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    I have two nieces, 18 and 20.. they are not too bright when it comes to Politics trail, they just follow the crowd "I hate cuts, my education, those poor down syndrome people, we need to use paper straws, cant cut teachers who are not even teachers but teaching it will be the end of education".. ya ya.. grow up
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    Big day for DOUG Saturday as bus loads are heading for yet another protest. I think he is going to set the record for most Protests in his first year Good thing our economy is great and spending in December is going to allow Slogan Man to reduce the deficit by 1 billion.....
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    How about just making a plate which doesn't delaminate or become unreadable after 2 years!
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    I now you are a ONEWAY and really only have an opinion that is given to you. But come on really Seeing this on a Ontario Plate is really fucked up - Dumbest slogan I ever heard for a Province Keep Cheering - Can't wait to see what Doug tells you to like next - sad
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    Huh? Even better in recessions. Go Doug.
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    If this goes through how is this going to look during bad times Really this is one fucked up thing even for SLOGAN MAN
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    so it is true SLOGAN MAN wants to change our license plate SLOGAN "OPEN FOR BUSINESS|" COME ON WHAT THE FUCK
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