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    Worked on the backyard all day, doing the same tomorrow and Sunday. All 3 sheds are now the same stain. Part of the fence as well. Made a bar front and counter on the one shed and trimmed it all out. Going to work on the interior tomorrow. Been watering the lawn all week. It’s greening up pretty good. one week Until the wedding.
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    Modern day Muslims?
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    i would have zero issue with schools requiring real world knowledge not just art and music and stupid shit. Real world finance class, home economics, shop including basic automotive skills, gun safety, constitutional rights.
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    Morning! Having my coffee on the front porch watching the hummingbirds at the feeder. The females keep chasing the male away( must be lesbians lol). I'm waiting for the planning dept to get out of bed so she can start playing boss lol. It was nice and quiet out here and the fkrs that have been visiting all summer have a yappy little ankle biter squaking away. Go home shitheads
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    You dont get to decide who's an intellectual. You dont have the ability to reason or perceive on that level.
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    If ya don't fell like waiting for em to grow dodge grain in Salem sells 10 week olds. They start laying about a month after ya get em..
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    Sununu vetoes 3 gun bills, citing NH’s ‘culture of responsible gun ownership, individual freedom' Sununu vetoed House 109, which closes the so-called gun show loophole and requires background checks for virtually all commercial firearms sales or transfers; House Bill 514, which requires a three-day waiting period before the purchase and delivery of a firearm; andHouse Bill 564, which prohibits carrying a firearm on school property. https://www.wmur.com/article/sununu-vetoes-3-gun-bills-citing-nhs-culture-of-responsible-gun-ownership-individual-freedom/28661417
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    School should be skills based and not subject based. Kids would be way more interested and engaged and come out more prepared.
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    I taught my own kids. That's what responsible people do.
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    Want a list of empires that sit in the trash heap? Your stroke was karma. She’s still stalking your disgusting ass. Who’ll weep for you? The woman that supports you?
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    Pollacks were the laughinstock of whites, it's why there are all the dumb pollack jokes. but they integrated and succeeded and some even became well regarded posters on internet sites.
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    Something 4 wheelz and a big old handful of herseperz to go with it.
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    You ever try a pot roast like that? I heard it's good.
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    Reverse seared Ribeye, medium rare and Asparagus. Melt in your mouth good.
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    Going out with dignity. Cheers! TDS is ramping up for you going into the weekend. You’re gonna jump your pudgy ass on a bike or in your pointy bathtub and sizzle!!!!!
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