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  1. Dieselgeek

    Snow Tires for Daughters Lexus

    Look to have decent reviews. I run Blizzaks on wifes vehicle and Hankook ipikes on my car. They all perform better than all seasons! I'm a big snow tire fan.
  2. Dieselgeek

    Holiday cheer

    What year is the Viper in the driveway?
  3. I had brain surgery less than two weeks ago, and was shocked on the lack of pills I was offered. I don't take pain pills, but surgeries in the past they often prescribed 100 pills without even asking! I still prefer Tylenol and Ibuprofen vs opiods!
  4. I had 3/4 concussions before the age of 10, and have had issues since. Mine are worsening, so time to do something about it. Mine is called Chiari, basically tonsils on the cerebellum are blocking fluid from flowing down my spine and back to brain. So they make more room by opening up the skull and cutting/cauterizing the tonsils. I fly to NY to see a specialist, not going to mess around with a neurosurgeon who has only done a few of the surgeries!
  5. Mine is due to increased cranial pressure. So either having a shunt installed to relieve pressure, or part of the back of my skull will be removed to make more room for my brain, thus relieving pressure. Having a bolt/probe inserted into my skull to test pressure, and depending on results will dictate the next step. Mine is congenital most likely!
  6. Best of luck with treatment. Headed for brain surgery in 3 weeks myself. Take it one day at a time!
  7. Dieselgeek

    Retard at the boat ramp

    Grab a cooler, a lawn chair, and head to the boat ramp on a Saturday. Pure comedy all day long!
  8. Dieselgeek

    My new ride

    I'm spoiled driving an automatic Volvo, don't miss shifting, especially in an old FLD! Best of luck with the new gig.
  9. Dieselgeek

    Company medical

    Watch out for sleep apnea as well!
  10. Dieselgeek

    Passed my course

    I can't wait to stop trucking, but good luck with the new gig! Lots of trucking jobs out there. We can't hire anyone worth a shit, most don't last, and many can't even pass the application/background process.
  11. Dieselgeek

    2019 Ram

    I see some VW Atlas in the front end.
  12. Dieselgeek

    Im gelling , are you gelling?

    Do you use biodiesel in your state? In Minnesota we drop from 10% to 5% bio during the winter months. Then blend #1 as the weather gets colder. I haul gas for a large convenience store chain here in Minnesota. Next spring Minnesota is mandating 20% biodiesel May-September.
  13. 250k people went to the mall on Friday according to the news. No thanks!
  14. Already have one: Hwy 36 and Rice street.