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  1. Trumps just a real prick

    Better check the Vegas odds!
  2. That was quick. Is that truck even a year old?
  3. I never saw a pizza cut like that until I moved to Chicago.
  4. Yeah, her little book tour and pity party are a real gas. I think her approval rating is lower than trump. Imagine that...
  5. Loretta E. Lynch, who was attorney general at the time, declined a recent interview request. Obama also declined to discuss the law. His spokeswoman, Katie Hill, referred reporters to Botticelli’s statement. Right from the story squid for brains. Open you’re eyes, were getting fucked from both directions.
  6. Best day of riding last year. Bluebird morning out by myself doing the cottage loops on perfectly groomed laid out for me while my buds were nursing their hangover. Went back had lunch and racked up another 200 with the group that day.
  7. So... Yeah...

    Check out this link. Look like you can pull it off without changing the line. I have a 37” sleeve on my dress shirts so with these monkey arms leaning is not really an issue for me. http://www.dootalk.com/forums/topic/875250-brp-adjustable-riser-q/
  8. who here is going to admit...

    I bet most have no clue what the actual investments are in their funds. To be honest I just look at the pie chart for allocation of funds. I don’t usually get that deep to see what the companies are.
  9. So... Yeah...

    I left mine stock, just adjusted it up a bit. Now that you mention it I probable could use a higher riser. Grab that line and see how much slack you have. What’s stock? Like 3 or 4 inch?
  10. Cnn exposed by reason magazine

    And the Great Lakes. Trump is killing them, too.
  11. These ladies know exactly what they’re doing. I know one that ended up with one of the wings kids. She actually had a bet going with a friend group of who could get there first. I know of another that was trying as well. They knew which bars the guys hung out at and would show up ready to go. The pot of gold is there if you can pull it off.
  12. I wonder what he or any of these tolerant folks would do if someone close to them found the lord and started going to church. Oh the horror, the shame.