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  1. Dieselgeek

    Passport renewal.

    I've had an enhanced MN license for over 3 years. Gets me to Canada, Caribbean,Mexico.
  2. Dieselgeek

    5.2 liter cross plane crank

    It's on my places to go in the future. I love watching Scottsdale year after year. Internet makes it great to watch anytime now.
  3. Dieselgeek

    5.2 liter cross plane crank

    First 2020 Supra sold for 2.1 million at Barrett Jackson tonight...
  4. Shelby cars are always fun to see at auction.
  5. Fantastic news. Curious to see how this one unfolded.
  6. Scot Peterson, the sheriff’s deputy vilified for failing to confront the Parkland school shooter, has begun receiving a state pension of $8,702.35 a month. The 55-year-old Peterson, a Broward deputy for 32 years, was paid $101,879.03 last year — $75,673.72 in base salary plus overtime and other compensation, according to sheriff’s office record. Nice gig! $104,428.20 annual pension! Great job deputy.
  7. Essentially these seasonal employees are paying a union $500 bucks for no union representation or benefits... I don't see how they can hire anyone doing that BS.
  8. Not even close. UPS delivery drivers and feeder (truck) drivers can make 6 figures easy, along with 3-4k a month pension after 30+ years.
  9. Dieselgeek

    Stone Cold!!!!

    I always enjoyed watching wrestling, especially stone cold. My grandparents next door neighbor was Verne Gagne, so I would see many very large dudes drinking lots of beer and doing shenanigans when I would visit.
  10. Dieselgeek

    The Situation in France.

    Video is from 2014...
  11. Dieselgeek

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    I struggle with the mental aspects at times, especially being that this is the 3rd year in a row I've had 12+ weeks off due to surgeries. Also lost my grandma and mom in the past 2 months, so I'm ready for better days ahead. It's very hard to feel productive/worthwhile sitting at home, yet it's part of the healing process. What is your career currently? Is it something you can/will return to when able? I mourn the "old" me at times, yet I've been struggling with health/chronic pain for 25+ years, so it's a big part of my life. It's very hard to plan for the future with major health issues, so I understand where you are coming from there. Ben, I'm not here to defend, but have you been through major surgery(s), uncertain health future?
  12. Dieselgeek

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Agreed! I hate being home/not working. My wife doesn't work, so financially it has been incredibly hard on my family.
  13. Dieselgeek

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    I'm right there with you on the Outlook of the future... I've had 3 major surgeries in the past 3 years, and still have more in the future. Just remember 1/4 people end up on social security disability... Just something I never thought would happen to me! 2 ribs removed and brain surgery for me. Most likely need neck surgery yet as well. Getting old sucks! If you ever want to talk, pm me.
  14. Dieselgeek

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    How long is recovery? Looks like you lost a few body parts!
  15. Dieselgeek

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    What surgery did you have? Sitting at home sucks! I'm on week 7, 7 more to go!