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    Just last week he rode in a amphibian car. Now the fucker thinks they all are amphibians
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    Holy highway robbery.... thats only a 6 pack job. SMH
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    i had one this winter when riding in Milli with james. Pulled into a skidder trail and blew one out I swear 10 feet. I almost took a pic it was so tremendous. first time ever while riding.
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    man this will turn out well. gas prices will climb and the price of fuel efficient imports will increase bigly at the same time. americans will love it!
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    Taco Bell provides an ample menu for even the finest of classy women. No anal afterwords though. Skip a night.
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    FS.COM Faggot of ALL TIME! Voted by members. He had 100% lock down!!
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    I'll just tell her I'm taking her to a fine dinning establishment recommended by my buddy @Zambroski on FS. That should help remove some of the blame from me when I have to pull over for her to shit in a corn field on the way home
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    Isnt that kinda like saying " I don't like you anymore"?
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    I didn't know it was her birthday
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    We are living large tonight babe.
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    Morning- 53 / 40 and clear- Got a ton of shit done yesterday and plan to do the same today. Guess we get rain starting tomorrow while North gets 10-16". Brewers lost. It's NATIONAL NAME YOURSELF DAY so Good day from Hector.
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    Good FSCE this isn't the thread to argue with 55o thread morning. Currently 30 and cloudy. The forecast is call for showers today
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    Welcome to last week dumb ass!
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    Make it happen Jamben @jammin
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