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  1. I have been averaging 3K - 4K the past few seasons my highest was 5.7k in '11
  2. I think it was Mike Rider, the Mayor of RDL & he even bought Vince & the misses a glass of wine
  3. NASCAR 2016

    Stewart Friesen making his truck series debut at Bristol today so far practice is going well
  4. NASCAR 2016

    It was announced over the weekend that Stewart Friesen will run the Halmar 16 truck at Bristol, Loudon, Phoenix & Homestead! They are also making plans for Daytona.
  5. NASCAR 2016

    Hi Dave I knew Stan owned Ransomville in NY but was unaware he owned Merritville Pete Bicknell owns Merritville now right?
  6. NASCAR 2016

    Yes he is I've know him since '06 he' one driver that made it to the top with out the big dollars. For several years he drove for several different car owners on a regular basis This year he has Halmar as a sponsor & they seem to have a few dollars to throw around They bought this truck for Eldora Last year he beat the Outlaws at Oshweken in a sprint car & he's won Super Dirt Week at Syracuse 4 of the last 6 years