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    Fail might have a problem understanding this one too....
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    Let this be a lesson... A very Sad day! After 7 years of medical training & hard work, a very good friend of mine has been fired after one minor indiscretion. He slept with one of his patients and can no longer work in the profession. What a waste of time, effort, training & money. Shows how one minor mistake can ruin one's career. He was a genuinely nice guy and a brilliant veterinarian.
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    So, 6 charges pending for fabricating a false story to Police. She's clearly not Muslim.
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    Really the snow is not the issue with me. This is no different than any other year. The issue, I’ve lost interest, after 50 years I’ve had enough. I’m surprised you offered that much.....feeling generous?...
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    So, turns out, the story of the girl having her hijab cut off was complete bullshit. I laughed at the news commentary "we might never know why the kids lied about this". Anybody who thinks the mother did not have a hand in this, is on crack. For those kids to maintain their story through all the police questioning, press conferences, etc..... they were obviously brainwashed into it. Attempt to garner political sympathy for Islam, perhaps? And as for hate crimes, why doesn't Trudeau read the Koran? Skip to the section on punishment for non-believers ("shall die by the sword", etc.). Or question why ANY woman in this country would voluntarily wear symbols of oppression (not religion). This country sure ain't what it used to be.
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    You and me both!!!!!!!!
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    I face harrassment everyday on here. Just have to suck it up
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    Yes Dave we were on the grand then hit fisherville tavern for wings lol
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    New mod to ease engagement when in reverse? In any case, I'd say you're running your track a titch loose....
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    Did it the first few years while the cottage was not open and was getting old fast.
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    The tender for the 330 Sea Ray. Not sure how I am going to attach it to the swim platform though
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    Trails are great from Kirkland north....lots of snow....got a full day of riding in today and a bit yesterday....plan is to head over near quebec tomorrow. Then ride there sat and sun when its free.
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    If he is that could possibly make him a dogfucker
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    a real beaut says Don Cherry
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    How is there "no comparison"...... they are both false reports. Well, the attached article was CTV news, so that speaks for itself. So you think nothing criminal was done , but I'm the dumb one? How about public mischief, as in the hijab case, for a false report? In any case, Rev said charges were pending according to another article. Try to keep up.
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    I had to move some of the old fridges, couches, and a '49 Ford pickup truck on it's roof that were in the way, to make room for more vintage junk collectibles.
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    summer railbed training for Barrie area
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    I doubt it, he said he is looking for a modern independent front suspension.....however, it does look a little like your backyard...
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    Imagine if you rode a Doo. I face persecution daily for my beliefs......
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    The joys of a 3 hour trail ride..... The whole time your truck was insight.....
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    Ain't nothing gonna happen to her. Justin got played again, this time by an 11 year old. You would think the moron would have learned his lesson after Boyle, but no.
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    Hi Sean, Thanks for getting back to me . That,s why I ask you this stuff, so we can put rumors to bed quickly. Awesome, guess I can go ahead and price out a new Yamaha Sidewinder. LOL And if I ever get the chance to meet up with you, I will get you that rye and ginger, but I might have to sneak into the bush to mix it up for you. LOL
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    gotta feeling some pols will be unavailable today. How about we get the family to apologize and say sorry. That would be quite Canadian of them.
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    They tend to over-report any incident against them and under-report any incident caused by them. It does not appear to be a coincidence.
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    You just let me know what you want and I’ll find it for ya , sled , bike , what Eva
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    I sure could have used a pair a few weeks ago. Would have saved me from wading through over waist deep snow just so the wife could keep up with the lives of Victor and Nicky. Damn satelite.
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    With such horrible living conditions should be able to get refugee status into Canada with a personal greet and a Canada Goose from the PM. Plus a selfie.
