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  1. For those that remember....... the 1972 alouette 440 villain with the twin factory stingers.
  2. mach4me

    New political party

    WTF. Ontario has a new political party that has been recently set up and its a head shaker at the very least. Let me introduce you to the all new ISLAMIC PARTY OF ONTARIO. They have a twitter account set up and they just opened up a web site. So if you have a minute go to their web site and check out their platform it is exactly what you would expect from good decent folk like them.
  3. mach4me

    It Snowed Last Night

    Funny but so f'n true.
  4. mach4me

    Isle of man TT

    Still alive and he went on to race the tt again, pretty sure he still races.
  5. mach4me

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    That sucks, with any luck the insurance adjuster will be on it quick.
  6. mach4me

    Summer has come to an abrupt end.

    So did the boathouse burn also or just the cottage?
  7. mach4me

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    He goes to more pride events then any gay person out there, time for Trudy to come out of the closet before it burns down.
  8. mach4me

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    If it was only that easy
  9. mach4me

    Time for caption that picture

    god help america
  10. mach4me

    Hand signals??

    I don't bother to signal
  11. mach4me

    Boat issues- **PROBLEM SOLVED- thanks

    If that doesn't work it is time for a diagnostic check.