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    I grabbed some chairs,so everyone can sit around and watch Bhen get owned.
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    How much of that is because people just have to have the latest and greatest car, truck, house, phone, motorcycle, boat, ect... and overextend themselves?
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    Even worse, Sophie is gonna lose her nannies and if you thought that bitch who threw that chair out the window was something, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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    Why in the hell would you bring up late term abortions, and some crazy green energy proposal that the majority of the country will not favor, when the next election is around the corner? fucking idiots just handed the repukes two major weapons to use against them in the next election. Neither topic should have been brought up, especially the late term abortion stuff.
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    Maybe learn how to ride and save that money for some cool ass socks like I have.
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    Someone else on this site needs pot or anti depressants bigtime. Cough cough snacks.....
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    Take it to toolkit and let him fix it.
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    How in the world did you find this sorry site?
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