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    Just got back to AK early this morning after being gone most of winter. The weather has been unreal here for the past several weeks. In the 50’s almost every day. The lake is already out, went out April 8th. This is the earliest its ever gone out in the 33 years we have lived in this old place. Swans, Greebs, Loons and Eiders are already here making those beloved morning noises. I raked and thatched the lawn, weeded most of the flower beds, picked up all the bits of trash that blew into the yard all winter. My spring time chores are already done and the grass is turning green. Looking forward to another great summer. Hows spring shaping up for you guys.
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    Bout time a good family man won that thing !
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    So no obstruction of justice. Just like you were told dozens and dozens of times.
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    Mueller— there’s no collusion snot— YES THERE IS *stomps feet and crosses arms*
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    Photos of the crew starting to clear the auto road on Mt Washington yesterday.
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    Come on guys......can you PLEASE take this to another thread. Either go start a "The One is a faggot that takes it up the ASS" thread, or "550 hangs out at Sandy's to give handy's" thread. Just stop fucking up every thread that we have here. Maybe we should start giving out 3 day vacations to the guys the specifically enter a thread to attack 550 unprovoked????? I know I'm getting tired of it, and from reading the posts in here everyone else is too.
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    Sounds like you did a hell of a job doing yours
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