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  1. ckf

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I remember that one, LOL. Not a fan of studs either. If it's that icy I'll just stay home. They are snowmobiles, not icemobiles
  2. Morning gents. 8f with a little light snow falling here this morning.
  3. Yes it was. Coach was pretty choked up.
  4. All of that waiting and we get a boring finish
  5. lets try this one more time...
  6. Those would be the favorites, but anything can happen at these plate tracks.
  7. That would be a great story. Hell, even a top 5 would be awesome for him.
  8. I wonder how many freinds he looses after each restrictor plate race?
  9. He's tried that before. It didn't work then and it didn't work today
  10. Isn't that the 2nd wreck he has caused today?
  11. Damn, they can't even keep from wrecking with only half the field on the track.
  12. It reminded me of some of the F1 replays I've still got the 88 and 22 running, lol.
  13. Missed that segment. 42 wrecked.