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  1. It's getting hard to find Pepsi when going out to eat. Coke seems to have most of that market sewn up.
  2. Why bother? I'd fire as soon as it touched one of their thighs
  3. Never heard of it. Small company from Maine?
  4. Mainers are funny to listen to.
  5. I'd have to say my favorite soda is Birch Beer. But it's not always easy to find. My second favorite would have to be Barq's Root Beer. As far as colas go, I'm a Pepsi guy
  6. Egg salad on wheat with a dill pickle on the side
  7. Fucking upper Midwest guys are strange dudes
  8. It's amazing how competitive John is at his age. He must be close to 70 by now. Can I watch?
  9. What's that
  10. It's soda here
  11. Thanks MC. We have a French Press that we use once in a while. We aren't quite as fussy about it as that guy though