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    Decided to go ahead after seeing Thinksno photo . Found the trails surprisingly in very good ride able condition. Glad we went . Thanks for the heads up Thinksno
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    I just have to ask the question... why do they continue to live there under such conditions in the middle of nowhere? Yes they are on a reserve where they get federal cash. Surely they don't have much in the way of jobs to actually earn a living. How many are actually employed? Something says, leave, get a job and lead a much better life rather than sit around drinking all day waiting for the next government cheque. Then there is the electricity issue. Trudope says To that end, the federal Indigenous-Crown Relations Minister, Carolyn Bennett, recently committed some $60 million to finally connect the community to Ontario's power grid. To this point, the community has relied on diesel generators for electricity, an expensive, unreliable and environmentally unfriendly source of power. Wait until they see the Delivery Charge alone from Wynnebags' hydro system. It's high in cottage country allegedly because of the actual high cost of delivering the power to the sparsely populated area. Just imagine what it would be way out there for the small number of users. Or will they get preferential rates perhaps lower than anyone else in the province? They have a nice new school to go to. What do they do with that high school education when there aren't any jobs to be had? It would seem few if any are leaving to find jobs or attend college/university after graduation. If they were leaving the population of band members wouldn't have nearly doubled from 1,800 in 2005 to 3,100 currently. It seems they are simply sticking around, doing little or nothing other than perpetuating the cycle of drinking and reproducing. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems pretty obvious.
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    Fawk...... what happened, bro?
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    Went up to Stanhope Airport (Halliburton) to check on my aircraft wings, they are being recovered with new fabric Anyway, plenty of sleds and activity beside the 118 and 35 intersection The Wings striped and ready for new fabric, couple of pictures for who is interested. I Should add they will be covered with a material called ceconite and then repainted white I will reinstall the wings in the spring.
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    Only had it out once with 5 of us in it last November and it was north of 90
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    Yes, that 5 minutes to hook up a trailer really eats into the day.... If I didn't have a trailer, I might quit the sport, as I like riding different trails, and visiting different places. I've ridden almost everywhere in Ontario, and probably a good 40-50% of QC trails. I've trailered all my life- sleds, boats, Sea-Doos. Truck does the work, not me.
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    Next weekend should be OK. This weekend is wife's birthday so gotta bite it regardless. Yah it was all great until @DAVE decided to do a tour.
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    Yes it is about 400 kms door to door. Not a straight line like driving the 400, but four highways later and the stop for food, gas and booze no matter how you cut it 4 - 5 hrs. Definitely worth it for a three day weekend but I work for a living and with two days it’s a tough lug.
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    Snow coming next week. As soon as I get home sleds are getting loaded and heading to the snow 1st thing in the morning
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    Disgusting really. Just ready to leap into action.
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    Poncho, Is Fail a veterinarian?
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    I didn't know the Chimo was in Africa. That being said, when I was passing thru Cochane on a season salvaging trip to Kap', there didn't appear to be much activity @ the Chimo. There is another motel 'attached' to the Chinese restaurant.
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    the mother was part of the media coverage... let her make an apology... but then again all you could see were her eyes so they could have anyone apologize and you wouldn't know the difference
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    If asked, the pols will just say, "Even if it didn't happen it's an example of what can happen if we don't create an inclusive society for newcomers blah blah blah"
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    Looks like Big Hawk after 2 more broads in the big chute!!
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    Expand this pic and look to the left of the guy who was leading.... The trail must of looked nice and flat..... Not even a ripple/wave....
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    Funny thing is talkers like Stevie are quiet. Reds instructions would be short lived.
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    Just watch... the people of Ontario will pay for all the repairs even though the contractor screwed the job up. From the read I get the sense that we are paying the same contractor who screwed up in the first place to fix their screw up. Now wait for the end when we also pay them a bonus. They tell you it will take another year to fix their screw up and if they get it done in 10 months by taking short cuts we'll pay them extra. FOR A SCREW UP THAT THE CONTRACTOR SHOULD PAY EVERY PENNY OF TO FIX AND A PENALTY FOR THE SCREW UP IN THE FIRST PLACE.
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    I said the same thing to myself when our sleds and trailer was pulling out of the driveway hooked to the back of someone else's truck. Now a week later here I sit in Muskoka, it's mid-January, the snowmobile trail crosses my property and I couldn't go for a decent ride if I wanted to. If I had any sellers remorse at the time, I am certainly not feeling it now.
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