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    "600's are girl sleds!.....You should rIde muh AtEfiddy hypersled err TerBow!!!!" LOL............no.
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    You can have fun on 600 if you want
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    My wife asks me to change wipers often...and never do....i just say i did and clean the windshield real good. Havent been caught yet.
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    I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Does that make me gay lol. I prefer the 600 carb"d sleds for what we do. Strictly trail, great on gas , inexpensive and simple repairs if needed. I could buy the latest and greatest buy don't need that at our age. I'll leave that up to the guys with the small dicks
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    This thread is no good without pics. Damn.
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    We get so wrapped up in our own petty shit at times...take a minute and be inspired...
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    I think I found steak taco charcoal.
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    I take an alcohol wipe to the rubber once in a while, extends their life span some.
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    Cmon use your dome. Engages high and hard, suspended like a brick. 600 ACE with adjustable driving modes is your only choice, unless maybe a cat 200, which she’ll outgrow in a few years.
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    Tell your bro, he can fag up that sled with the best Skidoo accessories. Another decent ride yesterday, brought an old high school buddy riding. Lunch stop at H&H restaurant. Still no Poo meltdown.
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    Can't you buy a timeshare up north? H&H restaurant yesterday lunch stop. PS trails should be listed green IMO. Loving the Poo 850.
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    Well at least he didn't transgender that truck into a faggon waggon.
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    Somehow the Crossfire was majorly flooded this morning but once we got that cleared out she ran great and we had an awesome ride!
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    Wow...Byron and Bowman on the front row...cool.
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    Doesn't Buss have a Barney 570? You could probably steal that.
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    Seems Trump is worried about her.
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    I'm sure it will start to trickle down any time now Fucking morons
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    That's right faggots! Rollin' in the pit coat today! Out adjusting shocks with this new snow. Got'r dialed pretty well now. Yahooo! I also found this shit out on the trail. Some people are litter bugs! Look at this pile of worthless shit!
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    Nope, I decided to go the Bahamas instead!
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    A8* here had to break out toolbox grill
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