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  1. The three generation family sugar bush shutdown 4 years ago . No money in that either.
  2. My nephew is a Canadian Dairy Farmer in Ontario is milk check has already dropped 20% over the last 4 years and now he is uncertain how much more it going to drop. He was ready to borrow money to built a new robot barn but now it just a day to day operation and he is looking for other career paths. The Chinese already supply are honey ,garlic and can fruit. India is dumping cheap food in are grocery stores. Now the American are going after are milk ,eggs and poultry . It is not a good time to be a farmer in Canada and if we lose the ability to food our self's it could be a bad time for all of Canada.
  3. You are getting fucked. Read your warranty information that came with the furnace from the manufacture for a straight answer. I have been working in the commercial and industrial HVAC refrigeration industry in Ontario for 30 + years. Residential hvac sale man are usually paid by commission and would fuck over there own Mother for dollar.
  4. TallCool 1


    Was that Frank Gallagher ?
  5. TallCool 1

    Sturgen Falls

    Planning on snowmobiling out of there this weekend. Is trail WN400 rideable to D trail. Ofsc map show a small section closed ? Is the Comfort inn Hotel Trail Friendly ? Thanks.
  6. TallCool 1

    where to go ride this weekend?

    All the trails we rode went yellow on the ofsc map on Friday. Lots of sleds out. Had lunch at a hunting cap on Ashby lake.
  7. TallCool 1

    where to go ride this weekend?

    Just got back. dropped in at Colyne and went to Mccarthers mills and back. Not perfect but worth the truck and trailer ride up from Belleville.
  8. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/john-macdonald-school-1.4259643 So much for unions just protecting there members right, this union wants the name of are first prime minster removed from all schools. When and where will all this political correctness end.
  9. TallCool 1

    District 2 Tweed Club Closed

    I buy permit threw the Tweed Snow Scooters Club. l Live in Stirling and they groomed the trail behind my house last night.
  10. TallCool 1

    Triton Trailer Parts

    Looking for a online source for replacement parts in Canada. Need to replace all 4 of the gas assist lifting cylinders on a enclosed trailer.
  11. TallCool 1

    Official Deer Rifle Thread

    I have been using a cheap Remington 7600 pump 270 for 25 years. Shoots fast and flat, never had a issue with it. Always wanted a semi but they all seem to have problems with jamming on cold rainy snowy days.