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  1. You can get some pretty good stuff in NH.
  2. This one fits the mood air around here tonight
  3. Since you 'used to ski doo' it seems like it fits
  4. When I got my first DSLR I was disappointed in the pics. Rob showed me that the images were much sharper than the images from the point & shoot that I was comparing them to. I just preferred the higher contrast images that the P&S was producing with it's .jpeg engine. After that I started shooting RAW and processing the images myself in Adobe LightRoom.
  5. Pretty sure I sent it to the email address you sent me Tom. Have you logged in to PayPal to see if it showed an invoice?
  6. Nice! If you were to look at the pics at 100% I would be shocked if the pics from your camera weren't much sharper than from your phone.