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    I sure could have used a pair a few weeks ago. Would have saved me from wading through over waist deep snow just so the wife could keep up with the lives of Victor and Nicky. Damn satelite.
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    Top of the Abitibi dam
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    It doesn’t matter what we do or spend on the reserves until the people living there make changes on the reserve and take pride in their homes. In the one article they showed an abandon house on a reserve with a housing shortages. Fix it up. Do the repairs. And don’t destroy it in first place. As for water issue, Trudope promising all reserves will have water by end on 2021 or 2022 is a joke. He can’t even get his missing women’s enquiry completed in that time. Water treatment plants require planning and money. Not hugs. How can a engineering firm design, have it approved to meet environmental specs, tender, schedule and carry out the work in 3 or 4 years? Its a year to get environmental approvals. A year to plan construction of treatment plants. Even upgrades. Forget building in Arctic conditions. Then replacing and chlorinating water lines also. Its a 2025 goal for sure But us hey anything we can say to get a Liberal politician elected is okay.
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