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    When you are told you have cancer it can be an incredible mind fuck. I was diagnosed with GIST cancer in Sept., I had an egg sized GIST (gastro intestinal stromal tumor) removed from my stomach in Oct., now granted at this point my prognosis looks good according to my pathology reports and the research I've done I have less than a 3.6% chance of having a reoccurrence because my tumor was located in my stomach and not in a major organ like kidney,liver, pancreas etc. My cancer was low grade and my mitotic rate was low also, my margins were clean and it didn't metastisize to other organs. I am grateful and relieved about my current outlook but I really can't imagine what it must be like when a doctor tells a person how long they have to live regarding certain cancer situations. Cancer deserves a nuclear bomb.
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    Best wishes, I hope to continue insulting each other over for politics for years to come!
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    Put on 180 kms yesterday with the girlfriend.
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    I've been living with lymphoma for the last 3 1/2 years. I take a chemo drug every morning. It's a very expensive drug but I have received financial aid to supplement my insurance deductible from a number of foundations. My Dr calls me his miracle patient. I say this because I think it's important for people to know that their donations to legitimate charities do make it back to the public and to research. It awful easy to knock big pharma but there are many of us who are alive because of them. While there are more and more of us getting one form of cancer or another there are more of us In remission or better yet being cured than ever. I've been told that one day my drug will probably stop working, hopefully by then there will be another. Let me add that the drug that is prolonging my life and that of many others didn't exist 6 years ago
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    Where's that at, Tim? Looks like great conditions!
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    3 threads in a day about this and all by TDS sufferers. Just think about the feeds they are getting on their electronics. The news sources they watch must just bombard them with the same stories over and over and over. They are so blind that even they can't see it.
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    The drug that I am taking was in use for another form of lymphoma and it was so promising that the FDA rushed it through for my form but it was not considered experimental when I started it. I can't answer your question but I have been very fortunate to have rather serendipitously been referred to different foundations. I live in a small town with a small hospital but the knowledgeable people there were incredibly helpful in getting me set up.
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    I'm waiting to renew my passport and plan a trip south to the Hatfield n McCoy trails. We have a bunch of events that we"re going to here and a guys 4 day wknd in May . Fifty atvs/sxs and beer fueled should be fkn wild
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    70 miles today, nothing fancy. No triple digit speedo runs across vast superhighway trails. Just good ole' fashion backwoods shenanigans. We were first tracks for the most of the day, didn't see another sled. No deep POW. No open water bars. No groomers. No damage. No worries. Lots of scenery. Took it easy and enjoyed. Just the perfect time to take a "personal day". "I personally don't see myself doing any work today". Life is good.
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    I wonder how long he chased the smudge around the screen with the windex and roll of paper towels
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    Those are marks you get when you go listen to a pedophilia gang talk for two hours.
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    A barrier will not fix this. Neal
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    Yeah we are headed to damn near 40 this weekend...going to try and finish up early today and take a rip.
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    Varney/Durham area. Rode to Walter's Falls for lunch. 3-4 inches of fresh snow over night. We were supposed to have 2 others join us but they cancelled. Said they heard conditions were shitty.
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    Why are you in a thread about LENT you jesus killing hook nosed JEW POS
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    Thanks guys. I had about 1.5 years to prep for this day, so I’m taking it well. She’s not suffering anymore and her family doesn’t have to watch her suffer any more. She was a beautiful gal, inside and out. What a cruel disease cancer is. Hats off to Alex handling this so well and I wish him the best. I recall many evenings watching jeopardy when I was younger. Part of the reason I’m so smart now
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    He was in a group with 3 other guys. One of them was 83 and still going strong.
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