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  1. He does the same thing in the Nascar thread You find the emoticon and I'll add it Beautiful mid October like day here in northern Vermont, sunny with a high of 54°
  2. Sunny and 28 here this morning, too.
  3. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    44th for the week and currently sitting in 19th. I'm hoping to finnish in the top 10. I've still got some good drivers to pick. Most of the guys ahead of me are down to picking second and third string drivers like Jr
  4. 39° with a few showers. A little snow is falling on the top of the mountains from what I've read on Twitter.
  5. No.
  6. Baked ravioli, provolone garlic bread and a salad.
  7. That's what I thought Should Joel and I be on the lookout for anyone posting the pic, or don't you really care?
  8. Thanks Scott! Yes it is a beautfil place. I drove through Franconia Notch today. It's a toss up as to which one is the most beautiful. If I had to make a decision I think it would be Franconia. If the old man was still around it would be a slam dunk for Franconia
  9. Yes. I'm not sure if it's 4K on YT or not. I uploaded it in 4K but it took forever for YT to process when I uploaded it last night. Two hours after I uploaded it the video was only available in 720 HD
  10. I think he was trying to make a point. I didn't back read to see what happened so I'm not positive about that though.
  11. I always miss all of the fun. I don't think @f7ben minds my avatar any more than I mind the emoticon that I made to poke fun at me Do you really care if they post that pic of you @SnowRider ? You take me as the kind of guy that really doesn't give a fuck. It's all part of he fun in FSCE
  12. It sure is pretty especially in the fall I haven't looked at the weather but when I went to bed last night it was in the 60's. Woke up to a temperature of 40゚ and windy . I just got a message from rob and he said it was in the mid thirties and raining at his house today . Thanks There are tons of Asians around this time a year too . It's worth the trip
  13. Thanks for the feedback Neal.I didn't notice any skips in the original rendered file on my computer. It must be a YouTube thing No color correction on this one. I did adjust the exposure on each clip by running auto levels and then manually tweaking the highlights, shadows, contrast and exposure. There are tons of tools in Premiere Pro that are going to take me a while to figure out.