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  1. Oh, before you even start @f7ben
  2. It was late last night/early morning. I didn't watch the race, I just read about it this morning. The Ferrari's had been fast all weekend from what I had been reading.
  3. I think it was because I have had F1 on my mind this weekend. Vettel drove his Ferrari to victory lane in Melbourne. Nice to see them out front again. Lewis Hamilton finnished second in his Mercedes.
  4. LOL, I meant Hamlin. I remember the race Hamilton was going to win in the 43 car until Sr gave him a little love tap. Can't remember where, might have been Rockingham. The only trouble is Nascar can't seem to fill the field every weekend. We need a few more young guys to step up.
  5. Try it sometime, it's very good
  6. It would be better if we didn't have to deal with mud season, but I'll take it at this point. The -3 low this morning sucks!
  7. Have you ever tried graham crackers with whipped cream cheese? Yum! That's great Dave!
  8. Didn't he fuck you up a few weeks ago? The young guns have been running very well this year. Time for Jr and Johnson to retire?
  9. Boneless ribs, baked potato and carrots.
  10. It sure is nice to not see the sun go down at 4:30
  11. That's kind of where I was going, too. I think it may have been the second time I have picked Larson. He has been on fire this year
  12. Poor little thing, the hasn't been to successful lately
  13. I just went and looked at who I picked after qualifying last night, Larson, Hamilton and Suarez unless I make a change before the drop of the green flag.