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    Who says she said anything to anyone about it? Like I said in another thread, you don't expect people to look into this firing wondering why? This was his own undoing! He should have kept his promise about transparent governing and not tried to pull a fast one. Tell me Trail, how stupid can one be? He fires the AG/MOJ on a B.S. situation and he doesn't expect anyone to look into this? He knows about SNC 100% percent, hence the reason for her firing and he doesn't think this will throw up any red flags? The guy honestly couldn't be any more stupid, and I thought Hudak was dumb! She only decided to resign after the story broke and Trudope went into the denial game and other Libs started condemning her. Where was Trudope when all this bashing was going on? "A story subsequently emerged in which anonymous sources suggested Wilson-Raybould had become a thorn in the side of the cabinet, that she was difficult to get along with and that she had been known to berate fellow ministers" Sounds like Trudope's ship is sinking, and where was he to condemn all this bashing of Jody?...............Nothing but crickets from the known feminist https://globalnews.ca/news/4955235/jody-wilson-raybould-liberal-support/
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    She has Trudeau by the balls right now.
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    Major butthurt. https://torontosun.com/news/national/trudeau-is-just-the-worst-teacher-investigated-for-insulting-p-m/wcm/2daf0acc-7497-40d5-b38c-ecf7161856bd
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    The insurance is always up to you with your own bike/sked/etc on your own property. It's once you leave your property that you must have liability insurance. I can't speak for the insurance companies about coverage re theft. As proof of ownership... that's how we would determine if you truly own the vehicle if we were there for some reason. Say you had an ofsc trail on your property that you riding on and we came across you. Your registration proves you are the owner and thus not requiring insurance.
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    I worked construction for 6 yrs pouring concrete at DNGS and my father worked pipeline/construction his whole life so that didn't sit well with either of us and was especially hurtful to my father who for some reason is not a Conservative fan. Prior to that ignorant speech of Trudope's, my father admitted Trudeau and the Liberals weren't doing a very good job. I am unsure of his thoughts now but I know he is not happy with him like the majority of the people in this country.
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