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  1. Currently sunshine and 62°. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new drone today. With my luck it won't be here until after 6PM.
  2. You could experience some trouble with the site loading as we do some server maintenance and upgrade to newer versions. These upgrades should improve the site performance.
  3. OK, I just edited another setting in the php.ini file. Can I get you to try again?
  4. The Browns have been busy making trades. The biggest one so far is acquiring Tyrod Taylor from the Bills.
  5. I recall an issue with iOS phone & tabletss doing that in the past. I didn't realize it happened with Android too.
  6. That's odd. Nothing has changed as far as the forum software goes. All I've been working on is the upload file size.
  7. Currently 13f with a few flurries. Added a few new emoticons yesterday.
  8. That's an Apple thing. Were you able to upload a pic that didn't work before?
  9. Is that a pic that you couldn't upload before?
  10. OK, I just edited the file size in the php.ini file and restarted Apache. Can someone try uploading an original pic from their phone? @Jimmy Snacks @awful knawful @Zambroski
  11. OK, I made a few changed to the server. Can someone that's having trouble try it again?
  12. It seems to be pics that were taken with an Apple device. From what I've read as soon as the image gets edited in any way it can be posted. Can I get one of you guys using Apple to try both ways?
  13. We did the windows and dash just before winter :dunno:
  14. Came across a Tucker Sno-Cat on VT 111 in Morgan Center this afternoon.