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    Yeah....thank @HSRfor that. I voted "no" on that proposition. PERMABAN YOUR ASS!!!!!! Let me know if you want to get back on. Jesus, we let @Jimmy Snacks and @DAVE back. Nobody was worse than those two!!!!
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    Take that citiots!
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    We get so wrapped up in our own petty shit at times...take a minute and be inspired...
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    She is a Putin plant to cause a fracture/split in the democrat party to assure Trump wins the 2020 Election.
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    Just moved home to Northern MN 6 weeks ago. I'm mucho happy now!!!!
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    I wouldnt wanna live within 100 miles of any city over 50k people Fuck cities and absolutely fuck citiot retards
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    This song brings back some memories.
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    Yep, loud as hell. And part of the package it seems when you haul cattle around here. I have the "Quiet zone, Avoid Engine Brake Use"" sign right near my house which to these guys means grab the skull shifter knob (that's 6 inches from the top of the windshield) and drop a gear before backing out of the throttle. The guy who digs my pools is straight piped to the dual stacks on his roll off. Damn things makes my ears bleed. Don't know how a guy can drive it all day.
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    You agree with this plan? Of course you do you already got one foot in the grave and got to live your life like the way you wanted to. Fuck everyone else huh?
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    People getting to keep their money rather than give it too the politicians in washington is exactly what I wanted. And somehow, they have convinced the "intellectually elite" that it is bad. By the way, this goes right along with the propaganda about "carbon taxes work" Dumbasses also didn't realize when gas prices go up....that reduces the carbon footprint too. TAKE THE MONEY FROM CONSUMERS AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS. Damn must be hard being part of the intellectual elite crowd
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    Rrrrightttt... asking for a friend!!! Lol! JK I know you guys are pretty straight on here..
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    got frostbit yesterday , -20s and flatlight plus super windy sucked but the trails were in great shape WE got 6" last night and another 2-3" tomorrow night coming also installed new tree smashing bumper, was board and polished it up a bit
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    I worked construction for 6 yrs pouring concrete at DNGS and my father worked pipeline/construction his whole life so that didn't sit well with either of us and was especially hurtful to my father who for some reason is not a Conservative fan. Prior to that ignorant speech of Trudope's, my father admitted Trudeau and the Liberals weren't doing a very good job. I am unsure of his thoughts now but I know he is not happy with him like the majority of the people in this country.
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