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    I was at Boeing in Seattle yesterday. The Museum of Flight is next door, spent 5 hours there.
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    Still in the marinade for tonight. I tried a little of the Memphis on a burger a few nights ago and it was great. The Honey Q was awesome on the chicken last night
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    Try hard alcohol....with a roofie. Works every time!
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    I did some thighs last night with a mix of Memphis and The Honey....delicious!
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    Chicken breasts with @Seatofmypants Honey Q sauce, roasted taters and sliced cukes.
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    Seriously! I’m surprised she didn’t blame this on the “climate crises” and preach how Al Gore predicted this plane’s flawed system. Prolly start another separate thread about it. MC in yet another TDS rage starts a thread to try and blame, ummm....Trump? Turns out, it’s another government regulator money grab that doesn’t do their job....gets owned, BarbieHands comes in and doesn’t know what is going on, shoots his own face off. Another day in the FSCE!!!!
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    “Snopes” has them all listed.
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    Distantly, interestingly enough our businesses are on the same street LOL. My label guy was very inquisitive about our addresses too.
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    Morning- 80 / 63 and overcast. Hot as hell yesterday and this morning. Guess you would call the weekend a perfect summer days. Brewers games, Brady Street days and the Air / Water show could not have asked for any better. I looked like a swam after cutting the lawns tho- Good Monday fellas.
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    Boo fucking hoo!!!! Sorry, Jimmy Twat took your #1 spot in my suicide pool. But you are a close #2!!!! Be proud!
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    The Mexican place had to long a wait. Chicago beef rolls for the win.
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    https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g36185-d929561-Reviews-La_MEX-Joliet_Illinois.html We haven’t been to this place in a few years. It’s a few towns over,but I remember it being fantastic.
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    My son’s first year was 49 and change at Wisconsin. 2nd year will be cheaper for me as he’s picking up more of the expenses. No scholarships, but he will finish his bachelors in three years with all the credits he had going in.
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    Fried is just a edible sombrero for drunk people?
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    Rather than spending time behind Sandy's sub shop.......
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