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    A friend and his wife dropped in yesterday during their ride. They said the Pinery trail was pretty good as well. Snowstorm warning for the area on Tues/Wed.
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    Tell your bro, he can fag up that sled with the best Skidoo accessories. Another decent ride yesterday, brought an old high school buddy riding. Lunch stop at H&H restaurant. Still no Poo meltdown.
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    Just got back from a ride in the area mentioned above . Not a big ride admittedly but have to say the Rail line was a 9 out of 10. Nice and smooth , lots of snow cover just one spot that the trail was flooded over. This spot was very well marked with warning tape hanging from above which literally touched your helmet as you approached warning of the hazard ahead. there was very few other sleds out today. Had lunch in Mcketts and some locals told me the trail was just as good yesterday as it is today. OFSC map shows limited.......
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    FYI....not much sled talk goes on around here..... And welcome!
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    You guys know that fail is a part time government employee that smokes weed literally every day right lol
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