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  1. I've always been fortunate to be able to ride from home. When we lived in NH I did have to wait for the lake to freeze to access the trails. Here in VT I have access before the lakes freeze, but I can miss a bunch of crappy trails once the lakes freeze up. Can you ride from home or do you need to trailer to ride?
  2. What's the most miles you've done in a day? Mine was 340 miles in New Hampshire back in 2009 with my buddy Darryl (GTSE800) We started at around 8AM and finished up around 10PM that night. Here's a few photos from that trip.
  3. My first snowmobile was a 1970 Ski-Doo Olympic 335. First sled I bought as an adult was a 1992 Arctic Cat Prowler. All I could find online is a pic of the long track. Mine was the standard Prowler.
  4. Some of the posts in another thread was discussing grooming, so I thought I would start a new thread to see if anyone here is/was a groomer operator. I spent about ten years grooming in my old club in NH before moving to VT. Started out in a Track Truck, what a hoot The club also had a steel tracked Tucker 2000 at the time that I worked my way in to. We eventually sold the TT and the 2000 and bought a new Tucker Terra 1000 in 2006. Then we bought a new Prinoth Husky in 2009 to groom 30 miles of old railbed. I really liked the Husky, but just about everyone else preferred the Tucker 1000
  5. The tractors with tracks seem to be popular in Canada. It's mostly Tuckers & Twin Tracked Prinoths and Bulleys around here. I don't think the tractors like the tight turns and elevation changes.
  6. ckf

    2010 polaris rush 600

    Thanks for replying Steve I guess our resident Polaris gnome doesn't answer his pager
  7. What are you operating for a groomer?
  8. ckf

    Any east coast boys ever do bosebuck in summer ?

    Nice! Samples?
  9. ckf

    Any east coast boys ever do bosebuck in summer ?

    @steve from amherst Did you end up at Bosebuck for the 4th?
  10. The Team Maine crew found some snow in Quebec on Thanksgiving weekend. They even found some groomed trails. Photos from
  11. ckf

    Getting ready for the season

    I'm not going to deal with this crap in the general snowmobile forum. THAT APPLIES TO EVERYONE, NOT JUST POLARIS550. Take this crap to CE/General Forum.
  12. ckf

    Any east coast boys ever do bosebuck in summer ?

    Pretty much the same back roads, LOL. It doesn't take long to get to the Burg from Boesbuck on the back roads.
  13. ckf

    Any east coast boys ever do bosebuck in summer ?

    I've been on the lake Kayaking, but never stayed at Bosebuck. I don't see why you wouldn't have good time if you are looking for a relaxed weekend at a hunting/ fishing camp. If you are looking for a little more activity I would suggest Pittsburg over the 4th. They have more going on and a pretty good fireworks display.
  14. Is there a snowmobile speed limit in your state or province? Is it enforced? NH has a state wide speed limit of 45 mph. Fish and Game gives you 10 mph and wont ticket you unless you are going 56 mph or above. Here in VT the only speed limit is on state and federal land where the speed limit is 35 mph.
  15. The local club is getting ready to go out for the first time of the season. We have about 10" here in town, but closer to 2' in the higher elevations.
  16. Snow depth map is showing pretty good snow cover in Aroostook County
  17. Slacking this year Jeff? What's up whit that? I've ridden that area a few times as well. Always a good time in The County
  18. I doubt it. They probably went up Rt 175 from Quebec City. At least that's how we get there from NH/VT. I was there on Turkey Day weekend years ago with @Angry ginger and a few other friends.