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  1. Anyone have one of these?

    Remember tennis ball cannons? Tennis ball cannon wars! Cut the bottom & top out of 4 Coke cans. Use a can opener on the outside of the fifth can and punch a few more holes in the top. Duct tape them together. Squirt lighter fluid down the barrel, put the tennis ball down. Squirt a little more in the bottom can. Aim and light!! Close up they hurt like hell. We would actually go to the drug store and buy lighter fluid and lighters when we were in 3rd & 4th grade.
  2. she had me at hunt.
  3. This winter SUCKS

    Snowmobiles, Not worth the dirt you ride them on..........
  4. Trolley Problem Time!

    Pull it, not going to make the corner, lay it over, walk away.
  5. prostate cancer

    I beat the cancer, but I need to know if I will be able to ride again. The surgery takes away a bit of the "control"
  6. Any one here a survivor and still ride. Any one have the Davinci surgery? Thanks
  7. Your Snowmobile Club....
  8. The lady with the BLUE eyes! What the hell was her name?