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  1. Nice! Enjoy your time off Looks like your star QB is out again
  2. ckf

    2010 polaris rush 600

    Thanks for replying Steve I guess our resident Polaris gnome doesn't answer his pager
  3. What are you operating for a groomer?
  4. ckf

    Will They Back It Up.....

    @01mxz800 See, now that's funny. Just sit back and enjoy the banter. It's funny to watch from my perspective.
  5. ckf

    Will They Back It Up.....

    I'd welcome you back too It's kind of funny to watch the members go nuts whenever he posts Seriously though, I had issues with Greg at one point and we talked it out through PM's. I don't have any issues with anyone here. Zoso is the only one that I don't care to have around. He was been given more than one chance to cut the shit. I renumber rob telling me that he promised not to pull that shit again when Craig was given a new screen name on the old site. How did that turn out? As far as I can see SR plays by the rules and is here to have fun like everyone else. If anyone here doesn't care to read his posts they can enable the "ignore user' feature of the software. As far as I know there isn't anyone taking advantage of the feature
  6. That's a pretty good description. It reminds me of the trips north with @Angry ginger. Of course the two of us had to stop at the IGA in Colebrook to pickup our weekends worth of cakes and pastries. On of our buddies used to call be cupcake every once in a while
  7. ckf

    Will They Back It Up.....

    Good to see you back to everyone else
  8. ckf

    Will They Back It Up.....

    Hey @SnowRider I haven't noticed you around here lately. I hope all is well?
  9. Nice! Waht's next on the agenda? One of my buddies used to work on the maintenance crew at a wood chip power plant. 12 hour shifts, 4 day one week and 3 the next. He rotated every month from days to nights. A buddy came up this weekend and we fiddly fucked around and did a few projects around the house whilst consumed more than our share of the devils lettuce. Good times
  10. I might just be able to make that happen. I've been wanting to go over that way and gets some aerial photos of Jay Peak.
  11. It was. If it wasn't the tenderloin we would have cut it up and put it in the cast iron pan with the potatoes and bacon. I was shocked when my neighbors dad brought me over 2 tenderloins a few weeks ago. They come out great using the reverse sear method
  12. I wonder if the FS crew should go over to Dootalk and get @f7ben banned from another forum
  13. Venison tenderloin and potatoes, onions and bacon.
  14. Best wishes to you and yours @DAVE Let us know if you need anything.