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    Yeah....thank @HSRfor that. I voted "no" on that proposition. PERMABAN YOUR ASS!!!!!! Let me know if you want to get back on. Jesus, we let @Jimmy Snacks and @DAVE back. Nobody was worse than those two!!!!
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    Take that citiots!
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    We get so wrapped up in our own petty shit at times...take a minute and be inspired...
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    Remember when this happened? It was AWESOME!
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    She is a Putin plant to cause a fracture/split in the democrat party to assure Trump wins the 2020 Election.
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    Fucking huge hits on a bike..
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    Hey there is a lot of snow where Woolie rides so there can't possibly be climate change....fucking dolt he is. 😂
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    A media publisher attempts to blackmail a citizen and nothing about it on Fox News. Hmmm. There’s a lot to this story.
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    Northern WI picked up 12+ over the past couple days. This is just East of the cabin.
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    My uncle had a place in Gaylord back then. I can remember us all loading in his suburban (2 familys) because no one else had 4wd.
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    spot on my sons so fucking lazy when he is home.
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    Always loved White Snake.
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    I was the best almost a mod over on HCS. True story
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    ...and...I'll keep ticketing them. I like my trails open!!
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