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  1. My bud has a connection and gets mostly 2's and 2 1/2's. That plenty if you're just doing the neighborhood show.
  2. We loan sleds back and forth in our group if someone's sled is down. Everybody knows the score - you break it you fix it!
  3. Well if we can blame Russia than Hillary and the Dems don't have to take responsibility for cramming a unelectable loser down our throat.
  4. At a time when some self reflection is in order he's still lashing out and pouting about Trump. I sincerely believe they will never "get it".
  5. Rauner is trying to come up with solutions and is getting stiffed by the dem machine. He's not the problem. It's a mess.
  6. Most of Illinois is rural and conservative, but where all the people live is Chicago and Dem. Michigan is similar. Get out of the D and it's mostly conservative.
  7. It's called living in a bubble. It's where most of the Dems reside. Evidence on here every day.
  8. You're right 👍
  9. Gen 1's are 10" wide, mountain ski Gen 2's are 6" wide and great for trail riding. Gen3's are the lastest and 8" wide. I've used the gen 2's and 3's both great skis. More trail I'd lean toward the 2's, on/off trail and powder riding the 3's the one you want.
  10. They don't say that on cnn. This is a major crisis don't you know. Chaos.
  11. Brides dad is the largest individual taxpayer in a certain city in Michigan. Basically owns the whole place. I can remember my aunt driving an old Pontiac beater when I was young. He made the money on his own through hard work and real estate. Worth north of 100 mil now.
  12. Dog gave him a good scare...don't think he'll be back.
  13. Lib undies in a bundle = all I need to know he's doing the right things.