, two years, almost unlimited power. But Slinger knows better. Man this is rich.
  14. I probably rode on those same boats a few times as a kid going to the island.
  15. I have one in my driveway. The metal dimple things they put in on the crosswalks for the blind also say EJIW on them. Ever check out that Moran iron works in Onaway? They make some cool stuff there. They built a boat for mackinaw island and they’re building one for pictured rocks.