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  1. New sleds???/

    I think a lot of the guys have CE bookmarked and never think to check the other forums.
  2. New sleds???/

    What's up with all of these snowmobile related posts? Don't you guys know that this is FreedomSledder
  3. If you haven't ever been to Quebec you should do yourself a favor and at least try it. I still haven't done the Gaspe yet, but it's on my bucket list
  4. FS Vintage Sled Thread

    That's awesome It's very rare to see a car pulling sleds here in the northeastern US, but when I've been in Quebec I've seen it quite a bit.
  5. New Topic

    After you start a club you will need to add a topic or two so there is something for other members to see.
  6. club test

  7. Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

  8. Annual Humane Society Fund rasier!!!

    You should post this in the Current Events forum too.
  9. 2011 Polaris 800 assault

    Since you 'used to ski doo' it seems like it fits
  10. 2011 Polaris 800 assault

    @AKIQPilot knows a lot about Poo's
  11. New sleds???/

    I hear ya on that one. Two years ago sucked bad. This past year we had snow, but we also had a lot of meltdowns.
  12. Did anyone order a new sled this spring? I may upgrade to a newer used sled in the fall, but don't see myself ever buying new again.
  13. Another one from last weekends Lancaster Grand Prix. I guess she kicked ass.
  14. FS Vintage Sled Thread

    Here's another pic from the Lancaster GP.