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    Today’s Tom Steyer gets high on you, gets by on you.
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    My mom was the same way. Couldn't stand it that I liked Ozzy, Motley Crue, etc. I use to have to hide my shirts and cassettes because she'd take them and throw them away
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    A friend of ours has been on and had sleds from a young age. He has brain cancer and has a limited time ahead of him and probably bought his last new sled. He knows the end is near but he's not gonna just sit around. He's been getting out with his brother and friends and trying to make the most of it while he can
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    Oh come on now you've stepped in some gay, go wash it off
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    This kid should be the TIME person of the year and win the Nobel prize. He's actually doing something to help the planet, but he's not a media darling who yells at grownups...
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    Well at least you identify yourself correctly here...... idiot
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    don't you know? Even God is on trump's side
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    Not everyone is a male model like me
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    Finally going riding, took Thursday and Friday off
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    Agreed. He is not my favorite artist, but I have enjoyed his music. Nobody here likes anything.
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    But 97% of climate scientists believe that photo to be real. They even peer reviewed it.
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