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    Doing the low carb thing. Scallops over broccoli. Seasoned with smoked paprika, crushed hot red pepper, sea salt, basil. poured in a melted bliss of herb cream cheese from one of local diaries. Spicy stuff!!!
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    And theres some here
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    Front lights are done for now, maybe some tweaks, still have the backyard to do.
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    Right...... that's like going to a whore house to get a kiss.
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    Can we not have 1 sled related thread without you coming in a screwing it up with your BS. Seriously dude,, enough
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    I don’t think she is right, but you fucking crayon eaters calling her stupid is hilarious. She just beat a 10 year house veteran and member of the dem leadership. She runs an outstandingly effective social media system and has dominated the news without ever serving a day in congress. But yeah, she’s retarded... You mouthbreathers confuse disagreement with intelligence. That’s why you get roughshodded harder than Uncle Snotty being boned by a dog on the regular....
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    Well, bad idea to go look. That’s my buddy’s tilt bed. Front calipers are seized, but it runs and drives and everything seems solid.
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    Some sort of creole seasoned baked chicken breast, cottage cheese with tomatoes and green olives and Brussels Sprouts.
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    10-7 Pats at the half. Homemade fried chix fingers with frozen fried french fries.
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    It's xtra-12 suspension,,stock.
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    Fuck ya's all New England boiled dinner
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    Getting a better look out the window.
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    Wife made a chicken dish and then later I pulled on my chicken.
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    THE CREAM OF THE CROP!!!!!!!!!!!11
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