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  1. Update on the MIL. She was hesitant to try the CBD smoke today as she was still buzzed at 3 o'clock this morning from yesterday's intro to gummies. She did end up taking 2 hits off the bowl. She said she didn't feel any kind of buzz but was very relaxed. My FIL tried a 1/2 a gummy this afternoon and he enjoyed it. The pain in his right hand and his feet went away. He said he felt a tiny bit of a buzz, but wasn't fucked up, LOL.
  2. Coming in hot, LOL. The flag did a good job catching it
  3. She looks a lot like her mother. We'll see, she should be here anytime. I have some Lemon Potion CBD for her to try. It's around 14% CBD and 7% THC.
  4. You have no idea how right you are.... @Zambroski
  5. I was fucking around with the moderator functions that never get used around here and merged Joel's weekend thread with this one and it appears as though the only way to fix it is by going through post by post and moving the ones that need to be moved one by one. Sorry about the fuck up, but I aint spending the time to do that.
  6. Where you at now? Didn't I read that you guys were driving home? Bringing back a car, or did you drive down?
  7. Hypothetically if someone PM'ed me their mailing address I'd send a few out this week. I'm making a new batch today.
  8. These are homemade with mostly THC. I'm guessing they are around 20mg of THC per gummy. She is going to try a half next time to see how it does. I just pulled a few buds off the 1st CBD plant that I've grown yesterday. I put them on top of the cable box to dry out so she can try smoking a little when they come over today for Easter dinner. This plant is suppose to be 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The CBD should override the THC giving her relief without the buzz. From everything I've read the perfect ratio for pain is 1:1. So, say if a buddy were to send you a few TCH gummies your wife could take the THC in conjunction with the CBD gummies that she has and get relief without the buzz
  9. Have a great day, John So yesterday we get a call from the MIL asking about the gummies that we gave them about a month ago. Her doctor is getting her a medical card next month, so she figured she might as well get started. She was having a bad pain day with her hands and wanted to know how 1 gummy would effect her. We told her that it should help with the pain, but she shouldn't feel much of anything taking just 1. Well, about an hour later we get a call from Nicole's mother and she can't stop giggling, LOL. We asked about the pain and she said what pain, I can't feel my arms. Anyway we tell her that the effects should start to go away in about an hour. Nope, she calls an hour later to say it still feels the same. Fast forward another 5 hours and she's still feeling it, but it's lessened. Now I'm pissed!!!!! Why can't I get 6 hours of the giggles on one fucking gummy bear????????
  10. Woke up at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Since it was only about an hour before I normally get up I said fuck it, and got my ass out of bed.
  11. Good Sunday morning Currently 55° with a few showers. I hope everyone enjoys their Easter Sunday
  12. Who received the coin statue as payment for a bet? That was funny