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  1. Remember this LOL

    Those videos never get old!
  2. Nicest looking sled on snow this year. That thing is sweet!
  3. Trump WH Turnover Rate

    Enough with the facts jack! There’s chaos in the White House!!!!!111111
  4. Owned

    No caps? I don’t like the sound of that. I think we need immigration, but not like that. There has to be some fair number.
  5. I can’t go to the boat show either. Boy you can speed a hundred g’s in a hurry there. I roll around to the Donzi’s and Cobalt boats and get weak in the knees.
  6. Twitter is his way of countering the non stop fake, negative and bias news. You’d think the haters would have figured that out by now. But go ahead with the ‘he looks guilty’ angle, hope it works out for you!
  7. Six figure pensions for everyone! But let’s blame the president for the deficit!
  8. We had the paddle in middle and high school. I got whacked a few times. I’ve never seen it at my kids school though. Different times.
  9. Some of you guys need a lesson from Rodney on big city real estate.
  10. Not everyone fits in your neat little box dummy. You can like some of the stuff he’s doing and not like other things. You could just try to dispute his graph, instead you attack him. Typical slinger...
  11. You guys and your labels The Dem mantra - disagree with me on any subject and you’re the enemy.
  12. In that location with no access to roads? That’s a big risk to insure. By the time the fire crews got there it was done.
  13. Any idea who will run in 2020? All those folks signing up is great, but you need a candidate that can get the votes.
  14. I just logged in and saw 10 new threads from spin. And now this. Irony
  15. Will Be Interesting.....

    Cleaning out the rats in the FBI one by one. The DOJ is next. This is what draining the swamp looks like. Who knew slope was such an establishment shill?