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  1. Nope, had a buddy from NH come over this weekend so I didn't get a chance Pork sandwich from last night's leftover tenderloin.
  2. fresh garden veggies

    I used to hate zucchinis & summer squash. I tried it again last summer and eat it all the time now. We season it with garlic powder, cracked pepper and sea salt.
  3. Upcoming eclipse

    Nice!!!!!!! I think we are around 60% here
  4. Perfect find for $15. The kettle looks to be in great shape Is the little one a smokey joe, or something like that?
  5. Was it you that was nursing along an older kettle?
  6. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    That's about where I am, too. I just don't want to wait to long and leave some good picks on the table at the end of the season
  7. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    A buddy showed up earlier than I had expected. He's here for the night so we haven't really been watching much of the race That sounds about right.
  8. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    No idea who I picked this week. I Picked them at the first of the week just in case I forgot to get picks in. Glad I did.
  9. Mostly cloudy and 76 here. A bit muggy with dew points getting in to the upper 60's.