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    What's everyone doing this weekend? I was supposed to play in a golf tournament tomorrow but heavy rain is a certainty so it's canceled. Just hanging out on my patio enjoying the nice weather tonight. Sunday I am headed to the Black Hills for some work meetings. As some of you may recall I finished a tech certification this Spring that I was working on over the winter. The plan was to use it to secure a new job or a pay raise at my current job. About a month ago, I applied for a position at a regional ISP and was offered the job early this week at a substantial increase over what I'm making at my current job. I was all set to take that position until my current employer made me an offer that was close enough to keep me here. Their offer took me by surprise as only a couple guys on the team are making that amount and they have alot more time in the company than I do. Nice to see that me busting my ass has not gone unnoticed. Today I am reaping the rewards.
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    How about instead of walking out of school they walk up to the loner kids and talk to them. Walk up to kids that are picked on or bullied and befriend them.
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    I just signed a contract with Vitus Marine as an AB Tankerman on ATB. I'm fucking psyched!! I fly to Alaska tomorrow morning.
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    As some of you might know two years aho I went back to college to get an associate degree along eith several USCG licenses/certifications. One of those is Able Seaman Unlimited which allows me to be deck crew on anything that floats. I also recieved tankerman/assist which allows me to load and and disharge fuel on fuel barges. This is what I'll be doing along the Alaskan coast until freeze up. It will allow me to earn my Tankerman/PIC also. If I do well they will offer me a full time for next season. Im super excited!
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    RIP to all the ppl that died.. And thank you to all the rescuers, some of which are suffering from the clean up. FUCK YOU and your POLITICS
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    So the Toronto Airshow is this weekend. The Thunderbirds and the CF Snowbirds will be performing. The Blue Angels are in Cleveland this weekend. They got together, must have been over Lake Erie.
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    I had some time to burn today while headed out to the Black Hills so I took a leisurely drive thru the Badlands and took some tremendous pics for you all!!!!!!11 Lunchtime for these deer. One of them was a spike. Ecoboost Ftw!!!!!!11 You can see a long fucking ways out here. What a beautiful day outside. Had the windows down the entire drive. Took a minute to get this guy's attention. The Indians missed this guy!
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    Who wears it best? The Republican asset on the left or, the one on the right? Same?
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    Trump president...... Hillary Clinton not president.
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    "Who invited LeBron James...and why is he here in drag?"
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    Well Rob is no longer with us so maybe just let the whole thing be.
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    Sitting in hearst for the night. Rip back to Cochrane in the morning then drive home. Trails are good.
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