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  1. Currently sunshine and 62°. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new drone today. With my luck it won't be here until after 6PM.
  2. Double fuck Well, it looks good for you early next week @steve from amherst
  3. Sorry to hear about your dad. That's cool that you were able to get out with your son though Sunny and 44 here this afternoon @Zambroski
  4. Did you make it to camp to do any riding this winter?
  5. Currently clear and 0°. The forecast is calling for sunny skies with highs in the low 40's. Not a bad forecast for the 1st day of Spring.
  6. I searched for the old dog photo thread, but couldn't find it. Post up some of your favorite pet photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!11111 Here's one of Izzy playing catch today.
  7. Country style ribs, baked potato, summer squash, Florida corn and a slice of homemade bread
  8. tuna on leftover sweet rolls and some pretzels
  9. ckf

    American Graffiti

    Nice looking GTO in that movie. Alright, alright, alright.....
  10. How much are you supposed to get down there?
  11. I was surprised at how few sleds were in town last weekend .
  12. NWS is showing 1-3 Thursday night & another 1-3 on Friday. I'm sure any elevation higher than IP should get some good snow. From what I've read the trails are still fantastic, but the fields and going in to Derby is thin but passable. Are you looking for one more run to the NEK?
  13. Morning. -3° and clear here. One more cold day before more spring like temps.
  14. It's a little cabin that he and his Dad and some friends used to rent for the season from the past owner. It has 2 sets of bunk beds, small kitchen and a small bathroom with a shower. Nothing special, but I think he would rent it pretty cheap for the season. He's wanted to rent it since he bought it but hasn't pushed it on the net like he should.
  15. Libbeys Meat Market in Lyndonville has a bunch of good stuff. You should rent my neighbors little shack for the season next winter. I can tell you like to eat as well as I do and we could have some good cookouts
  16. ckf

    American Graffiti

    Most cars were a disappointment under the hood back then. We used to go to the different dealers and test drive the cars. I would have to say the Mustangs were the quickest naturally aspirated cars in that class. They just didn't feel all that stable compared to the Camaro. The SS's were a lot heavier than the pony cars, but the look is what did it for me. That's cool on the GNX. All I ever got to try was the regular GN. I think all of the G body cars had the limiter of 124 or 125 because of the Eagle GT tires that were only speed rated to 125. $190 chip took care of that
  17. ckf

    Beginner Motorcycles

    I don't see much of what goes on around here. It's probably for the best though
  18. We cheated and bought ours pre-made at the local market. Still tasty though.
  19. ckf

    American Graffiti

    I know the fox body Mustangs and Camaros of the time were faster, but they just didn't have the body lines of the G-body GM cars. As Dave said earlier, the GNX was the one to have at the time. A buddies uncle had a GNX for special occasions and a Grand National for his daily driver. I got to ride in the GNX and it was fast for the time
  20. chicken cordon bleu, rice and a salad.